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  1. From Bill (Sat Sep 16 03:23:11 2000 ):
    Thanks ever so much for the helpful hints, especially regarding the aperture lock. At least now I know what to look for. By the way, have any of you noticed that when using the MD-4 motor drive, if you dont reset the frame counter on the motordrive (or for that matter, if you dont shoot off enough exposures when you reload) it sort of cuts off the meter?? Once I finally figured this out it saved me numerous cursewords!!! Again Thanks for the helpful advice.

  2. From GenHolst (Thu Sep 14 18:37:07 2000 ):
    **Bill**: Yes, Mr Roz's recommendation is correct, the correct hood for the lens is HN-24. But more importantly is the filter attachment size of 62mm and technically, it should also be used as the matching lens hood for zoom lenses from 70mm to even longer focal length such as AF 75-300mm f/4.5-f/5.6 or the newer AF 70-300mm f/4.0- f/5.6 ED version which carries a 62mm filter size. However, those lenses such as AF zoom 75-240mm or 80-200mm which come with a 52mm filter size is not compatible even if the angle of view from 75-240mm matches (Some may use step down ring which I think it is kind of messy). Well, I would advise you to get a FREE copy of the Nikkor lens catalogue from any Nikon outlets for your future reference while generally, most information contained herein those third party reference books are also based upon... peace !

  3. From Roz (Thu Sep 14 01:20:39 2000 ):
    *Bill* : Your AF 70~210mm zoom can be used as a manual lens with ease, but make sure you don't lock the aperture via the aperture lock button (since you need to change the aperture from time to time). You can use aperture priority or manual mode for your F3. According to Moose Peterson's Nikon System Handbook 6th Ed., you should be using the Nikon HN- 24 screw-in type lens hood. It should be available at better stores or via the net. Hope it helps.

  4. From Bill (Tue Sep 12 02:43:46 2000 ):
    I recently bought a used F3 with motor drive and although its taking me some time to get to know the features, compared to the F2, I love it.Anyway I also just bought a used Nikkor AF 70-210 D(f1:4-5.6). Its really in pristine condition, but the seller didnt have an instruction manual or a lens hood. Any idea where I can get some help on using the features in a manual mode and I dont even know what mm or model lens hood to get. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. From chien (Sun Sep 10 12:54:03 2000 ):
    http://www.photo.net/photodb/folder.tcl?folder_id=53766 Ii says everthing I need to say with F3

  6. From Tom (Sun Sep 3 22:39:16 2000 ):
    I've been using my used F3 for years. No problems, until a bought a motordrive. It has worked fine for ten or so rolls. Then it froze. I took the MD off and the motordrive works fine, but the camera itself is stuck. The manual shutter does not release, and it won't wind. I played (albeit gently) with the cog on the bottom of the body that connects to the MD and it is completely unmoveable. The winder unmoveable, the shutter won't release, batteries are all good. HELP ME...

  7. From Genholst (Fri Sep 1 10:15:16 2000 ):
    **DavidB**: I hope you are NOT checking through the finder with the film back opened (just kidding); I would suggest you to check this page which illustrate in a very detailed form on the "80" display issue: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/nikonf3ver2/htmls/index5.htm

  8. From DavidB (Fri Sep 1 04:12:57 2000 ):
    I just purchased a used F3 that is presumed to be working perfectly. With that in mind, when I look thru the viewfinder, the only shutter speed that will display is "80", regardless of what speed I set with the shutter dial. Anyone have a clue what I'm doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  9. From Roz (Wed Aug 30 02:17:43 2000 ):
    Hello, I bought a used F3 which is in very good condition recently. I noticed that the film advance lever has a bit of free-play. A slight push 'upwards' results in the shutter release ring to wobble a little. I wonder if this is normal, or does it require a litle tightening job. The winding mechanism is perfect anyway. Thanks for any insight to this.

  10. From Kenneth (Mon Aug 28 17:14:07 2000 ):
    ***Rachel***: Rachel (that is a nice name), used prices with a Nikon F3 varies greatly depend on conditions. There are a few used outlets that you can check around and used their prices as a selling reference (www.bhphotovideo.com; www.cameraworld.com; www.kehcamera.com etc.). To dispose the camera, try www.ebay.com or use a free service site (free free trade zone section) of the Malaysian host at: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/ftz/ and ask for an offer. Before you do that, first try to identify whether the camera is a Nikon F3 or a Nikon HP (High-Eyepoint) version which would have a price difference. Generally, I would advise you to take some good pictures of the camera with a digital camera or use a normal film (Ask a shop or a friend to help) to scan it for showing any interested party which may also help to enhance a little extra premium. Buy your grandpa an early Christmas present.

