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  1. From John Owlett (Sun Jun 18 05:33:40 2000 ):
    @@@ Ulrich @@@ The viewfinder that comes with an F3/T is the DE-4 which has a cover made of Titanium. As far as I know, the only way one can tell the difference between a black DE-3 and a black DE-4 is the roughened paint texture which you noticed. Cheers, Owl.

  2. From John Owlett (Sun Jun 18 05:29:05 2000 ):
    @@@ Dale @@@ The F3 case that holds an MD-4 as well (and a lens up to the 35mm-70mm f/3.3-f/4.5) is the CF-100. Cheers, Owl.

  3. From Ulrich (Sat Jun 17 14:11:12 2000 ):
    I have bought a used black F3/T (T 8506964)in near mint condition and could not figure out wether the finder is out of titanium or not. If I compare it with my F3/HP the covering black paint on the sides of the finder is slightly rough, as with the rest of the camera, that is a small indication, but I'm not sure. The finder does not show any markings for titanium. Can anybody help me please ?

  4. From Daryl (Sat Jun 17 08:55:54 2000 ):
    Does anyone have any knowledge, experience with a new flach accessory (AS-17)from Nikon that allows the current TTL flash units to work TTL with the F3. Nikon lists this in their new Full Line Product Guide (Vol. 6, p84) and their Nikon Photographic Accessories (2000 edition) page 5. By the way, I just added a DW-4 finder to my F3 equipment, the 6x magnifier lets me see detail not visible with the HP finder. The only draw-back is the image if reversed right/left. If you use wide-angles or the eyes are aging or both (as in my case) then this viewfinder will show you things not easily seen before. Daryl

  5. From Genholst (Thu Jun 15 11:25:51 2000 ):
    ** Albert **:The shop must have been sold the MD-4 from the Nikon F3 body separately. Most careful F3/MD4 user would keep their Motor Drive Coupling cover inside the tiny slot compartment where the battery holder is. Anyway, it is NOT safe to take picture WITHOUT the cover on (As light WILL leak in the fog the film). But you need not have to worry too much, the cover is a standard cheap accessory where you can purchase from Nikon directly or through a dealer. Hope this helps. *** OSCAR *** Many shops back in US still keep F3T BLACK chrome version. I am not too sure you are looking for one OR just wish to dispose yours off (Frankly, prices varies "depends" on your intention and how "desperate" you are.. ). A well maintained condition Champaign version can even fetches higher as it is scarce in numbers. I have seen one asking more than US1,200-00, that is almost a collector's price !

  6. From Albert (Thu Jun 15 10:20:21 2000 ):
    I just purchased an used F3 and I'm in love with it. There's only one problem. The motor drive coupling cover is missing! I'll appreciate it if someone can tell me how bad the situation is (will the film fog?), and if so, where can I get one? Thanks a lot.

  7. From Steve (Wed Jun 14 23:29:12 2000 ):
    Does anyone know where I can find a right-angle TTL sync adaptor? I don't like how far the male end of the cable sticks out from the camera body and a 90-degree connector would work perfectly. Just to make sure we're talking about the same thing, this is the cable I'm using: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/nikonf3ver2/flash/images/syncablehead.jpg Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  8. From Dale (Tue Jun 13 08:08:39 2000 ):
    I am trying to find out the case designation for the F3hp with MD-4. I have onle seen one case in the last 4 years that can be installed on this configuration. The gentleman was in Atlanta, and he did not know. He said it was pretty rare, and his had seen quite a bit of use, and did not have the model numbers on it. This is the wine colored case that will fit on the camera with the md4 installed. Thanks, I hope someone out there has an answer.

  9. From Oscar (Sun Jun 11 17:01:51 2000 ):
    Just wanted to know how much is the current street price for a good condition F3/t. Could any one on this line please quote their purchase price.

  10. From Tony (Thu Jun 8 03:22:46 2000 ):
    FLASH BRACKET: Looking for a bracket for Nikon F3HP that will allow me to keep the flash over the lens whether shooting horizontal or vertical. Any help greatly appreciated.

  11. From Johan (Tue Jul 11 06:16:36 2000 ):
    Hi everyone, I recently bought a SB11 flash + SC12, all pictures are overexposed by ca. 1 stop. On the SC12 are 2 adjustable resistors (behind the name plate), is there anyone who can explaine me how to adjust the TTL flash ? Thanks !

