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  1. From Crusader (Tue Jan 23 11:29:26 2001 ):
    Hi every nice guys. I've got a used F3HP without manuals. Could everyone send me F3HP and MD-4 manual in PDF format please? Thanks ya

  2. From John (Tue Jan 23 00:17:40 2001 ):
    Another 2-cents-worth on flash adapters. The AS-7 (offset) adapter, the SC-14 remote cord, and the AS-17 (ISO-TTL) adapter require/allow you to set film speed on the unit, and that setting overrides the film speed set on the camera. The practical application of this is that you can set the adapter up to give you a TTL metered reduced flash ratio for daylight fill flash - 1:2 or 1:3 with 100 film. Unfortunately, they only go up to ISO 400, so you're pretty much stuck with a handful of film ranges if you want to do fill - ie ISO 200 film in the camera maxes out the advantage at 400 iso on the adapter for a 2:1 daylight:fill ratio. I've found this to be very useful for daylight flash fill in changing light. Comments?

  3. From John (Tue Jan 23 00:07:50 2001 ):
    This is a response to JWood about the Vivitar f3 adapter. Tried to email you directly, but it bounced. Try these links: Direct to B&H page on the item: http://www03.bhphotovideo.com/default.sph/FrameWork.class?FNC=ProductActivator__Aproductlist_html___655___61543___VIFSANF3___REG___SID=E46ED269000 If that doesn't work, go to the B&H search page and put in the item number VIFSANF3 http://www.bhphotovideo.com/ There's also some discussion on this at the F3 faq: http://www.math.uio.no/~fredrigl/f3/f3.html#IDX60

  4. From stanley (Mon Jan 22 14:00:07 2001 ):
    Hi.. Great site..Could you please Email a F3 Manual..Many thanks

  5. From Levchik (Fri Jan 19 22:54:53 2001 ):
    I got a used F3 without manual.I found myself some things but not all. Please email me the f3 manual. Thanks in advance.

  6. From Ernest Mack (Fri Jan 19 08:35:35 2001 ):
    What is the way to do fill-flash with the F3? I have a Nikon SB-28 Flash. Thanks

  7. From Genholst (Tue Jan 16 00:23:24 2001 ):
    To Snowy Smith: Frankly, it is very difficult to shoot fast action event such as high speed motor races. In this respect, I have to admit AF camera has absolute advantage over the manual focus SLR bodies. Usually, it is almost impossible to catch action shots other than pre-focus a point of arrival or panning the camera follow the action flows. In both of the possibilities, focusing screen plays little role in helping you capture such action shots. Anyway, if you are using long telephotos or reflex lenses, the split image darkening may occur and that's why most seasoned users use plain screen such as the B, G or the H group of focusing screens. To Cornelius VJ: it is a matter of personal experience in relation to the film advance mechanism but I do agreed with you, the F3's film advance is smooth and in fact too smooth to believe it can be that smooth....

  8. From Cornelius VJ (Tue Jan 16 00:09:46 2001 ):
    ** Kit**: It must be kidding to quote F3's film advancing is stiffer than the FM2 (I have a F3HP, F3/T and one each for FM2n, FM2n Millennium and a FM2/.T and it is quite safe for me to make a remark here). The funny noise you heard is normal (Strange, you are quite right, kit - come to think of it, only the F3 has such 'distinctive' sound when the film rewinding ends even if you are using power film rewind with the superb MD-4. I do have a question, does anyone of you notice Nikon will replace the leather covering for the hand grip section where sent in even for normal servicing ? I have confronted them and they said it is the standard procedure. The "new' material used has a different feel than the original one, does anyone having similar experience in this ? By the way, I am from Philippines.

  9. From Cornelius VJ (Mon Jan 15 23:55:14 2001 ):
    **Snowy Smith**: Selecting the appropriate focusing screens must based on the corresponding focal length of the lenses that you intend to use. Generally, G2 and H2 are quite universal to suit quite a broad range of Nikkor lenses in dim light. It is very difficult to assume what lenses do you have or will you be using in your photography, why not consider downloading a copy of the PDF file for camera/focusing screen compatibility chart for reference ? I found it quite usefula nd it is quite up todate: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/nikonf3ver2/screens/NikonF3screens.pdf regard, VJ p.s. lastly, my compliment to this great Nikon site !

