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  1. From Lars Tronhjem Rasmussen (Wed Mar 11 06:54:42 1998 ):
    There can be only one, the F3 from Nikon

  2. From Arik Ariely (Tue Mar 10 19:39:57 1998 ):
    Just received second-hand 3HP with MD4 drive but withour manuals. Can anyone direct me to a source for those manuals? The difference between the 3HP and my F2A are numerous and I feel that without manual I'll get lost. Thank you for any help Arik

  3. From Ken Ong (Sun Mar 8 05:01:32 1998 ):
    The Nikon F3 is a classic. Only appreciated by heavy duty users in field works.

  4. From Colunn Abrasta (Fri Mar 6 23:50:03 1998 ):
    Cool camera, long live the F3.

  5. From Com. Augusto Staut (Thu Mar 5 23:17:53 1998 ):
    F3 is the best MF 35mm camera ever made, rock solid, and trusty. Its longevity certificate it. Unfortunelly, Nikon stopped make them.

  6. From Mike M (Thu Mar 5 17:52:54 1998 ):
    Great Camera, Solid, strong, quick with a motor drive, but slow flash sync, meter light an ergonomic nightmare, but a beautiful manual camera. In the true style of Nikon Tradition it's still in production and hopefully will be for some time in the future. The Nikon Links Site www.lisp.com.au/~mmphoto/nikon

  7. From Winston (Thu Mar 5 09:38:24 1998 ):
    Nikon F3 ? The best camera I've ever used ! I'm using F90x, F4, all are great, but, F3 (esp. F3T) is still my favourite body. I just hope Nikon won't stop it's production. You maybe own F5 and AF-S lenses, but if you've never tried F3 and those excellent AIS lenses, than you're NO Nikon user !

  8. From Salman (Thu Mar 5 08:07:03 1998 ):
    Why can't the f3 metering function normally whan fixed with a ttl flashgun? I've always ended up taking out the flash gun to meter a subject and putting the flash gun back on to have the flash fire at a 2:1 or 1:2 ratio! Anyway, superb ergonomics the f3!

  9. From sun (Thu Mar 5 06:34:47 1998 ):
    Nikon F3 huh? Great to see that it is still around. Despite the world of faster AF, 3D colour Matrix metering etc. etc. it is good to see that that the legend lives on. If anyone remembers Martin Brundle crashing his Peugeot F1 car in Melbourne in 1996 (he is a lucky man), the only pro who got the pictures shot it on a F3+ MD4+ 300/2.8 Nikkor. It is a shame that it still has horizontal blinds rather the vertical, but you can't have your cake and eat it too.

  10. From leofoo (Wed Mar 4 22:21:50 1998 ):
    Please reload all pages when you are back the next time. There are further resources on F3 to be upload in stages. Anyway, Thanks Yeak, but I have to activate the site to test its 'reliability', ha! Just kidding.

  11. From leonard (Fri Apr 10 22:30:26 1998 ):
    Tom, your email address is in-correct. Others might have problem reaching you. The F3 manual that you are looking for is available here at this site for you to download OR mail me the correct email address and I will send you the full version.

  12. From Tom Rutledge (Fri Apr 10 22:09:44 1998 ):
    Just got my F3... after 17 years of wanting one! Now I have to re-build my lens collection. I sold them all off after my Nikkormat broke. What a mistake! The DA-2 Finder is very cool, especially since I wear glasses these days! I also need to find a manual, so I'm sure how to operate this bulging beast to its' full potential. Please feel free to email w/ F3 talk...or lens recommendations. Thanks, Tom

  13. From Yongbiao Li (Thu Apr 9 07:57:03 1998 ):
    I have a chance to purchase a used F3 on very low price. I wonder whether it is worthy to pay for a 10-year-before camera. Thank you for your detailed information, now I know what I should do.

  14. From Michael (Tue Apr 7 06:16:46 1998 ):
    After years of dreaming I finally purchased a F3HP and I Love it! Does anyone know where I could get a good book or site on F3 maintenance and repair , my camera is mint and I want to keep it that way.