  12. From Joe (Fri Jul 7 02:59:48 2000 ):
    Looking for a DX-1 viewfinder for my F3 AF. Please tell me (pentaxjo@aol.com) where to buy one are do any one have one to sell, will consider broken or fixed condition. Thank you,

  13. From JWoods (Sat Jul 1 10:58:25 2000 ):
    ##Vicentiu##: There can be a few sources to resolve your problems: 1) Nikon US (http://www.nikousa.com) which sells manual ranging from US15-25 per copy); Nikon Japan (Read here: http://www.nikon.co.jp/main/eng/faq-impe.htm 3) Used manuals: try http://www.craigcamera.com and mentioned the exact model you want (Prices varies); The LAST source is at http://www.ebay.com Original, used or EVEN photostat copies (You have to put up a bid, sometimes you may able to settle one for US5-00, but in any case, you should NOT be offering US20-00 per copy in your bid).

  14. From Vicentiu (Fri Jun 30 15:53:05 2000 ):
    I desperately looking for a F4 manual....and I really don't know where can I find. If someone can help me with some URL's or to send me by e-mail ( I have unlimited quota ). Thanx !! Vic

  15. From Jim (Fri Jun 30 02:11:03 2000 ):
    I am in need of an MC-8 cord. The MC-8 connects the ML-1 remote control to the MD-4, MD-12 (and I suppose other motor drives). The cord, to my knowledge, is not longer produced. I don't expect to find just the cord on E-Bay or other similar sites but I've been looking. Can anyone suggest where I can obtain one? Thanks.

  16. From Pat (Thu Jun 29 03:08:44 2000 ):
    Hi, everybody: I have few questions for nikon f3-af, I don't want to use the DX-1(view finder),and I want to change it. I want to use DE-5, and I want to know does it work, if I use DE-5?Another question is how many AF-lens can be used, if I use f3-af?

  17. From Leonard P S Foo (Tue Jun 27 13:31:32 2000 ):
    In replying to a gentleman who claimed to be a webmaster from "NikontechUSA.com" that mailed me the note yesterday, I clarified my stand as follow: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/nikonf3ver2/htmls/issues.htm By the way, his email address didn't work.

  18. From oscar (Wed Jun 21 23:57:59 2000 ):
    F3 or HP normally around AUD950-1100 in mint to excellent condition, and F3/T about AUD1500 in excellent condition. MD4 AUD450 for mint condition, O/W AUD350-400.

  19. From Mark (Sun Jun 18 17:53:42 2000 ):
    I wonder what a "good cond" used F3 (body & 50mm) will fetch in Australia ? (I'm in Perth). I understand it hard to say but what would you expect to pay if buying from a s/hand camera shop ? ... Anyone from Perth know any good s/hand dealers ?

  20. From Don Doucette (Sun Jun 18 12:23:19 2000 ):
    Just a quick question... My F3 has a problem with the shutter speed selector, selecting 2000 shows 1000 in viewfinder and also the following combinations, shutter speed first viewfinder second..: 250;500 , 125;60 , 15;30 , 8;4 , 1;2' , 2';4' , B;8' , x;80 but shoots 8 seconds , T;8'but shoots infinate! Has anyone else had this problem? What was the outcome. Thanks!!

  21. From Steve (Mon Jul 24 04:21:52 2000 ):
    Hi, is there an adaptor available to enable an SB-12 flash to fire off camera but still retain TTL, I want to use it for macro work together with an SB-15 (on auto) attached on the other side of the camera in series to fill in hard shadows. Has anyone else got this set-up. Thanks for any help.

  22. From gbleam (Wed Jul 19 21:39:42 2000 ):
    Please help! Could someone send me the FEHP Instruction manual (PDF files)? Thank you.

  23. From Jae-Hack (Wed Jul 19 13:53:19 2000 ):
    Need Help! Looking for Good Samarian who can help me by sending Instruction Manual of F3HP (PDF files) to me. Thanks a lot !!

