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  1. From Diego k. (Sat Dec 16 04:51:16 2000 ):
    Hi every body, I currently own an F4e, but I want To sell it to invest a bit more in medium format, So im looking for a good reliable camera that will last me till my kid'll start up photography (Im 23 now with no wedding on site:) the F3 came up to mind, and I find It adecuate, Only reserve is the tiny info LCD and only 1 metering mode, one I have never delt with, how does that 80/20 works? and how about the LCD? Did Anyone here made the switch from F4 to F3? Survived? jejejeje thanks Diego K.

  2. From Jerrie (Fri Dec 15 21:38:13 2000 ):
    To Randy Lewis: apparently leonard has some trouble with NikonUSA with the distribution of the PDF file, see: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/nikonf3ver2/htmls/issues.htm anyway, I love to believe Nikon is a great camera company but hard to chew the fact that their operating staffs are that low in directing such a command to such as useful support site in the remote far east... next, don't worry too much with your F3, it is built to LAST and endure harsh treatment; if you are a careful and loving F3 user, that piece of hardware could easily last you another twenty years ! I had mine bought in 1981 and still remains as my personal favorite body instead of the F90x. Cheers !

  3. From Randy Lewis (Fri Dec 15 02:34:33 2000 ):
    I have been looking to download the manual for the F3HP. I understand you need to request by email, but I can't find the email address. Does anyone know what it is? Just bought a used F3HP and all is pretty straight forward, but don't want to screw anything up. Also, does anyone know the estimated life expectancy of the electronics board in the F3? Thanks, Randy

  4. From John Maher (Tue Dec 12 12:11:43 2000 ):
    Does anyone know of a friendly Nikon store in Italy that you can buy direct from off the Internet (or use their email) for shipping Nikon items to the US. I have located a hard to find item in inventory at the Nikon Italy curstomer service center, but they tell me I have to buy through an Italian dealer. HELP! pistols904@aol.com

  5. From Cheryl G. (Tue Dec 12 05:36:40 2000 ):
    I would really appreciate it if anyone out there had a pdf version of the SB-16 owners manual. I have recently purchased a Nikon FA which came with the owners manual, but the sb-16 did not. I have no clue how to utilize all of the features of this flash. This site has been helpful, but the pdf of the original will really be more helpful for me. Thank you to anyone who has this and is willing to forward me a copy.

  6. From Panagiotis Zakynthinos (Sun Dec 10 18:16:02 2000 ):
    It made me feel very sad that Nikon decided to stop the production of the F3. I think that they should keep in production this model as it was the only professional manual camera of Nikon. Hoping that one day Nikon will recall. By the way has anybody got any comments about the 100-300/5.6 Nikkor zoom? I found one secondhand in mint++ condition at 350 $.

  7. From Keith Cooper (Sun Dec 10 13:31:53 2000 ):
    I have just taken delivery of my second F3HP, and I broke down and got a brand new one, so I can ensure it will be around for a long time. I wondered if anyone knew if Nikon has actually stopped making F3's? I saw during my search for a new one, that many camera sales retailers have recently sold their last F3's and will not get more. Does anyone know when or if they have been stopped? If so, when was the last production run?

  8. From Geert Kale (Sat Dec 9 05:46:42 2000 ):
    Dat gezeik over die F3!! Waarom moet die camera nu zo nodig opgehemeld worden. Iets wat goed is is goed en daarmee basta!! Ga fotograferen en zeur wat minder over die apparatuur

  9. From Jeffrey (Thu Dec 7 05:09:48 2000 ):

  10. From Neil Bird (Wed Dec 6 23:36:16 2000 ):
    Hi, I have a minor issue with my trusty, F3HP. The lcd meter will occasionaly blink out or show -8 (secs) and then stop responding. This will happen with either my MD-4 attatched or not. The batteries are new and I have tried a cople of sets. I have tried to figure out where I may be able to clean, but I am not sure if it is just a cleaning issue. There seems to be no corrosion happening in the battery compartment. I can fix the issue sometimes by adjusting the ISO dial/sometimes the shutterspeed from A to manual settings and back. Any hints would be appreciated. In the meantime I will use my trusty FM2. BTW, I wish I found this site earlier. What a GREAT site and a FANTASTIC community. Neil

  11. From Carlos W. M. (Fri Dec 22 13:08:35 2000 ):
    Mr Genholst mentioned erroneous exposure reading can be adjust via tuning of the ASA and exposure compensation, how do I get it fixed ? Is it a major "operation" ?

