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  1. From Eric Lai (Fri Aug 21 01:09:07 1998 ):
    I am looking for a mint F3T/hp and the Limited Edition, and mint condition MD-4. Can anuone help? Pls send message together with expected price. Deal within Malaysia and Singapore. Thanks, its a privilege to be on this site!! great job Mr.Foo!

  2. From Susan (Mon Aug 10 22:26:31 1998 ):
    looking for any help to find an authorized dealer to fix my F3 HP...the meter is gone and need it repaired...thanks...

  3. From WANTED: F3hp (Sun Aug 9 23:25:44 1998 ):
    I am in the market for a used f3 after using old nikkormats for many years...i would appreciate any info ie. where to buy, does the t series makes a lot of difference, what is a good year to buy from, when did f3's start having ttl ??? etc. thanks..

  4. From Howard Teets (Fri Aug 7 00:14:14 1998 ):
    F-3HP is my back-up for Wedding Photography. The f-4 is my main camera or so one would think. I find that I use the f-3 alot more and with Metz flashes it is a great camera. This is the second F-3 that I have owned and I kicked myself for selling the first one. This is a great site and I have it marked so if anyone needs any F-3 assistance let me know.

  5. From Shane (Thu Jul 23 05:15:49 1998 ):
    I am looking to buy a F3HP and MD-4. I noticed that the later F3HP has TTL metering and a respective shoe on the main prisim. Does any one know the year that these features were added ? Generally, can anyone point me to some information regarding the evolution of the F3HP so I can pin-point the version I wish to purchase ? Much appreciated.

  6. From leofoo (Wed Jul 22 23:56:50 1998 ):
    There will be a add on for various Nikon Flash later in this site.

  7. From Lahmadi (Wed Jul 22 23:28:21 1998 ):
    I'm looking for information about using The F3 and SB16

  8. From Ed Araquel (Tue Jul 21 02:12:46 1998 ):
    I have the chance to buy a F3P. Is it best to be kept as a collectible even though I would like to use it as a second body to my F5? I'm just not sure how rare the F3P is. Ed

  9. From Jarl Petersson Aelmhult Sweden (Sat Jul 18 16:22:29 1998 ):
    Hej! Very nice page you have! I'm a use it freqently. Fotografing in profession and fretime sens 25 yers. To day I use Nikon F90X and a F3HP cameras. Qestion. Where can a find a SB17 flash or som other flash compatible with the F3?. To day I use my SB26 for the F3 and as you know there si no TTL conection. Which 'Pirates' is compatible with F3 and TTL? Kind regards Jarl Petersson

  10. From Steve Schiff (Sun Jul 12 11:22:25 1998 ):
    If you look at the original reviews in Popular Photography of the Nikon F3 and the Canon New F-1, which were competing professional models, you will see that the F3's shutter is extraordinarily accurate from 8 seconds to 1/2000. This is because of its electronic control. The Canon is OK from 8 seconds up to 1/90, which are electronically-controlled speeds, but become ridiculously inaccurate above that. The speeds from 1/125 - 1/2000 were mechanically-controlled. I don't know why Canon created this overly-complex system, but it limited the F-1's maximum shutter speed in aperture-priority mode to 1/1000 second -- hardly adequate for a professional-level camera. The F-3 was definitely the superior camera!

  11. From Bart Marcy (Sat Oct 3 06:23:41 1998 ):
    Anyone know if there are any new F3 HPs available in Japan? Idea of the price? Thanks.

  12. From Wojtek (Mon Sep 28 03:55:00 1998 ):
    I tried to fit Tamron 28-200 Super (MF) to my F3 HP and could not see the aperture correctly, if at all. We(salesperson and me) used adapter Adaptall for F3 prolong(?). There was not a problem with the same AF lens. Any ideas, why?

  13. From Kevin McCarthy (Sun Sep 27 05:42:35 1998 ):
    Help! I writing to ask your opinion on purchasing either a F3T or F5. With the cost of the F3t's pushing 1500.00 (new leftovers) in the U.S. Photomags and the new F5 down around 1800.00 which might be the better buy over the long run? I travel alot in Central and South America (Tropical/Humid) and the specs of the F3T appeal to me. I am looking for a camera that I can keep for many years and will be dependable. Camera will be used for special shots and not used heavily, but I want dependability. Any opinions greatly appreciated. Thank You.