  11. From menco siemonsma (Tue Oct 10 21:04:17 2000 ):
    Hi! I am too hope to get a PDF file of the F3hp manual. Can someone send to me? Thanks!

  12. From Dan Halpern (Tue Oct 10 07:59:44 2000 ):
    I want to get an Owners' Manual for a Nikon F3 and a soft case for the F3 with a Nikor 35 to 105 zoom attached. Its an old camera but I am new to obtaining accessories, manuals, lenses etc. through this website. Please contact with information or items for sale.

  13. From Jason (Sun Oct 8 02:00:57 2000 ):
    Can anyone make a suggestion on TTL flash use with the F3? If someone can reccomend a flash unit that will serve this purpose I would appreciate it.

  14. From Michael Haller (Sat Sep 30 20:00:58 2000 ):
    My viewfinder on my f3 mf14 HP has a problem. The lcd display for f/stop and other information has gone missing. I took the viewfinder off and if you shake it something is loose. I asume that this is the problem. Can it be fixed/reconditioned or should I buy a new one. How much would I expect to pay thanks mhaller@bmr.net.au

  15. From Mick Ford (Sat Sep 30 19:45:56 2000 ):
    I have just bought a F3 Nikon Camera with an date stamp back. I am having trouble with it as there is no sign of a setting display in th e viewfinder. I took it off and it rattles as if there is something loose, namely the lcd display unit and red light. Can I get this repaired or do I have to buy a new viewfinder? I would appreciate any replys. I really need a owners manual too if anyone can help thank mhaller@bmr.net.au

  16. From Lim SW (Wed Sep 27 09:06:13 2000 ):
    I wish to have a copy of the F3 Manual in PDF format. I cannot find an email address to send the request to in the site. Can someone please assist me and send a copy to my email address given. Thank you in advance. regards limsw

  17. From JWilson (Wed Sep 27 01:59:22 2000 ):
    Hi, fellow F3 Users. I came back to download a fresh copy of the F3 Manual for a friend of mine where I lost my downloaded copy after a system crashed - only to realize it has been removed from this marvelous photographic website. More disturbing is the fact where Nikon starts to step into users support areas which is hard to explain and difficult to chew and swallow for a user like me who had invested into the Nikon system 15 years ago. Anyway, I have spent a couple of hours reading through most of the core content and I have to admit the original Nikon F3's camera manual should adopt and structure more like this site because it explains more detailed and easier for a new camera user to understand than a factory manual presents. I would suggest those of you who owns a printer should print copies out rather than asking for the removed operational manual (which I did). Further, who knows when will Nikon steps in again and says, "Hey, Mr Leofoo, can you remove my F..&#(#S(@! instruction manual from your site ? My USD10-00 per book stock for user's manual is not salable anymore...". P.S. Hey, come to think of it, why would Nikon did such a stupid move like that ? A likely culprit who tips Nikon could also be one of those publishers who had some of the books published for Nikon F3. ...

  18. From Jens Tiedemann (Sun Sep 24 10:03:39 2000 ):
    Could somebody please please e-mail me a PDF copy of the F3 Manual? Thank you so much in advance. I really need it. I'm stuck!

  19. From khoking (Wed Sep 20 20:38:24 2000 ):
    Hi to all! I am too hope to get a PDF file of the F3hp manual. Can someone send to me? Thanks!

  20. From Richard Dong (Wed Sep 20 12:11:35 2000 ):
    Could someone email me a PDF version of the F3 owner's manual. Leonard Foo no longer has it on the MIR website. Thanks in advance. Best Regards, Richard http://members.home.net/rdong

