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  1. From Roz (Sun Apr 15 19:01:58 2001 ):
    To Dustin: Depending on your budget, it would be better to replace the entire viewfinder altogether. That is the beauty of the F3 and other Pro Nikons as it is modular, compared to other pro cameras from other makes. Try eBay or perhaps order a new DE-3 from your local Nikon agent.

  2. From dustin crisp (Fri Apr 13 07:11:33 2001 ):
    i have an f3hp with a damaged finder. the aluminum sheet metal that shrouds the finder was crushed by an automatic subway turnstile in london, england. it has been sent away for repair, however the sheet metal shroud was not replaced- it looks as if someone merely hammered the dent out from the backside. this seems strange, as the repair center in question was apparently a nikon authorized facility. is the aluminum sheet metal viewfinder shroud a replaceable part with a factory designated part number? if so, where might i be able to get it replaced? i am concerned that the small crack in the front caused by the finder's deformed shroud will result in dust problems. also- where may one obtain new viewfinders(or used ones)?

  3. From jackson (Thu Apr 12 00:42:50 2001 ):
    Mr Dick, there is a section on the Nikon F2 site which may answer some of your doubt, see: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/nikonf2/prisms/index6.htm Interesting read.

  4. From Walt (Wed Apr 11 07:04:30 2001 ):
    Dick - The F3HP has a fold-back AI prong on the mount that allows non-AI lenses to be mounted to the body. It does, however, require the use of the "stop-down metering" method of exposure. You must select a shutter speed and then stop-down the lens until the meter indicates the correct exposure, indicated by the + and - signs being illuminated simultaneously. Or you can select a lens opening and adjust the shutter speed until the exposure is correct. With a small f-stop, the view thru the finder will be quite dim and focus will be difficult. Unless you have a very expensive non-AI lens, I would recommend you get an AI or AIS lens. The stop-down process is cumbersome.

  5. From dick (Wed Apr 11 02:20:49 2001 ):
    hi all,could someone please tell me how i might use an older non-AI nikon lens on my f3hp. how does one get a correct exposure with these type of lens.thanks ,dick

  6. From Maintainer (Tue Apr 10 11:08:27 2001 ):
    With a little help from some friends (Mr Tom, Chuck Hester and Hong-Sien Kwee); there are some general information pertaining to the rare USD9,000-00 Oxberry Pro 5 Camera which uses the Nikon F3 as the base model to produce. You may also check an older camera with provides similar fucntion as the Oxberry Pro 5 which based on a Nikon F2 camera body instead. Information given relating to Nikon F2 Pin camera with courtesy from Mr Kwee in Singapore. Full credit to all of them !

  7. From Joe (Sat Apr 7 04:59:58 2001 ):
    Enjoyed reading all of your mail re: F3. Been using F3s since first production and keep returning to them after trying all con-ceivable other cameras. Still use F3T as my first choice. Hint to users: Titanium does not hold paint well so opt for the "champaign" finish if you seek the F3T. Also,if you are a motordrive user and use the MF6 back, DON'T LOSE your Titanium back as I did. Nikon wouldn't sell be one unless I sent them the "damaged" Titanium back. Someone was looking for F3 flash? Send me an E-mail and I might be able to help you.

  8. From e. beebe (Tue Apr 3 06:57:30 2001 ):
    like several other F3 camera bugs, i also am hunting for a manual on how to operate the camera with the best results. thanks bb

  9. From Keane (Sat Mar 31 14:16:54 2001 ):
    I believe Nikon F3 is a very reliable camera. I have not having any problem with my camera for the last 13 years. I still shoot regularly with it almost at a weekly basis. Probably, user maintenance is also very important to prolong its working life span. I would love to invest into an autofocus camera one day and gladly realiazing most of the new AF-Nikkor can actually able to use with my F3 all these while. It is such a horrible feeling to realize it isn't the other way round (I have heard quite a few newer autofocus Nikon SLR camera bodies will not provide with metering data when used with manual focus Nikkor lenses now, come on... Nikon !). It is such a joke.

  10. From Bill (Tue Mar 20 13:02:22 2001 ):
    I am thinking about buying a new F3 HP wow thats a lot of $$$$$$ I have been looking for a used one, in mint cond. thats around $900.00 Is it worth the extra money to have a new one in the box with the manual. Any info would be helpfull thank's P.S I aggree it's wrong to copy a Nikon manual without a copyright aggerment.