  24. From SimonW (Wed Jul 19 06:59:14 2000 ):
    Long time F3 user (since 1984). Recently replaced a F3/T that was stolen in 1988 with a used but clean F3HP. Anyway, I'm looking for a place that sells the triangular clips for the camera strap, and the screw in caps on the front right side (as you look at it) of the MD-4. Hopefully in USA, especially in New York City area. Thanks! Simon

  25. From Leonard (Tue Jul 18 14:04:38 2000 ):
    ***Burt***: Reload the page, click on the link and go to the Frame Counter Section. The additional info added on should give you a better idea how that works. The counter will NOT reset (Errr... I used my own term as "Counter Reset Pin", that is, of cause, not an official term) by just pushing it in because the mechanism behind it is far more complicated than that. Anyway, in relation to your problem, I would still think you should send the camera back to Nikon as you have already paid for such a Fix and it is not working. Personally, I think Nikon should ensure their charges of US100-00 worth the value. Besides, why does it cost so much ?

  26. From Burt (Tue Jul 18 10:21:24 2000 ):
    Leonard, I went to your site, but found that the button you referenced is further over to the right, at about the same plane. It is just over the film take up spool. I pushed this button in and found it did not reset the counter. As such, I guess I'll have to live with the counter always at 40. The camera works perfectly well, with the exception that at the beginning of the role the exposure will not function at 80th of a second until the frame counter reaches 1. Thanks again for the reference. Burt

  27. From Joe Toole (Tue Jul 18 08:29:27 2000 ):
    Hi all. I've got a Sunpak auto 30DX for my F3, and have a couple of questions that I can't seem to find answers for: 1) is there a cable for this flash to get it off camera with? There's a port on the side that looks like some kind of sync terminal. I wrote to Sunpak, but they don't reply. 2) Has anyone had any experience with this flash? I'm not really a flash photographer, but it's handy in some circumstances. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  28. From Leonard (Thu Jul 13 09:48:00 2000 ):
    ***Burt Hemp***: Sorry, I thought I have included the necessary info relating to the mechanism of how a frame counter reset works with a F3 in this site, but after reading your posting and I did a search only to realize it has been missed out during the construction stage, I had addressed that issue for you at the "Databack Section": http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/nikonf3ver2/databack/index.htm IF you have visited that page before, click reload or refresh button on your browser will help to clear the previous cache in your computer. Thanks again for the reminder.

  29. From Burt Hemp (Wed Jul 12 08:02:11 2000 ):
    I have a Nikon F3HP and used it for some time. Quite some time ago, I found that the film counter did not reset when the film was changed. I had it repaired by an authorized Nikon dealer and it was ok for a while. It then failed again, but sine I was not in the same area, I brought it to another Nikon authorized dealer and it was repaired again. I just had it happen again. Has anyone any information on this type of issue or is it that I just havn'g been able to find the right dealer to fix it for me?

  30. From Michael Scott (Tue Jul 11 09:59:13 2000 ):
    Can anyone tell me whether the AS-17 flash adapter is available. It is shown in the Nikon Catalog, and will allow use of a Nikon flash that has the ISO hot shoe to be used in TTL mode. Thanks

  31. From Kenneth (Fri Aug 18 13:13:32 2000 ):
    **Mike**: Unlikely you will find a MF-17 Bulk Film Databack in a used condition. Since you can afford to get a new unit, probably Nikon is still the best source, I heard they are still selling the unit, check with your local Nikon distributor or try to email to Nikon directly. Try Japan main office's site (Probably they are more friendly...).

  32. From Mike shen (Mon Aug 7 14:34:23 2000 ):
    Hi anyboday know where can find out the NIKON F3 DATA BACK MF17 Complete Set.needs turly mint or new in the box .thanks

  33. From Hendy (Sat Aug 5 00:29:16 2000 ):
    It was great to come across this site as I was searching for more information on F3. I just bought a F3 earlier but unfortunately the tiny LCD exposure information is not working so I cannot do any metering. Other part is in perfect condition. I would like to know how much it cost to repair such part. Thank you very much for your kind input.

  34. From Stephen Fordham (Fri Aug 4 02:01:13 2000 ):
    looking for a mint F3AF with the 2 lenses and accessories

  35. From Roz (Mon Jul 31 00:47:05 2000 ):
    Hi Carl, The CF-22 case (maroon coloured leather) is still quite snug for F3HP viewfinder, but fits the original F3 (with DE2 viewfinder) perfectly well. Had my CF-22 for over 17 years, and the leather is still as soft and smooth to this very day. A good and worthwhile investment to complement the classic F3.