  21. From GenHolst (Tue Oct 31 20:13:02 2000 ):
    ** Don Anderson**: A difficult simple question to answer. It depends very much on your personal type of photography and where your the interest is; further, secondary factors such as budget you are willing to allocate, and what other system accessories currently you are owning also may have to be factor in. Generally, if you are not complaining about size, weight and the trouble of frequently change of lenses; from the prime lenses you can select a combination of focal lengths started from < fisheyes Circular or a cheaper full frame version> ----20mm f/2.8 for moderately high speed for available light photography as well , a 28mm f2.8 is ideal for general usage with the added bonus of CRC (close range optical correction system), 105mm f/2.5 telephoto (arguably the best price/performance ratio Nikkor lens), 200mm macro EDIF if you can afford one (superb all round lens and you can save and substitute for the equivalent of 180mm f2.8 ED). may be you can also skip this goodie of 200mm macro and go for a 300mm f4.5 EDIF prime. Someday, you may think you will need a 500mm mirror lens for some fun (but I will guaranteed you will be HARDLY and rarely using it later). Another alternative combination can start from a 18mm, 24mm, 35mm and joined in with the longer focal length with similar setup as earlier. But with a modern day photographer, such 'suggestion' may not sound very appealing because entire combinations suggested earlier could well be easily substituted with just a two high quality zoom lenses such as an AF Zoom 20-35mm f2.8 + a zoom 80-200mm f2.8 EDIF (or a cheaper Zoom Nikkor 70-300 f/xxx ~ xxx ED lens). Well, I cannot deny the fact it sounds a more logical investment decision over the many prime focal length lenses I mentioned. earlier Well, there is another factor to be considered - all OLD and NEW Nikkor lenses that Nikon has ever produced can be fitted onto a Nikon F3. Naturally, older lenses are cheaper in comparison but I'd go with all those midrange AI/AIS prime lenses that fit my budget. I speak more for my personal preferences because none of us know very much of your interest or priorities - so, there may NEVER be a "BEST" lens for F3 but rather there could be some suitable lenses after you have identify what you like. Peace.

  22. From John Durham (Tue Oct 31 18:08:27 2000 ):
    I, like the many others above, am trying to get hold of pdf user and repair manuals for the F3. Any help would be appreciated.

  23. From Don Anderson (Fri Oct 27 21:13:06 2000 ):
    What are the "best" and affordable telephoto lenses for my F3?

  24. From Claire Coffey (Fri Oct 27 05:05:45 2000 ):
    Hi, I have our son's NikonF3 HP camera and am trying to learn to use it. The MD4 Motor drive doesn't seem to be working. have had the batteries checked. Where is the best place to send this for repair? I checked one place that want $l43.00 plus shipping each way and that is only to look at it. How expensive were these when new. I'd appreciate any help in this respect and would also like a copy of the book that tells more about what this does.

  25. From Oddy (Thu Oct 26 20:58:16 2000 ):
    What E-mail address can I send to request F3 manual in PDF format? or may someone send me a copy of it? thanks in advance

  26. From Paul Nance (Thu Oct 26 02:10:53 2000 ):
    I also would like a copy of the PDF F3 manual. Thanks.

  27. From Price (Wed Oct 25 15:33:36 2000 ):
    BOUNCE FLASH RECOMMENDATIONS FOR F3??? looking for experience advice on bounce flash units.

  28. From JWoods (Tue Oct 24 12:18:08 2000 ):
    ***MichaelChen***: Generally, we would believe an F3Press is made more tight against penetration of moisture at key operation points of control. But I think the High EyePoint model itself has improved considerably around the viewfinder area as compared with earlier standard Eye level finder which offered with the basic F3. I am NOT so sure of your question relating to "..a new Unit in the box and needs repairing services.." But I think you must be referring to servicing. If that is what you are worrying, then I think that is a little over reacting (Since the unit was "new"); most of these pro-grade SLRs were designed and built to last and in fact, my F3HP which I acquired "used" was a made-in-1983 unit, never give a single problem (Except battery depleted once during a trip and thank God for the 1/60 sec mechanical backup speed which helped to last me two days and now I used with MD-4 most of the time - believe me, with alkaline cells, that is a dream setup for the F3).p.s. IF you are still hesitate over the decision, would you mind tell us where the hell is that shop it locates ?... frankly, I would not mind for once be a collector.

  29. From Mikhael Chen (Wed Oct 18 20:16:23 2000 ):
    I am interested in buying a nikon F3P,which is more weatherproof.I found one new in the box.Can they still be repaired,I think nikon stopped production in 1987.Also it has been stored in a tropical country for at least 13 years,should I be cautious? Thanks very much,Mikhael.

  30. From Chris Henry (Fri Oct 13 07:46:10 2000 ):
    HELP ME, OBI WAN KENOBI!! I am a photo student and teacher's assistant in college and am trying to repair a F3 for my teacher because our class has a shortage of camera bodies. I am looking for a copy (Email, or printed) of a repair manual; the power doesn't appear to be working, I tried new batteries, but that didn't help. I am repairing it for free, so please be kind. I will pay for it if I have to, but I am a student and it is for a good cause. Any information would be extremely helpful. Thank you to any kind hearted souls who can help.