  11. From John (Tue Mar 20 10:39:08 2001 ):
    I'm going to end my participation in this thread on manuals right now, and I'm certain everyone is tired of it, but please be advised that buying used manuals from anywhere, be it Ebay, KEH, etc.... is quite legal, while photocopying copyrighted material for sale is quite illegal in most countries.

  12. From Harvey Bennett (Tue Mar 20 01:48:12 2001 ):
    To John from Harvey Bennett. I was a little taken aback by John saying that what I proposed was illegal, and then later on in his message he is discussing how he engaged in this illegal activity(purchasing F-3 user manuals), and telling others how to do it. It was purely a harmless offer on my part, but if I purchased a camera for $500-$1000 and didn't have a manual $50.00 is not that much to pay , to receive a high quality copy of it. Quality copying is not cheap and neither is postage. If my price is too expensive then you can contact John, who can lead you into this illegal activity at a lower price.

  13. From Felix Tsang (Mon Mar 19 22:08:30 2001 ):
    F3,F3 & F3,I Love it,Who can sending Insteuction Manual of F3HP & MD4 to me,Thanks! felix

  14. From John (Mon Mar 19 21:44:27 2001 ):
    I apologize to anyone reading this message - I usually don't flame anyone for anything, but I feel the recent post offering to copy an f3 manual for $50 is inappropriate for this board, and out of line. First of all, it is illegal, and Nikon could prosecute, if they so desired. Second, I see F3 original manuals on Ebay, KEH Camera, etc.... all the time for $10 - 20 US. I bought one for a friend off ebay that was still in it's original packaging for $14 US DELIVERED. Third, I'll bet Nikon has them in stock at a reasonable price. Fourth and last point, I see this message board as a place to freely exchange ideas and offer true assistance, not a place to sell your 'fair' priced services.

  15. From Walt McKinney (Sun Mar 18 01:31:03 2001 ):
    Subj: F3 / F3HP manual If you will click on the picture at the top of this page and scroll down to the bottom of that page, you will find a link that will take you to a manual for the F3 & F3HP.

  16. From Harvey Bennett (Sat Mar 17 06:45:16 2001 ):
    Topic: Nikon F3 high-eyepoint Instruction Manual. If anyone really needs an instruction manual for the F3 , I would be willing to make copies of mine. I bought my camera in January, 2000 so the manual is clean and up-to-date.My fee would be Fifty US dollars which I feel is fair when one considers: a)the time involved b)the costs of good quality copying, and c) the postage. The $50.00 fee would be complete delivered. If anyone is interested please feel free to e-mail me directly: hbb1121@aol.com.

  17. From Walt McKinney (Thu Mar 15 11:25:42 2001 ):
    To Mike Francisco: Nikon really doesn't publish records indicating year of manufacture by serial number. Judging by the serial number you gave, I would estimate it was made in 1984 or 1985. As to its value, KEH Camera Brokers lists F3's starting at $350 and going up to $650, depanding on condition. For a more accurate estimate, you can go to www.keh.com and go to their used equipment pages.

  18. From Mike Francisco (Thu Mar 15 10:54:43 2001 ):
    I inheirited a Nikon F3 (s/n 1717932) from my father who passed away last Dec. I am curious to know if there is a site I can go to to find out the cameras year of manufacture and its approximate value. I gave the camera to my wife who is a US Navy photographer and we have no intention whatsoever of selling it. We are just curious to find how old it is. THANKS!

  19. From mike (Mon Mar 12 10:18:24 2001 ):
    I have an F3 with an MF-6 camera back, but I often use my cmaera without the MD4. Is there any way I can remove that "spur" hanging down that connects to the auto rewind stiop terminals of the MD4?

    rom Hermann Graf (Wed Mar 21 16:30:30 2001 ):
    To Bill: According to Nikon's German website, the prices for new equipments are: F3HP: $2360, F3: $2220, F3T: $2950, MF 50mm/f1.4 lens: $710 (thus, $1350 for a used F3HP is not so bad). Note that these prices are much more elevated than still three years ago, and Nikon prices in Germany are usually higher than in the US. Also, I would consider buying a MF 50mm f1.8 instead of a MF 50mm f1.4 lens. The MF 50mm f1.8 costs only $210, less than a third for only a half fstop less.