  12. From Genholst (Fri Dec 22 13:02:48 2000 ):
    To Mr.Wong: Unless you are an experienced service technician with amber knowledge of camera repairing background, if you are thinking of repairing an electronic camera by yourself, that MAY not worth the effort. Your F3's "... metering which is off by a stop.." can also easily compensated by adjusting your ASA or use the exposure compensation dial. The adjustment of Auto Shutter Speed/Display control, FRE control or shift adjustment is usually done at the variable resisttors in front of the camera body (See the right hand side the 10 rounded openings of the"exposed" body shell aligned vertically at: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/nikonf3ver2/htmls/index2.htm). This, needs to removed the covering (I doubt you can stick them back effectively later..), you would need a lot of tools such as Digital Multi-meter, Shutter Tester, Standard Reflector, Conductivity Check Tools and even special adhesives etc.. All the adjustment you would ever need could be just limiting at USD35.00 - 50-00 (Tell them that you are requesting a yearly general camera service and ask them to double check the tolerance of metering standard). I think that sounds more logical but since that is your camera, if you insist of doing it yourself, you can buy a repair manual from third party outlet such as John Craig form www.craigcamera.com If I can still recall correctly, he sells that at around USD120.00 -150.00 per copy. Good Luck to you and the F3. Merry Christmas !

  13. From Wong (Thu Dec 21 21:56:41 2000 ):
    Hi, I am looking for a F3 service and repair manual so that I can make adjustments to the metering which is off by a stop. Advice via email is also fine with me. Regards Wong

  14. From Ken Schwanz (Wed Dec 20 18:47:07 2000 ):
    Whatever it is, just want to share some experience with you. I had a few nasty drops with my F3 for the last couple of months, the last incident was a real bad one - with a rather heavy 300mm f/4.5 ED mounted with the camera body. The camera still looked okay despite these few unwarranted (& careless) episodes, until one day, I tried to mount my favorite 20mm lens and find it difficult to trip the shutter (except the mechanical lever). I observed and eventually found the reason why, the 2mm stainless steel lens mounting unit had come loosen and I sent it to change a new unit. That solved the problem where originally I thought the lens could has been be "jammed" with foreign particle seeped through inside. Anyway, what puzzled me was, many other lenses that I used didn't had similar problem as with the 20mm f/3.5 and that is why I tend to think the lens could be the source of the problem. The next time, if your F3 "stucks", check if the lens mount portion (the mounting piece is separate from the die cast mount) is deformed (Or possibly that is one way that could help you to identify the cause and may find out if someone had actually accidentally dropped your camera.... ). I agreed, that is a marvelous site - by any standard.

  15. From Gerard Servantez (Wed Dec 20 11:19:14 2000 ):
    **Jerrie**: Like you - I am coming back to the F3 too from an autofocus N70 and some af Nikkor lenses and accessories. I couldn't be more satisfy with what I am doing right now (I know what you meant in your posting). It is such a pity seeing photography has slowly turned into such a luxurious hobby as Leonard said. This MIR site has slowly grown as an important resource site for photography on the Net now and I love what I saw so far (The revised site for Nikon F3 is in particular, very detail, educational and informative). I would love to see the next Nikon site with similar "class" and depth from leonard, probably the Nikon F2 or the Nikon F4 (but I know he is still busy doing the Olympus OM1/2 site). Lucky us.

  16. From Jerrie (Sun Dec 17 15:28:12 2000 ):
    To Diego k.: There is nothing funny about shifting from F4s to F3 because I came back from an even more modern Nikon F5 back to F3 (my remaining N90s is with my eldest son in the collage now). After all those years living with autofocus, complexity of matrix metering and auto programs, you will eventually find more satisfaction in a simple AE mode camera such as a F3 or a FE2. The tiny LCD panel is designed not to distract the photographer's attention to subject matter (Didn't anyone of you notice the viewfinder of any modern SLR is getting too clutter with colorful information display ? why would a camera being designed that complicated and must force users to live with their technologies ?) I felt little of myself all these while and thus I am coming back to the simple F3. Well, unless you are so low in confidence level that you have to live with all those computerized data and automated metering control to take a simple picture. Frankly, I cannot remember a single exposure data I got with each shots after I bought a F5, with a F3 - I know I am commanding rather being commanded to take an exposure (as leonard put it correctly). Oh, by the way, the 80/20 means in its Centre-Weighted metering system, the emphasis of the heavy metered reading is concentrating 80% at the center 12mm circle while the remaining 20% shares outside the 12mm diameter circle.