  14. From Surya (Fri Sep 18 09:31:46 1998 ):
    I bought a used F3 for $500 yesterday, and it has such a solid feel compared to newer SLR's. I love it.

  15. From Larry (Thu Sep 10 22:34:03 1998 ):
    I have a suncaset 422 d Flash used with my f3. Is my flash dedicated to the f3 or can I use it on alot diff cameras?

  16. From H. Bidak (Sun Sep 6 04:26:34 1998 ):
    I recently acquired a Vivitar Series 1, model 600 for my F3. According to the manual it will work TTL on the F3 and other models F4, 8008 and others, but it appears that the F3 shoe is the problem. Is there a fix for this?

  17. From Mike Landsman (Sat Sep 5 07:14:02 1998 ):
    Looking to buy a Nikon f2 or f3

  18. From J Bruce (Thu Sep 3 02:47:44 1998 ):
    1983 F3HP and MD4 needs some work. Can anyone recommend a friendly competent repair center in the MidWest (Indiana) that charges reasonably for their repair services?

  19. From Carlos A. Rivera (Wed Sep 2 22:23:38 1998 ):
    I have two question: Can I use an SB24 Flash unit with a Nikon F3 HP. Would it have TTL capability? Please help

  20. From hampus (Mon Aug 24 16:08:25 1998 ):
    hi! I have a Nikon F3 HP with the MD-4 engine. The camera hase been used only as a studio kamera and are in realy good shape, the MD-4 pack also. I'm selling it and was wundering about how much it's worth and if anybody is interested in bying it?

  21. From dt (Fri Nov 6 23:10:19 1998 ):
    I got an F3 (non HP) earlier this year... I love it.. but maybe more so because of the hype and the $$ I paid, I dunno. I've only shot I think 3 rolls thru it so far.. Anyway, I was quite worried to find somethings wrong wif it after a shooting session. First, I noticed the base plate was a little, just slightly loose.. on the shutter button side.. hoping it can be fixed bytightening a screw. Second and worse, there's a bulge somewhere inside the camera, near where the bottom edge of the flip mirror is when down... it looks like when formica covered wood soaks water and begins to bulge.. u noe? At first I thot it had to do wif the tripod mounting hole underneath, but it didnt seem nearby.. please help! thanks!

  22. From Adi soon (Thu Nov 5 10:11:49 1998 ):
    I use a Nikon F4. Recently I got to try out an F3 body (non-HP) and found that the viewfinder was darker, and didn't render details as fine. The centre portion of the viewfinder is bright enough to focus with but the surrounding area is gritty and dull. Is this a problem with the focusing screen? BTW, I compared the F4 and F3 finders with the same lens attached, a 35/2 Nikkor. Please advise, if there is no way to brighten up the F3 finder, I will not be inclined to get one.

  23. From Sudo Neem (Thu Oct 22 02:34:38 1998 ):
    Please, need quick advise on which lens brand should I use for my F3HP. Can't afford Nikkor AF f2.8 20-35mm IF but looking at 1) Sigma AF f3.5/5.6 18-35mm, or 2) Tamron AF f2.5 20-40mm. Buying AF because I can use on my F4. Please let me have your experience. Thank you.

  24. From Perip Hery (Thu Oct 22 02:23:09 1998 ):
    I got a used F3 but find the viewfinder dark compared to my F4. The AE button is also loose (it comes off). Does anybody know of a way to overcome the problems?

  25. From benny stevens (Tue Oct 20 18:53:15 1998 ):
    George Loseby (message oct.12th) is right... why produce the fantastic F3 for 18 years (they still do) UNchanged? Nikon should at least have included the shutter of the FE2 with high flash sync speed of 1/250th and of course the full TTL-flash possibilities that go with that shutter. People would still buy the F3 I'm sure! I have been told by a dealer that Nikon still produces the F3 (in its old form) for use in microscopy applications...

  26. From Scott Brodie (Tue Oct 13 09:49:17 1998 ):
    Just purchased a used F3. I would appreciate someone clearing up my options for flash. I understand the AS-4 provides the "flash- ready" signal when used with Nikon-dedicated ISO shoe flashes, but NOT the TTL signal -- yet this site mentions that TTL is still possible. How? Does anyone have experience with the Sunpack 444D or other TTL flashes for the F3 from other manufacturers?