  20. From Janice (Wed Mar 21 15:59:12 2001 ):
    This instruction manual section (http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/nikonf3ver2/f3manual/detail/detail2.htm#Mirror) mentioned: When using Mirror Lock up, one should NOT be using AUTO mode and the viewfinder LCD display for exposure is not accurate, is it true ? What exposure should I refer then ?

  21. From JWoods (Wed Mar 21 15:04:28 2001 ):
    **Bil**: Points taken. Yeap. Sorry. I misunderstood your earlier question. In your case, I would strongly feel the asking price is way too high for my comfort; if that is the case, similar quote should enable you to look for a good alternative SLR model - the autofocus F-100 seems to be even of a more logical choice (value for money) at that price range. Peace.

  22. From Bill (Wed Mar 21 12:53:49 2001 ):
    Jwoods I think you shood read what I wrote, I am not complaitning about the price just asking weather or not it's a good deal. I can still stop the order, I just wanted some help before it's to late. I looked on the net and in the US it seams to be in line. As for doing the dealers a BIG favor I think that posting what dealers are charging and talking about it is a good thing for anyone wanting to buy used. That way if they are charging to much we can let each other know.

  23. From bill (Wed Mar 21 11:20:11 2001 ):
    Thank's Herman and John for your input. I just ordered a F3HP LN (Like New) and a 50mm 1.4 LN (like New) from KEH for $1,3500 I hope that's a good deal what do you think? Can I use my SP 28 flash with it?

  24. From JWoods (Wed Mar 21 10:56:45 2001 ):
    **Bill & John**: I think both the quoted prices of USD900-00 and USD1,350-00 for a F3HP (w/without the 50mm f/1.4) are EXCESSIVELY overpriced ! I have bought a F3 with Speed Finder DA-2 with a NPC Pro-back for a friend in overseas lately for less than USD550-00 (Condition 9 and works flawlessly). I don't want to convince myself that was luck but a fair price. For a good used F3 body w HP (DE-3) finder should be a round USD300-00 (now, I would say this is "Luck") to NOT more than USD500-00. I was quite lucky in the sense where I had mine at around similar price a couple of years back but the outfit was a bonus pack where it also came with three original Nikkor lenses and a host of useful accessories such as SB-16A etc. The seller has eventually turned to autofocus from Manual. Frankly, all I want to emphasize is: IF you want to pay for a premium for a particular product, fine, I think no one should complaint about because that is your own money but I think we should be more sensible with prices of used items here. Well, I guess all those used dealers in the Country will be extremely PLEASED and offer a BIG thank you to see your posting on the Board... Peace.

  25. From Bill (Wed Mar 21 09:36:32 2001 ):
    Thank's Harman and John for your input. I called KEH today and ordered an F3hp LN (like new) in the box and a 50mm 1.4 also Ln (like new). I paid $1,350.00 for all of it with shipping I hope I got a good deal what do you think??? This is the first time I have ordered from KEH what kind of rep do they have. Good I hope Can I use my SP28 flash with my F3??

  26. From John (Wed Mar 21 00:19:13 2001 ):
    To Herman and Bill: Herman, I agree with you that the FM3A is going to be a sweet little MF camera, and it's flash capabilities certainly leave the F3 in the dust - I want one!. On the other hand, I've got to say to Bill that the Nikon pro bodies are just an absolute joy to use, and I get a great deal of satisfaction from my F3's. Check a few of the used sites, like KEH and Del's, to see if you can get a better deal. They are hearty bodies, and last forever. KEH tests all their used equipment to make certain it is within spec, and I believe Del's not only tests it but also brings anything not within spec up to par. I bought one of my F3's from them, and one from KEH. The Del's body was more, but I called and talked to them and it was without a mark anywhere, even had the PC terminal cover and the two little plastic d-ring covers in place (of course I promptly removed and stored all of them). All foam had been replaced, and I believe it was CLA'd. The KEH body definitely had wear and tear on the outside, but it functioned beautifully. Foam had not been replaced, and I'm pretty sure no CLA. Either company will grab it off the shelf and describe it to you, if you ask. My advice is to buy a decent f3 and save your pennies for the FM3A too! BTW, let me give B&H a quick plug as well - I buy all my new gear from their web site, which is wonderful. I've never tried their used department, but I've seen cudos elsewhere.