  10. From maintainer (Mon Jan 15 11:53:23 2001 ):
    Nikon Annual Photo Competition (NPCI) has changed to once every two years, the dateline for entry for year 2000-2001 is January 31, 2001, contact your nearest Nikon distributor for official entry form or check more info at http://www.klt.co.jp/Nikon/npci/index.html (Please Don't mail me, I know little about how to enter photo competitions).

  11. From John (Thu Feb 1 01:22:58 2001 ):
    Stoboframe Quickflip 350 modification: I always thought it was a pain that the 1/4 screw that holds the flash cord on the stroboframe wasn't captive - I lost 3. I modified mine as follows. I drilled and tapped the two holes on the top arm to 3/8 inch, then screwed two 3/8 to 1/4 inch tripod socket adapters (good camera stores have them) into the holes with epoxy on the threads. Then I treaded a 1/4 inch screw with a smaller shank into one of the holes until it passed the threaded portion. Now I've got a captive 1/4 screw on my stroboframe that is more difficult to loose.

  12. From hardware (Wed Jan 31 16:56:30 2001 ):
    Could someone please send me the pdf and html versions of the manual, thanks.

  13. From MC (Tue Jan 30 22:13:23 2001 ):
    TO Lee : The titanium foil shutter looks very much like a fabric at first glance. Please take a closer look. The exposure counter on my F3HP has blue numerals ; the 1995 F3 catalogue also show the numerals in blue. Hope it helps.

  14. From jerrie (Mon Jan 29 11:06:28 2001 ):
    To Lee: First, the Nikon F2 has never been using a "Fabric" shutter curtain as you claimed. It is titanium similar with the type that Nikon F3 used. In fact, Nikon has never had any SLR camera that has a focal plane shutter that made of silk fabric. Four models (Nikon SP rangefinder, Nikon F (1959), Nikon F2 (1971) and Nikon F3 (1980) are the few selective that has a horizontal travel Titanium shutter, Early FM2, FE2 and Nikon FA employed a different vertical traveled shutter which also use Titanium as the base material). I don't doubt about your "finding", why don't you consider taking some pictures and mail to the webmaster for public broadcasting in this site ? I am sure that could help us to know more about what we don't know about the F3.

  15. From Lee (Sun Jan 28 07:08:04 2001 ):
    Hi, I've been trying to find info out about my ODD f3HP and have found none. I'm not sure if it's a F3 Prototype or just a limited run for cold weather or some other use. Everything on the camera except the shutter and exposure counter are exactly the same as every other F3HP I have seen. What is different is first, the shutter is a focal plane fabric shutter the same as in the F2. And second, the numerals on the exposure counter are blue instead of while. Any ideas? Thanks Also, please email the F3HP Manual.

  16. From Hermann Graf (Thu Jan 25 18:04:05 2001 ):
    To John, as of 01/24/01: John, maybe you are right. The info about the 25-1000 ISO range for the SB-17 flash I got from Nikon's German website. I don't own a SB-17 but a SB-16B flash whose ISO range is 25-800. Perhaps the 25-400 ISO restriction for TTL flashing is only valid for the F3. Best regards Hermann

  17. From Bob (Thu Jan 25 14:14:56 2001 ):
    can any one tell me how much it cost to get meter repired on an f3.and is there some sort of paint you can touch it up with?

  18. From John (Wed Jan 24 01:30:09 2001 ):
    Hermann - I tried to respond to your email, but it didn't go through. The manuals (and my experience with them) state that SB12, SB17, and SB16A have an ISO range in TTL mode of 25-400. My experience with them is that they just sit and blink if the camera's film speed is over 400, and either don't fire (depending on the unit) or just discharge a full burst, but don't function correctly TTL. You can, of course, take a meter reading and then fake them out by re-indexing to a lower film speed, but I tend to get confused easily.