  27. From George Loseby (Mon Oct 12 17:36:09 1998 ):
    F3 what a great camera love it! & have two, light rugged & reliable a fantastic traveling camera with 28-50mm, 35-70mm & 80-200mm. The new F5 is a very high tech unit but the weight & bulk "dear Nikon how about an up-date " with same body as the F3 but with the same meter system as the F4 with new electronics matrix metering and aperture priority exposure system or multi lets say we call it the F6?

  28. From Alfonso Betancourt (Sun Oct 11 09:28:13 1998 ):
    Is the F3HP still in production? This site says that it´s production has been stopped, but at other sites I find that it´s still in production. Is it posible to use the F3HP without the finder? I am thinking about buying a F3HP and using it without the finder in order to take candid pictures, without having to lift the camera to eye level. Thanks for this great site!!

  29. From a.k.franz (Fri Oct 9 20:41:53 1998 ):
    Dear Nikon fans, I have got several Nikon cameras F,F2 and a F3, NIKKORMATS: FTn and FT3 and a Nikon FA. What I like about the F3 is the flexbility of the viewfinder system(the Nikon F has a larger screen size in the viewer).The camera is not moderen anymore but very nicely made and what I like is all metal with a minimum of plastics. Fred Franz

  30. From A.Paso (Wed Oct 7 14:11:39 1998 ):
    Help! What indicate the permanency of the light in the led self-timer in my F3?

  31. From Uno Sellgren (Mon Jan 11 22:36:27 1999 ):
    My F3HP works very well when used without the MD4. However, with the MD4 attached the camera frequently will not respond when pressing the MD4-trigger.Then suddenly it works nice again for a period. And so it goes on. A bit annoying. New batteries will not help. Is this a known problem and is there a simple fix? I have cleaned the baseplate connector but with no result. Uno

  32. From Azrul Abdullah (Wed Jan 6 12:52:02 1999 ):
    This is a great site! I've been using an F3 for nearly 7 years and I've been very happy with the results. I also enjoyed the pictorial guide to all the various Nikon models. I'm also pleased that the F3AF has been given a space as well. Keep up the good work!

  33. From F3User (Wed Jan 6 12:43:27 1999 ):
    You CANNOT use the F3 with the cover removed. The film inside will get exposed. That section is the motor drive coupling which is covered with a cover and has to be removed when use with the Motor Drive MD-4 for automatic film advance. You should check with whoever that has given you the F3 body and see if the cover was still in his motor drive (Pull the battery holder out and there is a slot for storage of that cover). This is a small part item which you can purchase directly with Nikon USA. IF you desperately want to use the F3 NOW - just use a black coloured light tight adhesive tape to seal it with a few layers before they send you the new part. Don't worry, it shouldn't be expensive, but I doubt any retailers keeping such tiny part in stock.

  34. From Rick (Wed Jan 6 07:02:41 1999 ):
    Just got an old F3 as a gift. Im excited to use it. I need a part for it & dont know where to get it. - On the bottom of the camera where the motor-drive goes there is a cover/screw cap missing. leaving a half dozen copper looking contacts exposed. It also has a hole in the center that goes into the film canisters spool. - Should I not use the camera w/out the cover in place - Is there a mail order company somewhere in US that I can get this part ? - I live in New York . But when I went to B & H Photo in NYC & they didnt have the part. Thanks in advance !

  35. From Chiang KK (Sat Dec 26 20:05:36 1998 ):
    this is the site which i looking for, pls update me if the site updated. thank you

  36. From Dan Lindsay (Sat Dec 26 13:15:19 1998 ):
    Nikolas is starting a database for the F3 camera, in an attempt to sort out the serial number mystery,--what numbers were sold in what years. If you bought your F3 new, contact him (Niklas.Nikitin@kau.se) with your particulars, e.g., Ser. No., date of purchase, etc. It should be worthwhile to others buying F3s secondhand,--to have a better means of establishing the age of a prospective purchase. F3 owner since '82!