  27. From Leonard (Tue Mar 20 23:51:08 2001 ):
    I hope none of you would complaint this, but since the Nikon F2 was a F-model earlier than the Nikon F3 - Many of its system accessories are still interrelated and compatible between both of these bodies; thus, can I make use of this Board to announce this ? i.e. After a week long Private Previews by co-developers and some Bugs-Fixing sessions, the long promised Nikon F2 SLR models site should be "safe" enough to go "live" now. It has a separate F2 Message Board on its own, I am sorry for the long wait. Enjoy !

  28. From Hermann Graf (Tue Mar 20 21:42:25 2001 ):
    To Bill: I think it's not worth to spend the money, neither for a new or a used F3. My advice: wait for the new FM3A. The FM3A costs only app. $750, but offers a lot of features the F3 has except for the exchangeable viewfinder prism and a mirror lock-up which can be actuated independently of the selftimer. And you don't have this silly special type of hot shoe. The FM3A is announced for April 2001, as the phase-out of the F3 is.

  29. From Hermann Graf (Wed Mar 21 16:30:30 2001 ):
    To Bill: According to Nikon's German website, the prices for new equipments are: F3HP: $2360, F3: $2220, F3T: $2950, MF 50mm/f1.4 lens: $710 (thus, $1350 for a used F3HP is not so bad). Note that these prices are much more elevated than still three years ago, and Nikon prices in Germany are usually higher than in the US. Also, I would consider buying a MF 50mm f1.8 instead of a MF 50mm f1.4 lens. The MF 50mm f1.8 costs only $210, less than a third for only a half fstop less.

  30. From John (Wed Mar 28 18:49:10 2001 ):
    Bill - I think your $1350 price is reasonable for the F3HP and 50 F1.4 in pristine condition. What JWoods is not figuring into his pricing scheme is something I gladly pay extra for - peace of mind. You've purchased a camera that has been graded by experts, has been certified to be within Nikon specs, has a warranty, and has a return policy. I sometimes see some bargains on ebay, but I always mentally tack on $100 or so for CLA to any price I see there. The bottom line for me is this - I take the camera and lens out for the day, it's exactly what I wanted, and the price didn't break the bank - I keep it. I don't try to take the fun out of it by over-analyzing the price.

  31. From David (Wed Mar 28 07:09:08 2001 ):
    Does anyone know where I could source plugs for the remot socket of an MD4 / MD 12? A Radiospares / Maplin / Tandy (Radioshack)reference would be appreciated. I'm trying to put together a remote footswitch. Thanks, David

  32. From wes tyler (Wed Mar 28 02:56:09 2001 ):
    purchased a new F3 2 years ago..after a year had problems with light meter..ie..in bright sun..60th at 5.6 meter said "minus"..regardless of setting "minus"..sent to Melville NY for repairs which were done but no explanation..problem surfaced again last month coupled with a shutter release problem..as in.. I push the shutter release and nothing happens..and I repeatedly push and finally it releases..not quite the intended "lets capture the moment expectation"..anyhow back to Nikon repair in Melville..I really baby this camera and can't understand this..anyone out there who has experienced similar problems..solutions?

  33. From JWoods (Tue Mar 27 13:27:42 2001 ):
    To Hermann, Gen and Bill: The question of HOW much should a Nikon F3HP be can be well answered here: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/ftz/ Take a note of the few Nikon F3HPs which were advertised where I did a quick conversion for USD (RM3.80 to a US) which stood only at USD380-00 for the recent one advertised by the gentleman named, Stuart; an earlier one was higher at USD485-00. There was another advertiser who obviously taking advantage of the recent price adjustment and asked for a price that Bill has agreed to pay somewhere else. Well, that summarize a fact: all you ever need is (given with a little patience) you should able to get what you wanted and probably well within your allocated budget. I don't quite like to check with Ebay and probably would be more happy to sufe around places such as here or a independent store, I felt Ebay is an excellent place to dispose your hardware as there are too many silly people chasing for "popular items" but it is NOT a perfect spot for acquiring something used for my own. Peace.

  34. From Rick (Tue Mar 27 06:06:06 2001 ):
    Have an F3HP with MD4 and would like the PDF manuals. Sorry Nikon had an attitude about the manuals. The site is really nicely done. Thanks in advance, Rick

  35. From Andrew S (Sun Mar 25 12:01:08 2001 ):
    All: Would the AS-9 adapter allow the SB-16 to be used with my N80 and allow multi-sensor balanced fill-flash? Thank you Andrew

  36. From Hermann Graf (Fri Mar 23 17:56:43 2001 ):
    To GenHolst and Bill: What I wanted to say is that Nikon, after announcing the production phase-out of the F3, tries to make extra money by its kind of pricing, giving potential customers the impression that's "now or never". It would be no surprise for me if the "phase-out" - unexpectedly(?) - lasted a little bit longer.

