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1. Mount the lens.
Set the lens properly in the mount by matching the red index on the lens barrel with that on the camera body, and give it right turn until it click stops into place.
2. Install the battery.
Always use a 6V silver oxide or alkaline battery. Install the battery in the compartment with its minus (-) end in first.

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3. Open the back cover and load the film.
Before film loading, turn the shutter control dial off the 'AUTO' setting. Close the back cover afterascertaining that the sprocket teeth properly catch the perforations along both edges of the film.
4. Advance the film.
By manipulating the film advance lever, advance the film until the exposure counter registers the figure '1'. The film can be advanced by one frame through manipulation of the film advance lever in either one sweeping stroke or several small strokes.

ASA.jpg ShutterDial.jpg
5. Set the film speed dial.
After loading the film properly, lift the collar around the film speed dial and align the index with the figure corresponding to the speed rating of the film in use.
6. Reset the shutter control dial to 'AUTO' setting.
Turn the shutter control dial and align the 'AUTO' setting with the index on the camera top. When thus adjusted, the green shutter speed pointer overlaps the 'A' setting of the shutter speed scale in the viewfinder.

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7. Align the exposure compensation pointer with 'X1'
Turn the film speed dial and align the pointer with the 'X1 setting. Other settings are for exposure compensation in special situations.
8. Preselect the lens aperture.
Turn the aperture ring of the lens and preselect the appropriate f-stop. The lens aperture can also be set by rotating the aperture ring while observing the aperture display in the viewfinder.

9. Compose and secure focus
While sighting through the viewfinder, turn the focusing ring of the lens until the main subject appears clearly defined. Depends very much on your type of photography, the RTS has a few optional interchangeable focusing screen for you to select a particular screen to suit your personal need.

However, the standard factory mounted screen supplied with the body comes with a microprism focusing spot and if split image is desirable, you may change to the optional split image screen.

View,jpg Meteron.jpg
10. Check exposure.
While sighting through the viewfinder, press the LED display push button and check the shutter speed set automatically in relation with the preselected lens aperture.
11. Hold the camera steady and press the magnetic release.
When shooting, use the Rubber eyecup to ward off stray backlight.

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