  17. From GenHolst (Sun Dec 17 15:09:43 2000 ):
    **Jennifer Hamer**: That can be a very difficult answer because since you have no interest in photography while your priority is to get a good premium for your camera. From a photographic enthusiast's point of view: I'd love to advise you to sell at lowest possible price such as USD230-250-00 to benefit someone like us; but to be fair to both parties, I think you should putting up a modest price tag as I suggest and let someone bid for it in outlets such as Ebay (you have to pay to advertise at:http://listings.ebay.com/aw/listings/list/category3322/index.html) or you can use our Malaysian host's FREE trading section to ask others give you an offer at: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/ftz/

  18. From GenHolst (Sun Dec 17 15:00:32 2000 ):
    **DragonWoods**: The main index for SB-16A is at http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/nikonf3ver2/flash/sb16ab/index1.htm from there (I think page 2) will have a separate link to the Instruction manual of SB-16A: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/nikonf3ver2/flash/sb16ab/manual/index.htm I am trying on the new IE 5.0 and the 96dpi font size has so much difference in page appearance with older versions of IE and Netscape - good for eye relief but hard to navigate on web pages designed using older browsers as templates. I don't think there is a PDF file for that but I would suggest you print copies out from there. Lastly, I hope you are aware the MD-3 you mentioned is for the Nikon F2 bodies and not compatible with Nikon F3. Cheers.

  19. From DragonWood (Sun Dec 17 01:26:24 2000 ):
    I'm looking for a version of the instruction manual of the SB16 speedlight. does anybody can send it to me? I have one of the MD3 if anyone need.

  20. From Jennifer Hamer (Sat Dec 16 07:01:39 2000 ):
    I have a Nikon F3 HP (I think) with telephoto lens and motordrive. I've been debating selling it but I have no idea what to ask for. It's by no means new but it is in working order though could use a good cleaning. I would rate it as average wear. I would appreciate a price estimate so I don't get cheated. The camera was given to me so I have NO idea what it's worth. Thanx!

  21. From peyret (Sat Dec 30 08:46:15 2000 ):
    site fantastic !!!!!

  22. From Voldi (Fri Dec 29 15:17:43 2000 ):
    Is anyone have the F3 and FA manuals in pdf format? Please send me, I lost my copy.

  23. From Rafael (Fri Dec 29 03:44:16 2000 ):
    Hi, Could someone please send me a copy of the F3 user's manual in pdf format? Thanks in advance. Rafael.

  24. From emile (Thu Dec 28 15:34:45 2000 ):
    I have an old f3 hp and the lcd is really dim and hard to see. I was wondering if anyone knew of a place in New York City that could either replace it or fix it. Also about how much does it cost to have done? p.s. If anyone has any focusing screens or Nikkor lens' they want to sell send me an email.

  25. From gerald m harris (Wed Dec 27 13:22:00 2000 ):
    Looking for a F3HP manual in PDF format

  26. From Eric Maxen (Sun Dec 24 22:47:34 2000 ):
    I, too, would love to get my hands on a copy of the an F3 manual in PDF format. Any help is much appreciated.

  27. From Wong (Sat Dec 23 23:45:37 2000 ):
    Hi, I forget to ask, can one clean the focusing screen. Mine seems to be quit dirty. I am familiar with the disassembly of the screen. Warm regards Wong

  28. From wong (Sat Dec 23 23:29:56 2000 ):
    Hi, Thanks for the advice. I think I just stick to the easier part of just adjusting the ASA or the compensation dial before I mess up the whole camera. Merry christmas and a happy new year! Warm regards Wong

  29. From ManuelK.S (Fri Dec 22 15:46:44 2000 ):
    TO Carlos W. M.: To use the ASA adjustment (Manual and AUTO mode); Exsposure Compensation Dial (AUTO mode); Read the middle section of this page onwards, it explains very detail how to make full use of it: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/nikonf3ver2/htmls/index4.htm

  30. From ManuelK.S (Fri Dec 22 15:43:49 2000 ):
    First of all, there could be MANY reasons why an exposure is deemed "incorrect". This situation can even be WORST if you are using negative film and always depending on those inexperienced 1-hour color lab to process your film automatically. But negative film has a generous exposure latitude and often still able to provide acceptable result even if exposure is out by 2-3 stops ! Slide film, on the other hand - although more tricky in exposure latitude and demand for more accuracy in metering, but it should provide a far superior interpretation of your original creative vision because there is no way third party guy could apply 'over manipulation" to your original exposure. Thus, the out of range of exposure by merely a stop is very hard to define; under or overexposure with such minute difference is a matter of personal preference rather than always assuming our own camera's metering is faulty. Personally, I would rather run a test first and IF it still persistently occurs similar results, adjust the exposure via the ASA dial should be a more appropriate way than what you have in mind.