  37. From GenHolst (Fri Mar 23 15:02:19 2001 ):
    Well, well... despite 16 months of downside with 20% correction on the Nasdaq which has turned greed into fear and cause many pants to wet but looks like we still have quite a big pool of rich users around here... To be fair, depends on perspective whether you are already an owner of F3 or if you are only started looking to buy one, the objectives may be different where price relates. As a proud owner of the camera, I am more than happy to see MR Hermann thinks USD1,350-00 is a fair used price because naturally no one wants to see our own hardware depreciates instead of appreciate in value. But I may also have to agree with JWoods, a used F3HP at that price may has many other better alternatives. Yes, I would take a F-100 as what he suggested.

  38. From bill (Thu Mar 22 05:37:02 2001 ):
    To Herman Graf; Thank you, It seems that cameras cost a bit where you live , and I thought that the SF bay aera was high. Well I did order my new F3hp and am looking forward to this comming weekend to try it out. It should be a lot different than my N90S anyway thank's aggin for your help. bill

  39. From Hermann Graf (Wed Mar 21 23:45:46 2001 ):
    To Janice: It is true, you cannot use AE mode when the mirror lock up is activated (if you did so, this would result in too long exposure times). You have to meter by manual mode before actuating the mirror. With a dedicated flash mounted, you can use AE mode with mirror lock up because then, the exposure time is automatically set to 1/80 s.

  40. From GenHolst (Thu Mar 29 19:11:02 2001 ):
    Oh.. if you need more info, see the following section: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/nikonf3ver2/flash/sb16ab/index.htm & http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/nikonf3ver2/flash/sb15/index.htm#SB17 well, Leonard has done everyone a favour because even the SB-11, SB-12 have their instructions published; so, virtually all the dedicated Nikon F3 TTL flash units have been featured and come with its owner's manual here !

  41. From GenHolst (Thu Mar 29 19:05:08 2001 ):
    ** Walt McKinney **: No. If I can recall it correctly, non-AF flash Nikon SB-16A (dedicated unit for Nikon F3) was the first Nikon made strobes that provide a "Repeating Flash" feature (It was marked "MD" which stands for Motor Drive Mode). Subsequently, the SB-17 with a dedicated F3's flash foot (SB-15 with standard ISO flash mounting foot) also provide similar feature (the "MD" mode). Naturally, you can used with a motor drive (MD-4 or MD-11/12 where it applies) to simulate a "stroboscopic" effect when operates with the multiple exposure mode of either the F3 or other FM/FE/FA models. Strange to note that Nikon is the sole company that provides such a convenient multiple exposures via rapid shooting sequence with a motor drive for their SLR cameras until mid of '80. Well, you are right, the main flash output will "dilute" when operates in this mode; the SB-16A/B is powerful enough to provide reasonably good effect when used within 5-7 feet but the SB-17/SB-15 is not very desirable to use them for such purpose.

  42. From Walt McKinney (Thu Mar 29 11:04:40 2001 ):
    The Nikon SB-28 has a feature called "Repeating Flash". I can't seem to locate any info on how frequently the unit will flash or what the guide number will be. I think you could be safe in assuming that it will not be truly "stroboscopic" and the light output will be a small fraction of its rated 118 guide number (ft at ISO 100). I know of no other Nikon unit that claims that feature.

  43. From Walt McKinney (Thu Mar 29 10:39:07 2001 ):
    To: Danny K. - The F3 viewfinder shows 100% of the image that is recorded on the film. What you see in the finder is what will be on the negative or slide. The camera can't control what you get from the photofinishers. It has been my experience that photofinishers do crop pictures to some degree. It's inherent in the automatic processing equipment. If you want zero cropping, then I suggest you take the film to a lab where they custom print the pictures and you can request no cropping. Good luck.

  44. From Harvey Bennett (Thu Mar 29 08:51:12 2001 ):
    To Wes Tyler from Harvey Bennett: Since the mid-80's I have owned several Nikon F-3's. The problem which you describe with the failed operation of your shutter release button I also had with one camera , and it drove me NUTS.I found that the only solution was to put a motor drive on the F-3, it made the camera very heavy and bulky, and a motor drive is also expensive. My current F-3 was purchased new about 18 months ago, and has been flawless. Try using two Varta V76Px batteries. Feel free to e-mail me directly: hbb1121@aol.com. What is the serial number of your camera.