  19. From JWoods (Tue Jan 23 21:32:27 2001 ):
    Dear John, I think I have been spammed because every now and then my mail box will be filled with tons of rubbish until it bursts & causing mails bounced. Anyway, thanks for detailing how to reach B&H catalogue section, that was something new that I wasn't aware all these while. To Ernest Mack: fill flash with Nikon F3 is less desirable IF the ambient or backlit light is too strong because the F3's 1/80 sec maximum sync speed may not be too fast to minimize ghosting. IF you know how to do it, that can be quite a creative way to add a sense of motion in your flash pictures. The Nikon SB-28 is an AF flash and came with a standard ISO hot shoe, you may need to use either AS-7, AS-17 or the AS-4 for auto or manual flash operation.

  20. From Hermann Graf (Tue Jan 23 17:13:27 2001 ):
    Hi, Answering Kit's message from 01/14/01: I own both a Nikon FM2 and a F3, and I must state that the winding operation on the F3 is significantly smoother than on the FM2; so does the mirror clap (it claps, not clicks)when the shutter is released. Be sure that the meter switch is "on" after loading a new film cartridge and advancing to frame "1", otherwise the film winding is blocked. Regards Hermann Graf

  21. From Harvey Bennett (Tue Feb 6 01:28:58 2001 ):
    From Harvey Bennett/To Larry. Concerning the issue of serial numbers for the Nikon F3HP check the web site: www.nikonlinks.com. After you search for the F3 sight you will notice a listing for the serial numbers. Niklas would also appreciate if you would E-mail to him the information on your F3HP body: date of purchase and serial number.

  22. From Larry (Sun Feb 4 21:50:13 2001 ):
    I own a F3P with sernr: 90093xx does anyone have the manufacture date for the camera ? Thanks in advance

  23. From Stanley (Sun Feb 4 10:07:19 2001 ):
    A MOTOR DRIVE COUPLING COVER,for an F3.. Does anybody have a spare, or where can I buy one ? Many thanks in advance for any assistance..

  24. From Jim Filling (Sat Feb 3 22:24:53 2001 ):
    I have recently purchased a used F3HP but am having trouble reading the dim LCD even when using the illumination boost. I would appreciate any advice that fellow F3 owners could pass on. Thank you !

  25. From Harvey Bennett (Sat Feb 3 02:42:51 2001 ):
    Come-on all you Nikon F3HP enthusiasts-someone must have a reaction to the fact that Nikon is supposedly ceasing the manufacturing of this GREAT camera. They have been manufacturing it for TWENTY YEARS!! Does any one know if the 2000000 serial number will be hit for the Nikon F3. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!!!

  26. From Hermann Graf (Sat Feb 3 00:01:26 2001 ):
    To Dave Schneider, as of Feb 01, 2001: I am using the same lenses as you except for the 85 mm with my F3 and FM2, and with the K (K2, resp.) finder, I have never experienced what you have mentioned, neither with my 200/f4 lens. The only disadvantage of the split image center screen is that it darkens at fstops smaller than 4 very easily, being no longer helpful then. Perhaps the effect occurs with longer lenses. On the other hand, taking only the center field for checking the depth of field is not very helpful for composing.

  27. From Svein Gulbrandsen (Thu Feb 1 18:49:52 2001 ):
    Is it possible for someone to mail me the F3HP manual in PDF-format?

  28. From Harvey Bennett (Thu Feb 1 06:21:21 2001 ):
    I was crazy enough to buy a new NIKON F3HP about a year ago. Mucho Dinero!!! But I just love the camera. Just read that an era is over the F3 will not be manufactured any longer. Any thoughts or ideas- suggestion-if you want a GREAT manual camera choose the FM-2-it makes more sense from a dollar point of view.

