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  1. From AD (Wed Mar 10 05:59:49 1999 ):
    Does anyone in here know how much an F3H (not HP!) should go for second hand? It has the MD-4H attached, and the MF-4 as well... according to this site, the camera cannot work with the MF-4, but the one I saw had it... oh well feel free to email any input to me, anything is much appreciated! AD

  2. From pickle (Wed Mar 10 02:56:25 1999 ):
    hi all, i was wondering if anyone has figured out any correlation between the serial number and production date for the f3 cameras? i read most of the posts in this forum, and find no useful information regarding this subject. i did notice that someone is collecting serial numbers, but find no further discussion on that subject. also, a few searches on hotbot didn't turn out much useful information. does anybody know how to tell an f3's (or f3t, f3hp, f3p, ...)production date from its serial number? anybody? thanks in advance!

  3. From ben (Mon Mar 8 04:59:42 1999 ):
    what is the highest level flash i can buy to do dedicated TTL with my f3? do i need to buy an adapter?

  4. From Dario Silva (Sun Mar 7 08:51:32 1999 ):
    Anyone would sell a motor drive for Nikon F3??

  5. From Ed (Sun Mar 7 04:36:37 1999 ):
    The F3.. a legend amongst Pro's.. after defecting to an EOS-1 and Canon 'L' lens system I missed my F3 so much... I sold all the EOS gear after two years and purchased a used F3HP and aim to stick with the F3 from now on... it was like welcoming back an old friend :) Great Site!!!

  6. From ben m. (Sat Mar 6 12:22:15 1999 ):
    where can i find the rechargeable ni-cad batteries for the md-4 motor drive?

  7. From Toby Chey (Wed Mar 3 02:47:40 1999 ):
    when set at A and the viewfinder displays 8 seconds and the underexposure symbol, does F-3 actually time more than 8 sec. for you but not displaying the time in the viewfinder? I can't find out any material to prove this is correct or not (at least not in the PDF version of F-3 manual provided on this site) thanks.

  8. From ED CRUZ (Fri Feb 26 15:37:26 1999 ):

  9. From Dick tien (Thu Feb 25 21:38:43 1999 ):
    Hi, Great web page you have here. Any knows whether there is a book on the F3? Haven't come across one. Cheers!, Dick

  10. From Kelley Prebil (Mon Feb 22 05:23:36 1999 ):
    Does anyone know what F3THP means? I'm rather curious on information about this camera.

  11. From Martin Taulu (Thu Apr 8 11:12:58 1999 ):
    Today I bought an F3hp with a MD-4 and a SB-17, and a 50/1.4. I paid $299.00 for the whole deal, and it's in nearly perfect condition. Can I use my older non AI lenses for TTL flash without worrying about stop down metering?

  12. From Lars Brubæk (Tue Apr 6 04:27:53 1999 ):
    Have used F3HPs and used SB16 for same. Would like to know name of dedicated flash cable allowing for off-camera TTL flash operation. 3 pin contact on side of SB16 suggests existence of such a cable.

  13. From John Eyer (Thu Apr 1 10:01:34 1999 ):
    Just got my dream machine F3HP after years of thinking and searching. Took a chance on a used - listed as 99% perfect body for $799 from Woodmere Camera. I don't think this body ever saw a roll of film or batteries. Works great!

  14. From ronald alex leo (Tue Mar 30 23:19:25 1999 ):
    Hi! I want to know the prices of F3 body, MD4 and Nikon F mount telephoto lens If anybody is interested to sell F3 used body, contact me in this e-mail. Iam in New Delhi- India Thanks

  15. From Michaella (Thu Mar 25 09:44:00 1999 ):
    Hello, anyone can give me the instruction of F3. I'm going to learn photography and got F3 but don't have the instruction. I don't know about the camera at all. How can I get the instruction of F3? Help me!!!