  36. From Carl (Sun Jul 30 08:52:45 2000 ):
    I recently purchased a CF-20 camera case off eBay to be used on my F3 HP. However, I feel that the high profile of the HP viewfinder may make the entire camera a bit too snug in the case. I feel that the tight fit and the rubbing that will occur may in time rub off the paint along the front edge of the viewfinder. Is the CF-20 the correct case to use with this camera? I have been told that there exists a CF-22 that eventually replaced the CF-20. Is the CF-22 the correct case for the F3 HP? Any help will be appreciated.

  37. From GenHolst (Tue Jul 25 11:09:41 2000 ):
    **Steve**: Sorry for the error quoted earlier, Peace ! I have disposed the SB-12 a few years back after seeing a better spec SB-17 which has the dual inputs. After reading your posting I did a search at the MIR site and found out the SB-12 does has a Sync Socket (NOT the TTL type). In such case, you can use a standard sync cord to connect the SB-12 from your SB-15. Slide the mode selector switch to "A" on the SB-12 control panel and you are then able to operate it in either normal AUTO flash OR manual flash mode. I assumed earlier because it is a Nikon F3 Board and didn't figure it out you are using a TTL flash capable Nikon FG with a standard ISO-type hotshoe. Both the Nikon SB-15 flash and SB-12 has quite a detailed sections on their own in the MIR site, I have to check WHY Nikon stated it cannot combine and operate in such a combination. Well, I would still suggest use your supplementary flash (SB-12) for secondary functions like lighting your background etc. References for Nikon SB-12: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/nikonf3ver2/flash/sb12/index.htm; Nikon SB-15/17: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/nikonf3ver2/flash/sb15/index.htm

  38. From Steve (Tue Jul 25 02:30:42 2000 ):
    **Genholst** First of all, thanks for your detailed reply. The reason I thought it was possible to connect an SB-15 to an SB-12 via the pc cord using the F3 was that you are able to connect them the other way round according to the SB-15 manual, that is if I shoot with an FG + SB-15 combination, I just connect the SB-12 via pc cord and all is fine. I cannot understand why you said that the SB-12 has got no pc input, because it's right in front of me and I can assure you that it has a pc input or synchronisation socket, call it what you will. Thanks.

  39. From Roz (Tue Jul 25 02:06:55 2000 ):
    Hi Everyone, I intend to get an SB-23 Speedlight i.e. the economical and small unit, but according to the latest Nikon Speedlight brochure, it is not listed as compatible with the F3 (The column corresponding to the F3 / SB23 combination shows a 'dash'). Is it really incompatible, or has anyone managed to get around this? Will it ruin my F3? I have an AS-4 flash coupler to mount ISO-type flash. By the way, the F3 is a camera with a distinctive character and 'soul', and a camera of real substance. Proud to own one, and I'm sure all of us here do. Great work my fellow Malaysian, Mr Leonard, for this great messageboard, which we can share among our Nikon friends around the world.

  40. From Genholst (Mon Jul 24 17:37:43 2000 ):
    **Steve**: There is a flaw in the design of the SB-12, because Nikon has "forgotten" to include any additional sync sockets (Neither a TTL nor a standard PC input) on the flash unit and prohibiting it for further multiple flash extension. To use the flash Off-Camera while retaining full TTL auto flash capability, Nikon has a SC-14 (1 meter) for such purpose; BUT if you want setup a multiple flash operation, for an example, SB-12 does not has any further TTL socket for extension, you can use other flash such as SB-16A as the PRIMARY flash, connect other TTL flash units via Multi Flash Sync Cords SC-18 and SC-19. BOTH Nikon SB-16 and SB-17 have two sockets, one for TTL while another is for normal flash (normal AUTO & Manual). If you want to setup more than just two flash units, get a TTL Multi flash adapter and you can connect more than just two. The trick is, the primary flash is of critical importance where flash like SB-16A and SB-17 has two input sockets to connect other units, the SB-12 DOES NOT provide that and may fall short as a good primary flash in such a setup. I think your problem is because you have a Nikon SB-12 (F3 shoe) and a SB-15 which has a standard ISO-type mounting foot; Well, even the new AS-17 flash coupler is not going to help you too much because the problem is with the SB-12. BUT if you can settle for a combination of TTL and auto/manual flash, that is a possibility to set it up with a new combination - in such case, SB-12 can be used with a SC-14 for off camera TTL auto flash control; the SB-15 can operate in normal AUTO or manual flash via standard sync cord through the F3's PC terminal. The SB-15 has non TTL socket for further connection, you can use that for the third flash. Well, another option is, you can use a slave unit which is cheaper and more flexible than sync cord. There could be more possibilities, I will leave it to others.

