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Contax RTS Fundus SLR camera for Medical and Scientific usage
Contax RTS Fundus SLR Scientific and Medical camera model - Information by Mr. Graham
" ... Hello, I have just looked at your delightful pages on the Contax RTS.

You asked a question as to whether the NPC Proback was available for the RTS/RTSII - I can confirm that I have one currently on an RTSII and still works perfectly. I can send you a photo if it is of interest. The only problem with the unit is that it is impossible to mount it when using a winder/drive and you need to use an adapter (like the Polaroid Back adapter for the Mamiya 645) to mount the camera on a tripod. I have also just replaced all the seals on one of my 250 backs so that is now as new - again, I'd be happy to photograph it. Perhaps the most interesting thing that is missing on your delightful summary of the RTS is a variant that was introduced prior to the RTSII - the RTS Fundus. I have 4 of these bodies and they add an extra dimension to using the RTS - they have an additional button on the front of the top plate that locks the shutter speed dial at key settings and the shutter release button has a more raised surround to help prevent accidental firing. Some also had damped mirror assemblies. They are sometimes referred to as the RTS Scientific/Medical.

Thanks again for the excellent site. I have recently been adding a lot of content to Cees deGroot's site - it's great fun to keep the interest in Contax going. I still use most of my gear - who says film is dead!

Kind regards...". -
Graham <> -

NOTE:- Below is a comparison between the Standard Production Unit of Contax RTS with a RTS-Fundus Model. " .. As you can see, The RTS Fundus has a deeply recessed shutter button and also the extra locking button on the front of the camera that locks the shutter speed dial. ..". - Graham -

comparison between the Standard Production Unit of Contax RTS with a RTS-Fundus Model.

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