  16. From Tripodi Rosario (Mon Mar 22 05:51:19 1999 ):
    very good camera!

  17. From Derry (Thu Mar 18 02:28:40 1999 ):
    F3 a great camera and a great site. My 15 year old F3 malfuctions at 1/60 and lower speeds. May be this is due to negligence on my part. Any reliable shop in the Phil to fix my F3. Thanks

  18. From Dita Trisnawan (Tue Mar 16 10:58:43 1999 ):
    I want to know how much the recent price of our new nikon F-3 fave camera is? (body, sb11 and sb 14) thank you very much!

  19. From MikeC (Sun Mar 14 16:48:33 1999 ):
    Can anyone give me an idea as to what would be a fair price (say $US) for a F3HP with 50mm f1.2 Nikkor and original Maroon Camera Case

  20. From Leonard (Thu Mar 11 17:03:08 1999 ):
    Can anyone who owns a F3AF please contact me ?

  21. From peter blake (Sat Jun 12 18:21:19 1999 ):
    Here in Japan, all the F3 stuff is still available new. I guess that I would be willing to help out with locating F3 stuff for you guys thanks peter

  22. From john lockyer (Fri Jun 11 10:10:49 1999 ):
    Is it possible to use SB28 nikon Speedlight on F3 in ttl mode?

  23. From Michael Heidecker (Thu Jun 10 20:57:25 1999 ):
    Used F2, bought F3...happy! Bought F4s - very disappointed about its quality- Bought F5: absolutely happy! Sold F4s, bought 2nd F3HP and F5! Now: that's the gear I always wanted: the F3 is one of the most reliable cameras I ever had (Leicas, Blads, Rolleiflexes...but the best one was: Nikon F3!). There was a Nikon ad many years ago, which said "3 x Kenia, 6 x India, 6 x America, 2 x Columbia and 0 x repair." and the only comment I can give is: THIS IS THE FIRST TRUE AD!

  24. From Neal Vickers (Fri Jun 4 21:43:03 1999 ):
    Does anyone know shere I could get a replacement for the motordrive socket on the bottom of the F3HP?

  25. From Troyce (Wed May 26 23:43:01 1999 ):
    Does anyone know whether the Nikon DW-4 6x mag finder when fitted to the F3HP shows a full image view, or merely magnifies the entire of view, thus cropping the viewfinder view?

  26. From Ross (Tue Apr 27 03:14:53 1999 ):
    Where can i find specs on nikon's MD-4 motor drives. This site is great for info on the camera.

  27. From Leonard (Fri Apr 23 12:54:00 1999 ):
    I have uploaded more info on the F3H at: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/companies/nikon/htmls/models/specroom98/f3hspec/index.htm .One more thing, this Nikon F3 site will have a TOTAL revamp later.

  28. From Douglas C. (Fri Apr 23 01:31:22 1999 ):
    I used to have a Canon Eos 50E but after a year owning it along with several other lenses, I traded "up" to a F-3HP and the Nikon system. Although I do miss the autofocus part a bit, I dare to go on to say that the F-3 is the ultimate picture tacking machine. Its realiable, built tough and extremely accurate. No need to mess with matrix metering, autofocus and so on. You are the best automation any camera can get.

  29. From AD (Thu Apr 22 03:08:11 1999 ):
    Hey all you F3(HP) fans... =) Anyone know where I can get the regular back for an F3H? Yes -- the Highspeed one. I don't actually own the camera (yet?) but I found one but suspect there may be some sort of problem with the back (hinge back). Thanks in advance for any replies or information! Feel free to email me... AD

  30. From Hkagiyama (Fri Apr 9 01:19:38 1999 ):
    I recently purchased a used F3-HP, will a circular polarizer work or should I get a linear one or ? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  31. From Pat (Wed Jul 21 16:41:08 1999 ):
    AD! I've come accross lots of F3HP lately, just got one couple of months ago, mint condition, with body caps but no box (do you really need it) and no manual (download it!) and paid $800.00 with Motor Drive! That's about what they all are in basically new condition. Add $100.00-150.00 if you want to have the box and manual. They usually come without warranty but does this camera need one? If you want to have an idea, check out "ebay.com"-great stuff, lots of it hard to find -actually an F3/T champ. with matching serial# lens just went for little over $1800.00!

