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Lens Mount: Contax/Yashica Mount (three-claw bayonet mount) developed by mutual co-operation of Carl Zeiss, West Germany, and Yashica, Japan
Standard Lens: PLANAR T
* 50 mm f/1.4 composed of 7 elements in 6 groups, interchangeable with a wide range of Carl Zeiss lenses

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Shutter: Horizontal travelled silk fabric electronic focal plane shutter of a unique design (primary and secondary shutter curtains uncap to provide starting from the identical position. Electronic timing on both Auto and Manual, shutter speeds continuously variable from LT (4 sec ) to 1/2000 sec on Auto; 14 click stop settings from 4 to 1/2000 sec and 'B' on Manual and 'X' sync terminal

Shutter Release: Feather-touch magnetic release Release socket for cable switch and for off-camera electronic remote control
Exposure Control: Through-the-lens automatic exposure control with SPD sensor above the viewfinder eyepiece taking center-weighted light reading; Fully automatic exposure through lens aperture pre-selection (exposure readout on manual operation); LED shutter speed display in viewfinder.
EV range: From EV -1 to 19 (f 1. 4 at ASA 100);
Film Speed range: ASA range from 12 to 3200
Operates on 6V silver oxide or alkaline battery (Eveready 544, Ucar 544, Mallory PX28, Alkaline Eveready 537 or equivalent)
Exposure Compensation: Provision for exposure compensation with scale calibrated from x4 to x9 ; in between settings feasible.
Viewfinder: Through-the-lens reflex viewfinder shows up to 92% of the actual picture area with magnification ratio 0 87x Pentaprism is silver coated; Reflection mirror multi-layer coated to ensure maximum brightness of the viewfinder field.

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Viewfinder Display: 16-dot LED shutter speed display shows calibrated and in-between speeds; Green shutter speed pointer overlaps 'A' setting on Auto and indicates shutter control dial setting on Manual Aperture display shows maximum aperture of the lens in use on the extreme right and f-stop in use in green figure; Exposure compensation tab appears when the exposure compensation pointer is set at any position other than 'X1".

Focusing screen: Focusing screen interchangeable from the lens mount side. Seven types are available Standard screen used is matte field with microprism spot.

UPDATE:- Hello, First, thank you for an amazing site! I feel that your page on Contax focusing screens could be improved a bit. Are you aware that the RTS II screens do not fit the original RTS? The screens for the original RTS are a bit smaller and the tab is located in a different place. Searching the net it's very difficult to find information on which screens fit the original RTS and based on KEH's pages the correct answer seems to be screens without a prefix like #1 = microprism or #3 = split-image 45 degree while the numbering is the same as the RTS II FS-series screens. It would be great if you could add this info to your page and maybe prevent others making the mistake of getting a RTS II screen for the RTS. A separate row for the RTS in the quick reference table would be very nice.

Best Regards,
Petri Rahikkala <>

Film Advance: Film advance lever advances film through a single 140 degree stroke or several short ratchet action; Exposure counter resets automatically to start position when the back cover is opened
Film Rewind: Film rewind crank-handle with unique clutch action; White index line on top of the knob rotates to indicate proper film advance
Camera Back : Back cover opens when the film rewind knob is pulled all the way out ecamera; Back interchangeable with optional RTS Data Back or 250 Bulk Film Back (for use with motor drive unit)

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Other Features:

Multiple exposure through depression of the film rewind release button
Mirror lock-up lever
LED battery checker display
Depth-of-field preview button

Direct X contact shoe with anti-shock provision
Motor drive coupling terminal and film advance coupler
Power: Operates on 6V silver oxide or alkaline battery (Eveready 544 or
Size: 142mm x 89.5mm x 50mm
Weight: approx 700 grams (body only)

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Basic Instruction Manuals: 6 Parts
Beyond the User's Manual, addressing other Issues : 4 Parts
Scanned early Contax's system accessories files in PDF format: Motor Drive | Winder | Macro | Databack/Remote | Flash | Early Lenses 1 & 2 | Accessories

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1975: RTS
1979: 139Q
1980: 137MD
1982: 137MA
1982: RTS II
1985: 159MM
1987: 167MT
1990: RTS III
1992: S2
1992: S2b
1992: ST
1994: RX
1996: AX
1998: Aria
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