  31. From Henk Helmerhorst (Mon Nov 13 04:24:05 2000 ):
    I love the manual focus F3. So much that I have bought one again besides my F5. As it was a used one (a F3P) I did not get the manuals but the basics where like riding a bike they just came back.Is there anyone out there who has the PDF versions of the manuals and would like to mail them to me I would be very happy. Then all the little trics and things would be easely rediscovered and I can print it as a referenceguide in my photobag. Many thanks and good shootings Henk

  32. From Robert Morrison (Fri Nov 10 04:34:14 2000 ):
    I'vr just bought a second-hand F3HP, and love it - I had an 801S before. However, I'm unsure as to the metering system. At the point where the 'correct' '-+' lcd readout disappears, does that represent 1/3 of a stop? Thanks in advance.

  33. From Juan Arboleda (Fri Nov 10 04:12:30 2000 ):
    Hello, Dear WebMaster: This is a wonderful site! please e-mail me the PDF version of the F-3HP instruction manual. Can you tell my, where can I buy the MD-4 by Internet way?, I live in Colombia, and I have the F3T. Thank you for answer Juan Arboleda

  34. From Paul Kiss (Mon Nov 6 19:42:30 2000 ):
    Hello, Love your site, just what I was looking for. I am an F4 user, having migrated from F3 some years ago. I now want to go back to F3, keeping one F4 body for flash. Considering that, I would be most gratefull if you could please e-mail me the PDF version of the F-3HP instruction manual, so that I may get aquainted once again with the camera. Surely it will be like riding a pushbike again after a few years, such a good camera it is. Thank you very much, Paul Kiss.

  35. From JWoods (Mon Nov 6 12:37:21 2000 ):
    **jc**: The tiny viewfinder illuminator as the site correctly stated, is far from convenient to use. The LCD may in some cases, hard to read especially when there is a stronger light source from the top. In some cases, the contrast of the LCD may also deteriorates which could also contribute to your problem. But the most likely cause for such behavior is the battery starts to get weak as mine did, changing a new set of fresh power cells solved my problems and hope it will does for yours.

  36. From JWoods (Mon Nov 6 12:31:04 2000 ):
    **Larry Whitener**: Brand loyalty exists in all aspect of consumables. That is not all - it even extends to simple things such as the Internet Browsers that we are using now to view this Message Board, not to mention the long debating OS war for Windows, Unix or even the Macintosh; automobiles that we drive, many home electronics products and even stretches to personalities in politics (Viva....George Bush Jr.) or those sexy ones in Hollywood etc. Generally, in the case of such as camera which interrelates to personal 'intelligence' as often it's like showcasing a personal styles of taste, characters and worst still - photographic 'standards one has "achieving" this far in the form of visual art. Is Nikon (Or the like of Canon, Leica, Contax etc..) too good for consumers or vice versa ? Well, that can be quite personal by giving a truthful reply here, as generally most photographers would feel offended when being challenge or highlighted a buying decision was a mistake. I would not like to raise such a debate BUT ask ourselves, how often we actually making use of all those nice, nifty features a modern day camera provides ? As a good friend of mine interpreted it as for those spending time chasing after technologies and automation just like covering our own weaknesses as being unable to resolve technical photographic issues and needs a computer program to assist us ! I thought his remark does carry some common sense in answering your question.

  37. From Jorge Rifa (Mon Nov 6 02:18:06 2000 ):
    Dear WebMaster: This is a wonderful site! Since you have offered, please e-mail me the PDF version of the F-3HP instruction manual. MuchObliged, Jorge

  38. From jc (Sun Nov 5 08:26:38 2000 ):
    When I turn on the lcd light, the shutter speed displayed on the lcd disappears (& when i let go of the lcd light button, the shutter speed reappears again). Anybody have any ideas? ... by the way... this is a great site!!!

  39. From Larry Whitener (Fri Nov 3 01:39:43 2000 ):
    Crazy question, I know, but I have several Nikons including a F3HP with some other goodies that go with it, and have several other brands of 35 slrs. My question is...does anyone else get the impression that Nikon is a company that is always a little too "good" for its supporters and users, and do some users of Nikons have the same attitude?