  41. From Kenneth (Mon Aug 28 16:59:42 2000 ):
    ***Richard Leeman***: Speedlights issue: There are a few ways to perform exposure compensation with flash. In TTL mode - Firstly, since the exposure CAMERA REGULATED rather than FLASH monitored as in any normal AUTO flash, the exposure compensation settings on the CAMERA can also be used to compensate exposure; Next, you can also use the ASA/Film speed values of the CAMERA to fool the camera's metering circuit. The Film speed settings on the FLASH UNIT can be used to control the flash output other than those standard settings such as "MD" which will cut the guide number to a quarter value.

  42. From Jasper (Mon Aug 28 16:50:28 2000 ):
    **Steve**: A 50mm f1.4 + TC-1 2X teleconverter for portraiture photography is workable. Although there is some slight drawbacks. Firstly, you will have to lose two stops of light but that shouldn't be a problem as the f/1.4 is adequately compensate for it, moreover, you can still use a film with a high sensitivity as as ASA 400 to "get back" to the two stops of aperture or shutter speeds setting. The problem perhaps is the maximum aperture of f1.4 or f/2.0 which may post some problem when used in portraiture at head and shoulder focusing range. Despite how one would argue how good modern lenses are, I am not that convince any lens would perform that well at those largest opening of lens diaphragm. The combination adds a lot of weight and handling is not as easy as with those fixed focal length telephoto lenses (Or the zoom). Anyway, since you already have a Teleconverter, there is no use for you to overlap that focal length at 100-135mm, your next telephoto lens should consider looking at lenses within the 150-300mm focal length range.

  43. From rachael (Mon Aug 28 06:24:03 2000 ):
    hi my name is rachael. i am 13. my grandfather is trying to sell his nikon f3, but he doesnt know how much he should sell it for. it you know how much they usually run for please tell me. thank you for all your help.

  44. From paulynn (Mon Aug 28 05:50:46 2000 ):
    There are several types of focusing screens that have different versions that correspond to different focal length lenses. For example the "H" screen comes in four versions. Can anyone point me to some kind of chart that tells what screen is for which focal length? Thanks

  45. From Richard Leeman (Sun Aug 27 23:31:35 2000 ):
    I have a Nikon F3 and SB-16A Nikon Speedlight Flash. Can anyone explain how exposure compensation works if you use TTL metering? Surely it is not suffient to just change the exposure compensation dial on the camera as the flash would adjust the amount of light it gives off? Btw - great website - full of very useful information! Regards, Richard...(<-:)

  46. From Karim DRIRA (Sun Aug 27 20:08:24 2000 ):
    Hi what a wonderfull site dedicated to wonderfull cameras thank you for this marvelous site i'm a franch happy pro user of a Nikon F3 HP, and could you Email me a complete PDF format copy of the users guide to Karim.DRIRA@wanadoo.fr Thank you so much

  47. From PA (Sun Aug 27 11:13:39 2000 ):
    I just acquired a vintage Kodak DCS100 digital camera based on a mint condition F3HP. What should I do with it? Is it valuable as a collectors item or should I start looking for a replacement film back for it? There's not a mark on it and now I don't know if I want to mistreat it like I tend to do with the stuff I bring out to the field. I could use any advice on the digital end or where to get a replacement back. PS awesome site!

  48. From Louis Hong (Fri Aug 25 01:22:44 2000 ):
    I need a copy of the F3 PDF file. if any of you have a copy please send me one. Thanx in advance

  49. From Mike Murray (Mon Aug 21 23:53:30 2000 ):
    Need help. I need a service a manual and parts breakdown for an F3. I will pay for a copy, or email the pages that I need( will still pay) of will pay you to fax it to me. Desparate! I am repalceing the aperature control string and need some help. Thanks, Mike

  50. From Steve (Mon Aug 21 03:41:19 2000 ):
    Can I expect good image quality using the F3 with 50mm f1.4 + TC-1 2X teleconverter. I want to use it for portrait photography. Thanks for any info.

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