  45. From Bill (Thu Mar 29 05:24:39 2001 ):
    Thank's Everyone for all help. I got my new F3HP last friday in the box with the manual and all of the other stuff, it looks brand new. The 50mm was also in the box in new cond. I aggre with MC it's a done deal so thank's and let's move on. I spent all weekend using my new camera I loved working with a manual for a change. All of the prints came out great. It reminded me my why I started photography in the first place. P.S what do I need to do or have to use my SP28 with my F3 or shood I look into finding a used SP17?????? I wont ask how much to spend. Thank's Bill

  46. From Mark A (Thu Mar 29 02:12:04 2001 ):
    Hi guys. just a quick question to those who will probably know. i'm looking for a flash with a stroboscopic function to fit an f3. i know things like the big expensive metz flashes have this function but do any of the nikon sb's have it? great site by the way. the manuals are great as i have bought much of my gear second hand. thanks and keep up the good work. shame nikon had a problem with the manuals. perhaps if they didn't charge so much for them!!!!!!!!

  47. From Danny K (Wed Mar 28 23:31:29 2001 ):
    I'm new to this site but I'm an avid photographer. Nine years ago I got my first used camera an FM2n in the Philippines. I had learned alot from it and won't give or sell it, its something meaningful as you all can understand. I realize it has only 93 percent viewfinder coverage. On a finished negative film compared to a commercially made printout. Its something you have to deal with. Anyway I'm looking for an F3 and it says like it has 100 percent coverage. Thus that mean what you see on viewfinder and what's in the negative really comes out, no unwanted cropping by commercial processsing? I would appreciate if somebody can just respond to my query. Thanks. Dan

  48. From MC (Wed Mar 28 22:04:02 2001 ):
    TO JWoods, John, Bill.... I tend to agree with Jwoods that USD 1,350 for a mint F3HP and a 50f1.2 is very much on the high side as far as prices here in Malaysia is concerned. Bill had been informed. And obviously John thinks otherwise. Bill had asked for opnions, and he gets (as usual) different views. It is now up to Bill to decide whether to proceed with the trasaction or otherwise. Who are we to tell Bill how to spend his money? So, gentlemen, let cool down a little, have a beer or two, and move on to the next topic. Thanks.

  49. From JWoods (Wed Mar 28 21:18:09 2001 ):
    Well, well, I should kicked my friend's ass for selling his F3 to XXX.com. because after the "ENDORSEMENT by EXPERT" (which may be only a shop assistant and will be damn proud being designated as a "CLA cleaning expert" by others ..).and his old camera comes with an "online shop" certification "within Nikon specs" and provide a general return policy (why not ? they bought in that cheap and sells with the new revised price now...!). The bottom line for me is - that USD1,350-00 is damn bloody expensive and Bill should be well informed ! Further, it makes the camera way out of reach for too many FE/FM2n/FA users who may be the potential buyers who just wants a good rock steady F-series automatic camera body to supplement or replace theirs. Well, sometimes, come to think of it - perhaps we are a part to be blamed for helping manufacturers think we can be screezed ! The F3HP made 20 years ago remains the same and does not mean it comes with a Titanium or Platinum body shell now and WHY are we paying for such premium ? Anyway, I am keeping my cash and if ever I intend to spend that amount for a SLR, I will take a F-100 or advise someone correctly that there could well be better alternatives. That is it. p.s. by the way, are Keh or B&H listed on NASDAQ ? Lastly, Leonard was kind enough "to re-edit" my earlier posted messages to make it sound more friendly, but Leo, I want to stick with my stand and make known with this one.

  50. From Daryl (Sat Jun 17 08:55:54 2000 ):
    Does anyone have any knowledge, experience with a new flach accessory (AS-17)from Nikon that allows the current TTL flash units to work TTL with the F3. Nikon lists this in their new Full Line Product Guide (Vol. 6, p84) and their Nikon Photographic Accessories (2000 edition) page 5. By the way, I just added a DW-4 finder to my F3 equipment, the 6x magnifier lets me see detail not visible with the HP finder. The only draw-back is the image if reversed right/left. If you use wide-angles or the eyes are aging or both (as in my case) then this viewfinder will show you things not easily seen before. Daryl

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