  31. From DICK (Sat Jan 6 10:31:40 2001 ):

  32. From Gary Bennett (Fri Jan 5 10:31:53 2001 ):
    To Gomez: Frankly, I had a photographic migration journal similar like yours, the difference is: I sold mine (F2 w/DP1 with MD-3) at a good price and exchanged that with a F3HP. Yes, the MD-4 is great companion. It is not as heavy and the power rewind is awesomely fast at 4 sec. My earlier MD-3 does not support power film rewinding. Overall, I am a very happy user, the best note is, all my lenses are usable without any problems whatsoever. I agreed with you, This is indeed a great resource site for Nikon fans like us. Thanks, Webmaster.

  33. From Gomez (Fri Jan 5 10:25:15 2001 ):
    I mirgrated myself from a Nikon F2S to a F3HP when time finally called for an upgrade. The best experience was indeed when you have moved your viewfinder the F3HP still able to meter (Waiste level finder has no metering). I thought I would invest into a EE aperture unit for AE control but the fortunately not, because the premium paid ofr a good unit with charger would well subsidize the extra asked for a F3HP. I think I would like to get a Motor Drive after reading the high rating you put on the MD-4. Glad to see the Instruction for the MD-4 is online here too. GREAT site !

  34. From Marc Shawn (Wed Jan 3 14:11:40 2001 ):
    **Larry**: The F3/T was built tough, very rugged and dependable camera. But other than the body shell (And in some way, I would like to think it has a better seal against penetration of mosture and duct) in terms of camera operations, all Nikon F3 models (except F3P and F3H) are similar. The F3/T has a HighEyepoint DE-3 Finder which is also made of Titanium and is similar to the normal DE-3 Finder except material used for the casing. So the Owner's Manual here at: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/nikonf3ver2/f3manual/index.htm is usable with all these bodies. I missed the PDF file earlier and thus I made copies by printing them out via my printer. Hope it helps and welcome to the F3 community.

  35. From Larry Kjellberg (Wed Jan 3 12:04:16 2001 ):
    I've wanted an F3 since they first came out. I finally have one and an F3T at that. I'm getting great results, but I'm not familiar will all the controls and it didn't come with a manual. Anyone know where I can get a manual either paper or as a PDF? Thanks!! Great site!!

  36. From Genholst (Tue Jan 2 01:37:10 2001 ):
    *Poslaju*: MF-14 is a very basic type of databack, naturally, it is also the cheapest among all the other options available for F3. It is powered by 2 x LR44 cells and has three ways of data display (Year/month/day; day/hour/minutes and frame number imprint). Check here for more info: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/nikonf3ver2/databack/index1.htm The MF-18 is the MF-14 with auto film leader stop function where the MF-6B provides (but the MF-6B has NO databack imprint feature incorporated). You can also referred the MF-14 as the MF-16 where the current Nikon FM2n is using as BOTH of the databack has the same feature and Operate the same manner EXCEPT the MF-14 is specially designed for Nikon F3 as it has a larger physical body size than the compact bodies of Nikon FM2 & FE2 series models and FA. Hope these info helps.

  37. From Jochin (Tue Jan 2 01:26:01 2001 ):
    To Poslaju: The MF-14 does NOT permit imprinting of data between frames. In fact none of the databack among all the major 35mm SLR manufacturers of the '80 provides that. The closest you can get is a Pentax LX's data dial (http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/pentaxlx/databack/index.htm). If I am not wrong, the MF-17 Bulk Film databack also provide similar feature (hand written data imprint). However, none of these special databack provide between frames imprinting of photodata. The Nikon F4 was the first in the market to come out with such an innovative feature in the multi control back.

  38. From Sanjay (Sun Dec 31 21:35:14 2000 ):
    I've just bought A F3P to replace a very tatty standard F3 that I had stolen. I was wondering if there was any way of working out the age of the camera from the serial number (no.9005597)

  39. From Poslaju (Sat Dec 30 22:47:31 2000 ):
    This databack is that the data imprinted between the frames?? I only use slide for my photography, if that is convenience for me to get a MF-14. The only I concerned about is: the print data would cut during the film process. Is this is the problem should be worry? Thanks!!!:)

  40. From Dave (Sat Dec 30 10:36:56 2000 ):
    Does any one know if you ca still buy a Nikon F3 please e-mail mail me if you know of a place in Pa..