  29. From Dave Schneider (Thu Feb 1 05:09:27 2001 ):
    Looking for real life expereience with the R screen. I love the E screen for my type of work but am at the age where a focus aid like the R provides would be nice. How much of an issue is the warning about the center split image not being at the same focus as the rest of the screen when using faster lenses? Is it just that the split, due to the shallow angle, is not as accurate and provides a wider range of apparent 'in focus'. Would appreciate an explantion. I have 20/2.8, 28/2.8, 35/2, 50/1.4, 55/2.8, 85/1.8 and 35-135/3.5/4.5 lenses.

  30. From Lee (Thu Feb 1 03:09:20 2001 ):
    Jerrie, Ok, color me confused. I thought that the F3's shutter was similar to the FM2 in that it traveled vertically, and not horizontally. My theory was based on the absurdly slow flash sync speed of the shutter. You are right when you say it is not fabric, but rather it is fabric-like, but as I've haven't touched it (thank goodness--so it's not wrinkled) I didn't realize that it was metal. So,... my shutter is normal after all and I was basing my knowledge (or lack there-of) on the FM2 and above shutters. This as it is marketed (or was) by Nikon as a "TITANIUM Shutter"... Just to make matters clear here is a description of the camera: a) USAF LAFB (my guess is Lackland, TX AFB) property scratched into the base. b) Horizontally traveling shutter that looks identical to my F2's shutter c) Blue numerals on the film counter. It's probably a normal camera and I drank too much absinthe over the years... Thanks for your help Jerrie! BTW, is there still a F3 PDF manual that someone can e-mail me?

  31. From Camera Stopping in the Cold (Tue Feb 20 04:36:09 2001 ):
    Hello... I recently was given an F3T camera by my father in law. He has had it many years and now is letting me use it for my photography class. This is the second class I am using this camera. The camera was in GREAT shape and still is. The first year that I used the camera I had no problems taking photographs outside in the winter. This year however, it seems as if I can only take one photograph, and then must warm the camera up for like ten minutes, and then can only take one photograph, and must take repeat the process. My teacher said I could change the batteries, and that it sometimes causes a problem, but I didnt' have this problem last year. Does anyone else have any info on what could be causing this? Also, can I change the batteries for the camera while there is actually film inside?? Please email me if anyone has any info on this at JanetLuez@aol.com Thanks Janet

  32. From Nick (Sun Feb 18 16:31:51 2001 ):
    I have recently been having problems with the "on/off" switch on my F3. To be more specific it is now stuck in the "on" position. Any suggestions as to the cause of this and has anyone experienced a similar problem?

  33. From John (Thu Feb 15 05:14:12 2001 ):
    Can an SB-16B be used with an F3HP with the vivitar adapter and still funtion as fully as an SB-16A

  34. From Robert (Wed Feb 14 05:57:52 2001 ):
    I am a Nikon Technician in the USA. I repair every Nikon model. Email me for an estimate...... rkiplin@attglobal.net

  35. From John (Tue Feb 13 20:56:57 2001 ):
    RE: MD-14 on the F3. Sorry, my mistake, I got the MD-15 and 14 mixed up, but I looked at the baseplate of an FG, and the mis-match with an F3 is even worse than on the FA.

  36. From John (Tue Feb 13 11:23:32 2001 ):
    For Thomas, MD-14 question - I've got an FA and an F3 turned upside down in front of me right now, and I think the only way you could make an MD-14 work on an f3 is with the help of Nikon's engineering budget. The only real similarity to the baseplates is that they are both flat. If you go to the mir sites for fa and f3, compare the two baseplates and you'll see what I mean.

  37. From Thomas (Tue Feb 13 07:49:01 2001 ):
    Is it possible to use the MD-14 with NIKON F3. ???? Maybe with some modification.??

  38. From Dick (Sat Feb 10 23:52:52 2001 ):
    A beautiful and immensely informative website. I have enjoyed every minutes of my last three hours. Perhaps the only complaint is : it is a little slow but it worths every minute of the wait. Thanks for the hardwork !

  39. From Jay Turale (Wed Feb 7 07:18:17 2001 ):
    Could someone find it out of the kindness in their heart to mail me the F3HP manual in PDF-format and html format?