  32. From AD (Tue Jul 13 14:50:18 1999 ):
    Hi, I've recently come across an EX condition F3H... with no box or papers.(what a waste eh?) How much should one go for -- including MD-4H but with no box/papers. I assume the camera loses almost all it's "collector" zest, and becomes any old camera now... or not? I'd love to have one just for regular use and to play around with, because 13fps sure sounds fun. :-) Also, it may not have it's original MF-6B back (is that what it was called?...) but either a new one, or one taken off another F3P. Will this further reduce it's 'value'? Oh right - one more thing. Does the F3H have special body caps, or any other special features apart from the MF-6B as it's standard back, special MD-4H motor drive, the "F3/H" engraving, and differen s/n's? thanks! Regards, AD

  33. From EEwyn (Mon Jul 12 10:45:00 1999 ):
    I think you guys are referring to this Nikon F3T LE: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/companies/nikon/htmls/models/htmls/f3tlimited.htm

  34. From Lars (Sun Jul 11 19:53:45 1999 ):
    Ray! - according to Stephen Gandy's Rare Nikon SLR page @ http://cameraquest.com/nikrare.htm only the 300 first champagne finish F3T was sold in the wooden box with matching lens etc. So you would need to know if your serial nr. is inside those. Don't confuse the Champagne F3T with the F3 Limited also described on Gandy' page!

  35. From Ray Vanover (Sat Jul 10 05:33:32 1999 ):
    First of all, THANKS for the F3 site! You have told me more than I ever thought I would know about my camera. Secondly, I have a F3/T HP that was given to me as a gift by the widow of a professional photographer in my hometown. It has the champagne finish and looks very similiar to the one pictured on your site. I don't have the original lens that came with the camera so I can't see if the serial numbers match. How else can I determine if my camera is a "Limited Edition"? Thanks again for the site!

  36. From Lars (Sun Jun 27 04:35:56 1999 ):
    AD!- Stephen Gandy has info on F3 Limited @ http://cameraquest.com/nff3ltd.htm. I don't think that David F. was referring to lack of answers on the board but maybe Leonard should look at what people ask - not the "where do I get... ?" off course - to see if he can incorporate some of that in the site (I know he is particularly working on the F3 site right now). I think answer should be given to the board so everyone can benefit (like an interactive FAQ - maybe it will be turned into one day!). Michael H. - what disappointed you about the F4? Troyce - there is a finder page somewhere here - try go via F and F2!

  37. From AD (Sun Jun 27 03:38:16 1999 ):
    With refrence to David Finnell's comment below, I have to disagree -- this is already a superb site! I suppose one gets answers by sending the original poster email. (That's why our email addresses are requested?) Anyway on to the F3 Content: I've recently seen *new* (not sure if they're warranty'd or not) F3HP's selling for $1160 US or thereabouts, and I was wondering: Good deal or bad deal? How much "should" they be selling for nowadays? Also, I also saw the box of a "F3 Limited", and having unsuccessfully searched this site for any information on this camera, I was wondering what the difference was between it and the regular F3(HP) apart from being a limited edition. Does anyone have information on availability/value of this camera? Thanks for any input. ;) AD

  38. From David Finnell (Tue Jun 22 10:05:47 1999 ):
    I very much enjoy this F3 Nikon Site. The only thing I can not figure out is how to find the answers to all of the questions asked. If you can find the answers this will be a superb site indeed.

  39. From Wilson (Fri Jun 18 22:28:15 1999 ):
    Could I use SC-12 and SB 28 to get TTL flash from the F3? The SB 28 has a socket for TTL multiple flash. Anybody has the experience.Thanks.