  15. From Wawasto Wahyudumadi (Mon Apr 6 12:06:31 1998 ):
    I love this site,I'm from Indonesia. I have F3HP&MD4,FE2&MD12...now I need MK1 for my F3HP. F3HP is the best from NIKON legend, except the X-sync.

  16. From rob (Tue Mar 24 10:46:13 1998 ):
    I just acquired an F3 body. I already had an FA. I look forward to the journey we will embark on. I am new to the Nikon camp. My canon fd gear was stolen, so I thought I'd try something different. I feel the excitement of rediscovering.

  17. From David Azia (Mon Mar 23 01:56:20 1998 ):
    Superb internet site, and wonderful cameras featured. Such as the Nikon F3, maybe I'll buy one soon!

  18. From Marcel Borsten (Sat Mar 21 06:57:51 1998 ):
    F3 RULES !!!!

  19. From Hans Pahlen (Wed Mar 18 21:36:06 1998 ):
    I am back to the F3 after some years with the F4 and one year with the F5. I like to be able to remove the motor and use manual wind for compactness/travel and less noise in sensitive situations. Well, it is like meeting a good old faithful friend again! /Hans

  20. From jason (Fri Mar 13 09:58:27 1998 ):
    I am an 19 yr. old kid hoping to make a name for myself in freelance photography :) I am currently learning the trade on my fathers old Minolta sr-1 and assorted lenses. I have a chance to pick up a used Nikon F-3 HP which had only 8 rolls of film put through it. The camera in question is $800 Canadian Dollars (around $450 US ??). From what i hear it is a great camera but could there be anything gone wrong with it sitting around not being used?? As far as i know it has no marks on it and hasn't been abused. The price includes a 50 mm lens. Any comments would be a GREAT help!! Please feel free to email me with you views!! thanks for the time, jason

  21. From C. fIDDES (Thu Apr 30 10:42:27 1998 ):

  22. From Al Stegmeyer (Sat Apr 25 07:31:57 1998 ):
    With reguard to the 80th second shutter speed until frame 0. Any good Nikon shop will know how to mod your F3 so it goes right to auto as normal upon close of the door. Just be careful! You need to pull up 3 frames or more or the film will be exposed.

  23. From Al Stegmeyer (Sat Apr 25 07:03:12 1998 ):
    Yes. . .nice site. Did Nikon/Japan come out with a F3P for release in Japan. Is it available via mail order to the USA. Also, what is the deal for the F3H (high speed) is this an MD-4 mod or new motor or what? Again can it be found via mail order for delivery to the states?

  24. From Björn Söderbergh (Thu Apr 23 02:50:47 1998 ):
    Great site!! Now I've found out all that I didn't know about the f3. There are although some information which I think you should add 1) It will automaticly take as long exposures as you need, I've taken some 3 hour shots with perfect results 2) It works down to atleast -28C, though you then have to watch your nose. Bjorn, Stockholm

  25. From Mark Scrivener (Sun Apr 19 12:01:43 1998 ):
    I received my F3HP as a college graduation present back in '86. Since then I have taken that camera through concerts, jungles, and up mountains. Even droped it a few times - once over 10 feet onto solid rock. Still works as great as the day it was new. Great camera, great site.

  26. From Lenny (Wed Apr 15 10:45:14 1998 ):
    Can anybody please tell me if I can use Nikon AF lenses on my f-3 body? Somebody had told me that autofocus lenses would not fit my camera... Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  27. From Leonard (Tue Apr 14 12:35:01 1998 ):
    Chito, someone has complaint your email address is in-correct and all mails were returned. Others might have problem reaching you then. Please provide the correct email address and I will edit your previous messages posted.

  28. From chito mendoza (Mon Apr 13 20:48:38 1998 ):
    I am purchasing a fixed 200mm f4 nikon lense for my F3/T. I can't seem to find any review on this particular lense. This is not the micro 200mm, just a standard lense. Any info about it?