  40. From Kenneth (Tue Oct 31 20:27:32 2000 ):
    #Price#: There are two types of Nikon dedicated Flash units that offer bounce flash photography. Portable OR handle mount flash. The most effective flash for F3 among a;ll Nikon made flash should be the SB-16A. The Guide Number is 32 which is the same with the bracket flash SB-14 and NOT too far from the more powerful SB-11's 36. Naturally, it should be cheaper than all those handle flash units where some of them may even need external power pack to work with. Handle flash often restrict mobility which is its main drawback. Smaller portable flash units that provide F3 dedication of TTL OTF flash exposure control such as SB-17, SB-12 are just too weak for such task especially of the ceiling or the bounce is not favorably low for a effective and you may end up with lesser control of depth of field (Or even underexposures). Don't get fooled by TTL, as it mentioned in this excellent photographic site, it has its limitation and needs to work with its flash output power. A new SB-16A is selling ridiculously high, look for used units. Hope it helps.

  41. From JoJine (Tue Dec 5 23:18:41 2000 ):
    To Davis: The manual backup speed lever on the F3 is, according to Nikon not advisable to use it with a Motor Drive (It mentioned the exposure may not be accurate but many has tested with mixed results). One characteristic of the lever is, while you keep depressing it and attempt to advance the film, the shutter will release. This is a normal operational sequence and it is not faulty as you thought so. The correct way to use it is, advance the film via the film advance lever and trip the shutter via pulling the lever downward and NOT keep depressing while you advance the film.

  42. From Kalev (Mon Dec 4 16:59:50 2000 ):
    Try CF-100. It will accomodate F3 with MD-4. At least it is for sale in Europe. All info is from www.ny-camera.com. Prices are in German Marks (DM).

  43. From John Maher (Sun Dec 3 22:10:47 2000 ):
    In response to Jamie's thought about a CF-29 case working to house a F3 with MD-4. Nikon and and two stores said NO way. So the case I saw auctioned is NOT that case. If anyone would like I could email them a picture of the case auctioned. Nikon USA also said there was NO USA case made, but did not rule out one being made for Asia or Europe. Wouldn't it be a great XMAS gift to finally find a case for both F3 and MD-4 together? pistols904@aol.com

  44. From Davis (Sun Dec 3 08:11:21 2000 ):
    I had not used the manual shutter release for some time, and after using it, it appears it won't reset. Everytime I wind the film, it automatically fires the shutter. I can't seem to reset it--please help.

  45. From Jamie (Thu Nov 30 22:51:06 2000 ):
    John Maher: That is a interesting find. I have been searching all the catalogue and have not been locating any information pertaining to the F3/MD-4 camera case. However, I did noticed the FM/FE/MD-12 combo do have a dedicated CF-29 hard leather case and I am not surprise if that case you saw does exist. Please post your finding if another else knows something about it. Leonard, relating to the issues of the users' Manual in PDF, looks like those Nuts at NikonUSA has created quite an army of dissatisfied users here in this Board. This is essentially a product support matter, if they think otherwise of your earlier distribution, they should subsitute yours and provide that service at their website instead. May be they are in the opinion thinking buying a used Nikon product does not "Qualify" as a Nikon Users..

  46. From John Maher (Wed Nov 29 07:01:30 2000 ):
    I recently saw a case that would hold both the f3 and its md-4 drive. Do anyone know anything about this case or its model number? if not, do you know who might? thanks john maher

  47. From Eric (Tue Nov 28 19:04:40 2000 ):
    I just purchased a second hand Nikon F3 HP camera, would somebody be so kind to send by e-mail the Instruction Manual in pdf format. Thank you for assistance. sieberath@yahoo.com

  48. From jose bunster (Mon Nov 27 04:45:45 2000 ):
    Hello, Dear WebMaster: This is a great site! please e-mail me the PDF version of the F-3HP instruction manual. thanks you very much. jose from Chile

  49. From Jeff Currie (Mon Nov 27 01:36:28 2000 ):
    I just purchased a Nikon F3, second-hand. As you might expect, no manual was included in the sale. It would be greatly appreciated if any visitors to this site who were fortunate enough to download the full instruction manual for the F3 in PDF format could possibly e-mail a copy. I understand that the wedmaster(s) here are unable to do so. Thanks Nikon USA. This is my first 35mm SLR. I was just recently turned on to photography and look forward to many years of travel and taking pictures.

  50. From A.Carrie (Sat Nov 25 01:24:16 2000 ):
    I just wanted to say thank you for such a useful website. I have bookmarked it for my frequent references of how to make the best of out my Nikon F3 which my late husband left it for us. My family has many fond memories captured with it over the last 16 years. Once again, thank you very much. -A.Carrie-

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