  37. From David Jackson (Wed Dec 9 14:41:10 1998 ):
    What is the difference between an F3 and an F3HP?

  38. From Sohail Osman (Mon Nov 30 05:04:37 1998 ):
    the light meter in my 14 year old Nikon F3 has stopped working. I need to get it repaired in Kuala Lumpur. Can anyone suggest the name of a reliable, quick and economic place i can send the camera to. p.s.please don't circulate my adress.I don't want unsolicited messages thanx

  39. From rick (Mon Nov 23 12:02:43 1998 ):
    The film counter reset pin on my F3HP is stuck inside the body.The counter will not reset. How hard is it to fix?

  40. From Scott E. Brodie (Thu Nov 19 13:58:28 1998 ):
    The F3 would be the perfect camera for astrophotography except that the "B" mode is electronically operated, and drains the battery during long time exposures. Can anyone provide information on how long one can work after installing a fresh battery? (The "T" mode also drains the battery if the shutter is opened with a cable release, and the benefits of the mirror lock-up are squandered by having to close the shutter by turning the shutter-speed knob). -- Scott.

  41. From Tommy Williams (Sun Feb 21 09:53:58 1999 ):
    I have owned other brands of 35's, and am amazed at my friend's Nikons. I am considering buying one of four cameras, the FM, FE, FE2, or the F3. I desire quality, and everytime I try to compromise in quality, I regret it later. Please respond and tell me the greatest benefits of owning an F3.

  42. From roger (Sat Feb 20 07:37:33 1999 ):
    Thanks for all of the responses to my inquiry re: remote cord for the f3. found out (from nikon tech and readers of this page) that the MC12A/MC12B were the intended remotes for firing, attaching to the MD4 motor. The difference between the two is length of cable; the MC12A=approx. 3 meters, the MC12B=approx. 1 meter. I am opting for the shorter cord myself.. both sell new for around $50/US. Thanks eveyone!

  43. From Fred M. Aspli (Mon Feb 15 10:02:55 1999 ):
    Can anyone tell me how old my F3hp is? It`s serial number is 1674563.

  44. From roger (Mon Feb 15 06:57:06 1999 ):
    recently acquired a F3HP; love it; need a remote cord, would prefer one which connects to the MD4; anyone tell me the part # ? i know i could get a generic threaded cord for the camera release, but would like to fire the MD4 instead....help! (i plan on calling nikon tech monday, but thought someone on this page could advise me from previous experience...thanks

  45. From Joe Divar (Sun Feb 14 03:29:12 1999 ):
    A little correction here, I need to know who does the AI ring conversion on old Nikkor lenses so that I may use them on my F3T. Thanks.

  46. From Joe Divar (Sat Feb 13 11:24:07 1999 ):
    Ok, have two used lenses that need conversion to "bayonet" function. Does anyone still provide this service or will I forever have to manually meter and miss out on the aperature priority? Thanks.

  47. From Nate (Thu Feb 11 08:35:33 1999 ):
    I recently acquired a Nikon Sb-17 flash for my F3HP. Does anyone have any information on the features or description on the SB-17?

  48. From Johan du Plessis (Sat Jan 30 01:23:36 1999 ):
    I bought a second hand Nokon Flash Speedlight SB-15 and have been unable to obtain any operating manual from the Nikon site. Can someone please provide me with some information on the operation of this unit

  49. From Madi D. Lazuardi (Fri Jan 22 10:57:06 1999 ):
    I bought an used camera F3 including flash SB 12. I found difficulties to use that kind of flash because the seller didn't pass me a manual book. Kindly to F3 users who also using SB12 send me some knowledge and specification of SB12 or who knows the homepage of Nikon flash SB12. I tried to find out the Nikon homepage but SB12 not available. Thanks for your information and cooperation in advance.

  50. From rick (Thu Jan 14 02:09:18 1999 ):
    1. Can anyone recomend a good all around flash that I might be able to get for my F3. 2. Something that has a TTL feature. 3. Compact definately not a large bracket mounted model. 4. Does anyone recomend the Nikon AS-7 adapter for flash mounting on the F-3 ? 5. I also have an FE-2 , so the flash should be compatible w/ both cameras. 6. Does any one recomend buying a flash used. Thanks in advance, Peace Rick

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