  29. From chito mendoza (Mon Apr 13 20:36:06 1998 ):
    I got my first F3/T recently. After using Minolta X-700 for quite a time, I got so used to its focusing screen which distinctly gives an overall sharpness when in focus. My new F3/T does not offer as much difference when in focus. Would anybody recommend a focusing screen for my F3/T which offers distinct overall sharpness when in focus? Someone made mention of the "E" screen. Any comment?

  30. From JR Fiorino (Sat Apr 11 00:24:04 1998 ):
    I need a recommendation for my newly acquired F3HP for general indoor use. Bounce capability desired. Thanks.

  31. From Baz (Tue Jun 2 19:36:49 1998 ):
    Help! I'm planning on using an F3 in a centrifuge which will be running at accelerated gravities up to about 12g. Has anybody had any experience of using cameras under these conditions? We plan to use an MD4 drive with a remote shutter release...can anybody forsee any problems apart from the having to lock the mirror out of the way?Cheers

  32. From Dealtry (Tue Jun 2 06:08:36 1998 ):
    I have just purchased an F3 here in South Africa and am looking to do some experimenting with the motor drive and a Unilux Strobe light. If any one has done a similar test please share your experience with me. I would also like to find a MF4 250 exposure back for the F3 does any one know of one?

  33. From Chris Nguyen (Sat May 30 05:07:50 1998 ):
    Very nice and detail info at this webpage... I enjoy browsing within your homepage... :-) Have fun...and ..more fun.. F3 User.

  34. From B. Swick (Thu May 28 01:04:21 1998 ):
    I just bought a used F3 and did not have a manual for it. Your homepage was very informative. Thanks. B.Swick

  35. From Daniel (Thu May 21 03:13:06 1998 ):
    I am a very proud owner of the F3 and I enjoyed it very much to visit your Homepage. I am looking forward to read that all I wanted to know about the F3 Thanks Daniel

  36. From EEwyn (Tue May 19 22:54:45 1998 ):
    Just bought a F3/MD4. How satisfying...

  37. From Terence (Thu May 7 20:39:32 1998 ):
    Im thinking of acquiring a used F3 body. How does one tell when the camera was produced from the serial number? (On an F2, the first 2 digits roughly correspond to the year of production)

  38. From Maintainer of PIM (Wed May 6 03:00:27 1998 ):
    The Nikon F enhanced site contributed by Michael Liu of MIT "may" go live on monday in PIM - subject to Michael's approval. (The F will be the second model from Nikon to be featured in Modern Classic SLR Series). The current F3 site may also have to re-design after uploading the complete version of the F & F2 sites by Michael - to syncronize with the concept and content of the Nikon F & F2 sites (F2 will be later) . Difference is just to feature the whole F3 system, instead of the current version.

  39. From leofoo (Thu Apr 30 17:09:18 1998 ):
    Okay. Edward of Shiro Malaysia technical division (Local Nikon Distributor) replied: There might be two possibilities contributing to this problem (Although he NEVER seen a unit with this kind of problem in servicing as far as F3 is concerned - he claimed). First being (More disastrous, the horizontal travelled curtain has ribbon with spring and the spring could have loosen. Next is less problematic, he agreed that could be the film-take-up-spool (Made out of plastic) OR could have been where the gear mechanism (metal) could have worn out. He said highly unlikely the sproket is the cause, as that was made by metal in the F3. BUT he also adviced check the bottom plate under the spool, could have loosen up with the central shaft). Of coz' he adviced send to Nikon technical site for inspection to find out the exact reason(s) as it is very hard to visualise based on description thru the mail. I am just an interpretor, could have missed somewhere..Anyway, Thanks Edward !

  40. From leofoo (Thu Apr 30 13:16:33 1998 ):
    It happened many years back on a FE though with MD12. The problem is the film take up spool, at the base where there is a circular plate. You can test it by using your finger if it is moving and not syncronises with the sprokets. I remember the Technician used super glue to fixed it first (I was out of KL and have to source help from a camera technician somewhere). Well I don't advice you to do so unless you know how to fixed it (It has to syncronise with the winding stroke per frame). Later the Nikon technician fixed it for me (they took just 20 minutes on the spot - where I don't know how it was done). Anyway, I will ask them afterward and see if they can answer on-line for you).