  40. From John (Wed Feb 7 02:24:54 2001 ):
    FYI. I don't know if any of you subscribe to the nikon mailing list, but I've been following their thread recently on new Nikon product offerings. There's a new MANUAL FOCUS fm/fe series camera, the FM3a, and a new 45 f2.8 MANUAL FOCUS lens. I find it interesting that Nikon is introducing new manual focus gear in the year 2001. Follow this link to the nikon usa page, and go to photo products:

  41. From Anne (Sun Mar 11 02:18:54 2001 ):
    I'm looking to buy a F3/T but am not sure how to make sure all the parts that are supposed to be titanium are the real deal. Does anyone have a good way for 'testing' the metal?

  42. From Dirk (Fri Mar 9 23:51:27 2001 ):
    Hello Nikon users. I just got a NIKON F3 from an uncle of me. This NIKON F3 is from 1991 and looks like new. It looks like it's a fanastic camera but I would like to get the user's manual. Could someone please help me to find it?

  43. From Walt McKinney (Wed Mar 7 11:38:28 2001 ):
    It's hard to say exactly how much light will get in when removing the MD-4 from the F3. I decided to not take any chances and leave the MD-4 attached to the camera. I bought the AH-3 tripod adapter to get the tripod socket back to the center of the MD-4. You appear to be taking steps to minimize the problem and that's good. The irritation I saw in constantly having to dig out the little round cover, put it on, and then reverse the process when I wanted to put the MD-4 back on contributed significantly to my decision to leave the MD-4 attached. To date I have not regretted the decision.

  44. From David (Tue Mar 6 07:18:19 2001 ):
    How much fogging will I get when coupling / de-coupling the MD4 to the F3? So far I have been fairly cautious and have retreated into the shade to remove the motor with no apparent fogging but what can I get away with? How much light will get in when the rewind cover is removed? Thanks - David

  45. From Ryan Lauer (Mon Mar 5 09:13:40 2001 ):
    Please help! I have recently inherited an F3 with MD-4. The only problem is that the rewind slider switch on the MD-4 is broken (the one labelled R2 on this site). It has cracked in half and fallen off leaving the piece it attaches to on the inside loosely moving aroung. What can I do? Is this repairable and if so by whom?

  46. From Walt McKinney (Sun Mar 4 04:43:55 2001 ):
    To; Stuart Reid If you are using alkaline batteries in your MD-4, the cold weather will seriously affect the output of the batteries and may slow them down to the point that you don't get a full wind every time. If you regularly take pictures in very cold conditions, I would suggest you get the NiCad battery pack and charger for the MD-4. It works much more reliably in severe cold conditions. The battery pack is the MN-2 and the charger is the MH-2. Good luck.

  47. From Stuart Reid (Fri Mar 2 12:19:03 2001 ):
    I recently purchased a MD-4 for my F3. On two rolls of film, out of the 5 shot so far, there have been problems with the last few shots on the roll. Namely, the frames overlap. I have never seen this problem with just the F3 after hundreds of rolls of film. It has generally been very cold (-30 to -20 celcius) when this problem occurs. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  48. From Nicolai svane (Fri Mar 2 03:09:47 2001 ):
    Hi nikon users i have been looking for a NIKON F3 INSTRUCTION MANUAL but it is not easy to find. if anybody can halp me by e-mailing the manual online or tell me where i can downloade it. i got the nikon F3 a few months ago and could really use the manual.

  49. From dana (Wed Feb 28 06:02:22 2001 ):
    Does anyone know what the trigger voltage of the SB-19 speedlight is? I don't have a volt meter to test it. Please email me directly.

  50. From Nicolai Svane (Wed Feb 28 03:55:35 2001 ):
    Hi nikon users this is a very cool page and I bookmarked it as soon as I saw it. do the same thing. I am an amatur photographer and I just got myself the Nikon F3 (king of cameras) well I don't have the manual to this camera and I would like to know what kind of equipment to use with it, what models works best with this camera. I am on a low budget so I can buy the best stuff, so what is still good quality but at a lower price. ThankQ for this page and pleace let me know if any body can help me with my new camera.

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