  40. From Ryan (Fri Jun 18 12:08:55 1999 ):
    Does anyone know where I can get a DX-1 viewfinder for the Nikon F3. please respond. Thanks

  41. From Brandon (Tue Aug 17 09:39:10 1999 ):
    Had an accident this weekend and crunched the top of the DS-2 viewfinder on my F3. Ouch! Does anyone have one they would be willing to part with?

  42. From Maintainer (Sun Aug 8 15:12:14 1999 ):
    New section for discussion on lenses, bookmark for future reference: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/messageboard/lenses/optic.msql

  43. From David Finnell (Sat Aug 7 06:30:52 1999 ):
    I am interested in obtaining an "H screen" for my newly purchased F3HP. I understand there are actually four (4) H screens. How do you go about deciding just which one to buy? Can't find any information about them. This is a great site and keep up the good work. David

  44. From Nigel Hill (Fri Aug 6 14:40:23 1999 ):
    Outstanding web site, congratulations! I shall keep visiting. In time I hope to contribute to the shared information but for now I will continue to read and learn.

  45. From cc davis (Thu Aug 5 00:36:55 1999 ):
    Need manual on F3? Try library - they search and find. Take notes. Buying used? Calibrate meter, have serviceman ck shutter speeds. Enjoy learning use of large spot meter. F5 does my flash work. F3 is pretty much manual, existing light equipment. Very enjoyable camera that delivers results. Use compensation for bracketing between full stop readings. Durable, small, good for travel and street work, good for non-flash nature work. Takes experience to meter quickly and reliably. Finger on exp lock part of technique.

  46. From John Cravens (Mon Jul 26 15:20:17 1999 ):
    I have had my Nikon F3 since 1980. It has a DS-2 viewfinder. My eyes are not as good as they used to be and it is getting harder to focus the camera. I understand the High Point (HP) DS-3 viewfinder works better for people who wear glasses. My question is; will the DS-3 fit my 1980 Nikon F3? Appreciate any answers, thanks John

  47. From Lars (Sat Jul 24 20:29:34 1999 ):
    Eric - BH Photo has an F3H in their used equip list.

  48. From eric (Sat Jul 24 13:53:52 1999 ):
    call me insane but I do action photography and do find the 8 frames a second a little slow for somethings. if you can believe that, then perhaps you understand my dilema. I need a little more speed and find the size of the old high speeds to obnoxious and big for easy field use. hence i am searching for a place to get a f3h. can anyone guide me to a place that might actually have this camera?

  49. From Eric P. Miller (Thu Jul 22 16:33:03 1999 ):
    Thanks for putting up such a great site for information on Nikons! I just got an F3HP in mint condition (3 rolls of film through it) with the MD-4 and a 50mm f1.4 Nikkor for $850. Is that a good price? How can I find out when it was made according to the serial number? Is there a place that lists serial numbers vs production year?

  50. From AD (Thu Jul 22 03:52:56 1999 ):
    Hey Pat... And Mr. Leo Foo - Sorry if we're clogging up your F3 site. It's truly a Modern Classic Camera though! Anyway yeah. Pat - If you look very carefully, you'll notice that I wasn't talking about the F3/HP (that I can get my hands on very, very easily) - I meant the High Speed version, with its dedicated MD-4H motor drive. It's okay though. $800 sounds pretty good - but beat this. I found one here in Hong Kong with MD-4, MF-14, and a 50/1.8 going for a little under $1000... all in EX+ - EX++ condition. Also, I've decided (basically) to get a Black F3/T like new, but with no box or papers. It's literally like new. No scratches AT ALL, not even light brassing. Everything is perfect. Not a scratch, dent, or hint of use. ;-) Hopefully I"ll get it for about $900 but we'll see what the shop keeper asks for (originally slightly less than $1000). If I'm not wrong, the last price for F3/Ts when they were still being made was about $1,600 so this is a really good price considering all I'm missing is a box and papers. Anyway Thanks for replying, I'm sure you meant well. ;-) Also Mr. Foo (the webmaster) if you ever need to get used equipment (especially Nikon), Hong Kong is *the* place to look!! :-) Take care, AD

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