  41. From Gklein (Mon Jul 6 03:55:41 1998 ):
    Has anyone had trouble with F3 neckstrap eyelets. I have a middle '80s F3 that has had repeated trouble with these coming loose, but not to the point of causing a camera crash. I had Professional Camera Repair, inc in NY repair it once, but I think it is time to send it in again. Has there been a special factory fix if this is a problem. I have a very very early F3 which has never had this problem.

  42. From Ken Duerr (Sun Jul 5 07:36:52 1998 ):
    I have an f3 bought back in 1986,not used very much and taken very good care of. I recently brought it into Nikon Canada to test it on their computer. They found that the shutter speeds of 500 and up to 2000 are erratic, and they suggest fixing this problem. Cost CAD $130.00. Before I go ahead with this, has anyone else heard of this potential problem. I thought the camara was tough???

  43. From benny stevens (Wed Jul 1 21:21:58 1998 ):
    Wonder if anyone out there has an extra copy for me of the glossy period product leaflets of F3P, F3T, F2AS, F and EL2? I'm willing to pay... Thanks. Fabulous site - great source of info.

  44. From glenn (Sat Jun 27 07:49:31 1998 ):
    Have seen a beautiful mint in box 135mm F2.0 Nikkor AIS for sale. Anyone have experience with this beast? Especially want to know how it stacks up wide open. I see in Shutterbug ads they are still avaiable new for about $750US - this one is asking $400 - my mouth is watering!! Thanks & Great Site!!! , Glenn

  45. From Don Weeks (Fri Jun 19 10:12:36 1998 ):
    Chito Mendozas of the world! You can use autofocus lenses with your F3. I am using an N70 and I just bought and F3. Good shooting! About the 200mm Nikkor, John Shaw used/uses a 200mm F4 Nikkor with Nikon 4T on the front for about 1:1.5 macro shooting!

  46. From Jeff Loffert (Fri Jun 12 09:52:32 1998 ):
    I just replaced my FM2/MD-12 witha F3HP/MD-4 What a camera! Having AE and AE lock is great, as is the high-eye( I wear glasses) Any flash recomendations would be helpful and appreciated.

  47. From nomad (Tue Jun 9 11:48:13 1998 ):
    this is also for JR. in my quest for a flash for my F3HP, i discovered B&H Photo Video (it's in the back of the magazines) has really good prices and selection...or try KEH used camera brokers (www.keh.com) they have some good stuff and they are the nicest people on the face of the earth

  48. From nomad (Tue Jun 9 11:44:46 1998 ):
    i'm under the assumption that JR is looking for a flash. he has a couple of choices: 1. Nikon SB16A. it has two flash things. the bigger top one bounces, the smaller bottom one fills in those funny shadows. either or both can be used. it supports TTL, has a high guide number, and is still in prodiction. 2. Sunpak 444d. it is considerably cheaper, supports TTL, does bounce and swivel, has a built in bounce reflector, high guide number. another advantage is that Sunpak makes a nickel cadmium battery that plugs into a high voltage socket on the flash which powers the diode that supplies the energy for the burst. instead or running off of the AA's inside-they are left to run the flash. like an SB 25, 26, 28.... 3. Nikon AS-7 coupler. you'll lose TTL but you'll gain the ability to remove the film without removing the flash. also, you will be able to use cheaper non-dedicated flashes like the old timer's favorite Vivitar283.

  49. From nomad (Tue Jun 9 11:11:31 1998 ):
    to answer lenny's question: yes, auto focus lenses will fit your camera. F3 will except the vast majority of the F mount lenses produced by nikon. to the best of my knowledge, any nikon slr will work fine with any nikon f mount lense( they started making those in 1956 when Nikon F's hit the market). this includes AI, AIS, AF, AF-D, ED, and all of the rest. the only exceptions are the PC lenses, and one or two medical lenses.

  50. From Darren (Fri Jun 5 03:32:12 1998 ):
    Just managed to try out a nar-mint F3P... silky smooth and excellent handling!

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