  41. From Snowy Smith (Sun Jan 14 22:30:29 2001 ):
    I want to shoot Motor Racing, Superbikes etc. (Fast Focusing)with my Nikon F3PH Which is the best Focusing Screen to use? Has anyone used G1, G2, G3, G4. Has anyone used H1, H2, H3, H4. Please e-mail me, Best Regards Snowy South Africa.

  42. From Kit (Sun Jan 14 00:30:11 2001 ):
    Help! I just got a used F3, but I noticed that the winding mechanism is NOT as smooth as my FM2's. At the end of the winding stroke, I can hear 2 "click" sounds. (Seems like it's from the shutter.) Does anyone know if it's normal? Please help! Thanks!

  43. From robert patzelt (Fri Jan 12 21:46:34 2001 ):
    i bought a used f3 - without manual. please email me the pdf version of the f3 hp manual. thanks in advance. congratulations to your very helpful site.

  44. From Jose A. Torralba (Thu Jan 11 09:24:28 2001 ):
    I have recently purchased a used F3 HP and would like to know if I can get a manual. Reading through this page (http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/) I notice the ower states that in order to request a manual one needs to sent an e-mail. However, I see no e-mail address. Can someone help on this please. Thank you in advance, Jose A. Torralba

  45. From Peter (Tue Jan 9 23:09:28 2001 ):
    To Ray Crucet: To order the battery holder for the MD-4, the best source is still at Nikon and I doubt you can get such small replacement parts at small outlets. Further, even if it has, it is very risky as most of these "disposed items" are either had leakage problems with power cells with previous owners and may cause improper contact at its polarity. IF you have all the time argue witht he seller after recieing them, that it is alright. Anyway, the plastic holder shouldn't be very expensive, I bought mine five years ago to hold the rechargeables.

  46. From JWoods (Tue Jan 9 22:51:40 2001 ):
    **John**: That was truly an amazing info that you have provided for us. many thanks. But I don't seem able to read the B&H Catalog file (may be my plug-in is too aged), does the TTL flash adapter works similarily like the Nikon Flash Unit Coupler AS-17 or the AS-7 ? Do you know who makes them and does the company has a web address ?

  47. From dick (Tue Jan 9 22:14:38 2001 ):
    just broke down and ordered a brand new f3hp from n.y. had to make many calls to different places to locate one. the end is near. its now or never, go for it!!! p.s. thanks for a great site

  48. From Ray Crucet (Tue Jan 9 13:46:05 2001 ):
    Happy to have located an F3 with MD-4 motor drive. Alas the motor drive was sans any kind of Batt pack. Anyone out there have any ideas on how I might obtain a MS-3 Battery adapter (uses 8 AA batteries). Appreciate any and all inputs... Regards Ray Crucet

  49. From John (Sun Jan 7 07:13:07 2001 ):
    Two things I've recently discovered about the f3 (I have 2) - #1 - the 3volt lithium battery makes the finder light too bright, and it overpowers the lcd - I tried the lithium for cold weather resistance, but now Ive switched back to 76s (silver). #2 The little Vivitar flash adapter that costs $30-40 is great, allows my iso shoe flashes to work ttl with the f3. Here's the B&H number on it, if you want to check it out: B&H Catalog # VIFSANF3. I've tried it with Nikon, Sunpack, and Vivitar ISO shoes, no problems so far.

  50. From Jazzman (Sat Jan 6 15:12:04 2001 ):
    *DICK*: Things here are very realistic. Everyone is hyped with autofocusing and it is not very logical for guys at Nikon to think the entire office at Japan used to make a good living out of all those manual focus SLR and lenses for the last few decades. The recent N65 and N80 was even a joke to see the company trying to force their own followers to discard their manual focus lenses because they want you to buy their latest AF lenses. These bodies will only allow a non-AF lens to mount onto and takes AE picture WITHOUT providing data exposure info inside the viewfinder ! What it means is, if you intend to use manual focus Nikkor lens on that two camera, well - photography will just behave like any idiot camera because you cannot control exposure because it won't show you anything ! Now, you are worrying the AI-S will phase out ? Oh, Dick, they have started doing that 5 years ago and it is not happening now... the only consolation for Nikon fans is: they didn't gallantly announced it as the Canon EOS or the Minolta did that during the mid '90 and we manage to prolong the manual focus days more than a decade longer..

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