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  1. From YuJeen (Mon Sep 13 03:23:37 1999 ):
    Problem....My F3's shutter speeds at 1, 1/2, & 1/4sec turned erratic recently.Then again they are OK when the camera is in Aperture priority mode.Sent it for repairs....praying that it won't cost a bomb. Anybody had the same experience.Please advise.I really miss the camera right now as it is still being checked and repaired.Hope this newly found love affair won't turn into a nightmare.

  2. From JOSEPH KELLY (Sat Sep 11 22:31:41 1999 ):
    Hiya. What a great site. I've just part exchanged a whole bagful of Canon EOS equipment for a couple of old F3s and some lenses. After 20 years in the press photography business I was getting increasingly fustrated with not having total control over my camera gerar! Getting back to grips with the F3 was like meeting an old friend after years. So easy to use, and so comfortable and reassuring to hold.

  3. From Dan Rosenthal (Wed Sep 8 10:50:18 1999 ):
    I just got a used Nikon F3 and SB17 speedlight. Does anyone have an instruction book for the speelight - the camera I can figure out pretty well but the speed light partticulary the a1,a2 MD,M desiginations throw me. I will gladly pay xeroxing and mail - plese let me know at the emiail address listed above thanks

  4. From Joe Marsh (Tue Sep 7 14:11:02 1999 ):
    I have recently been given a Nikon F3/HP as a gift. The unit is used but I am not complaining. I am not a professional photographer, but I have been interested in photography since childhood. I have looked at just about every page to the F3 website and I truly appreciate all the good advice that you have provided. I was stuned to find out that I was given a such a prize. Thanks again and keep this site active. I will continue to visit for more advice.

  5. From Earl Roach (Mon Sep 6 03:19:16 1999 ):
    I am an happy owner of a Nikon F3HP. My only problem is that I cannot get the SB16 flash to TTL. The flash seems to fully discharge no matter the distance and subject, and the results are less than optimal. In fact, the results are often unusable. Any ideas? Earl

  6. From MC Lau (Sun Aug 29 09:35:48 1999 ):
    @@@ To David Finnell @@@ From the chart that came together with my H2 screen, the following information is pretty obvious. The H3 screen is design to use with long tele lenses in the range of 300mm and above. The H4 is optimsed for super long tele-photo lenses, from 600mm up. The H1 is optimised for wide angle lenes up to 28mm but useable on lenses with focal length up to 135mm. The H2 is the most versatle of the 4, optimised for the fisheyes, and from focal length 18 up to 300mm. It is not recommended for focal length 400mm and above. It is the most useful of the 4 H screens, and from the chart, it covers more 70% of the lens (MF) listed. Unless you are using long tele-photo, it is the H screen to have. Hope it helps.

  7. From MC Lau (Sun Aug 29 09:14:57 1999 ):
    @@@ To John Cravens @@@ Yes, the DS-3 HP view finder fits the F3 body. No problem at all.

  8. From Mitch (Sat Aug 28 14:42:11 1999 ):
    I've got a FE and i've run across a seemingly good deal on an F3HP used and was wondering if anyone had any opinions on whether or not it's a good upgrade (i DO plan on keeping the FE as a second body) email me privately if possible.

  9. From JWoods (Thu Aug 26 12:42:11 1999 ):
    The focusing screen designed for the Nikon FE, FE2, FA and FM2 are made of plastic and may be very difficult to clean, the screen for the F3 is much easier to handle - other than the center split rangefinder section (If you are using the standard screen). You can referred to this section for more info of what cleaning solvent to use:http://mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/nikonfeseries/fefmshared/html/screens.htm there is a section on focusing screen for the F3 in this site: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/nikonf3/screen.htm But whatever appears inside the viewfinder WILL HAVE NO EFFECT on the final image - it is just a viewing aid. Flash issue: Possible, I think Metz has a F3 dedicated TTL flash coupler OR you can use the AS-7 and mount a standard ISO TTL flash on that TTL flash coupler. Enjoy and hope it helps.

  10. From Yujeen (Wed Aug 25 23:10:01 1999 ):
    I've bought a used F3 for a fair price.Didn't realise that the focusing screen is kinda 'dirty'.How can I rectify it.Please help... By the way,can I use flashes by other makes that will provide TTL with my F3?

  11. From Justin (Tue Sep 28 11:44:03 1999 ):
    This is one of the most informatative sights on the F3. Im looking into switching over from my pentax system, i'm just waiting for the right one to come along for me...and the F3 seems to be calling my name

  12. From benny stevens (Mon Sep 27 21:53:41 1999 ):
    Hi, I just bought a minty F3HP body. Finally! It has a little problem though : the Memory Lock button seems to 'stick'. The button hardly moves inwards (1/2 to 1mm only) and comes back up slowly. The memory lock functions however... Is this a common problem? (I noticed that a lot of second hand F3's miss the button cover altogether). I took the camera back for repair under warranty, but I hate to have it opened up before I even had the chance to really use it; is it something they can fix from outside you think?

  13. From Jack Zucker (Sun Sep 26 21:25:30 1999 ):
    I'm trying to find an eyepiece for my F3HP. So far no luck. I'm told that the eyepiece for the standard F4, F4, and F100 finders will fit. Can anyone confirm that ? Jaz

  14. From Dale Nicholson (Sun Sep 26 04:38:56 1999 ):
    I have been using Minolta products for years. Recently, I switched over to a Nikon F3. I find it hard to figure out how I was able to get my work done without it. I have become a die-hard believer in Nikon products now. The versatility and workmanship are unmatched.

  15. From effen chavez (Sat Sep 25 15:41:25 1999 ):
    got my f3 in 1981,still working like a horse.i find every controls and feature of this camera simple and easy to use like driving a car with auto transmission.bought my ist autofocus (N90S)in 96 and lost it at the international market in hawaii last sept.but im still happy cause i still have my f3!

  16. From Giorgio Marchesi (Thu Sep 23 05:18:12 1999 ):
    I am very happy using F3HP. I had also a Nikon 801s,bau I prefer the F3. I'm asking if it is possible to use on the F3 a flash Sunpak model B 3600 af, in the TTL function and the model of the adapter. Giorgio

  17. From Bob (Thu Sep 23 01:01:39 1999 ):
    Does anyone know of an alternative energy source for the MD-4 for the F3HP other than the 8 AA batteries? ANy thoughst will be appreciated. Bob

  18. From Jack A. Zucker (Sun Sep 19 21:12:08 1999 ):
    I'm looking for a macro lens for my newly aquired F3 which renders a 1:1 ratio. I was looking at the Nikon Micro 200mm but it seems it requires a $600 TC-301 to get 1:1 ratio. I've used the Tamron, Tokina, and Sigma macro lenses with good results. Other than the autofocus will all other functions work with these AF lenses ? Any other advice would be appreciated

  19. From ken (Fri Sep 17 19:53:35 1999 ):
    I have a F3HP and plan to buy a used F3/T . However, I find I cannot affort the weight of the motor drive , especially when a 135/180 lens is attached. it contains 8 AA battery , for a non pro and I just want to take leisure photo sometimes. Do anyone know is there a way to buy or build a light-weight winder for F3. I know that a company in Germany has winder for some Nikon Old model My dream winder for F3 is * 1/2 of the height of MD-4 , 4 AA battery * 2-3 fps is OK, may not have the rewind cap. * Grip for easy holding for long lens If U have idea , pls email me, thanks ! Ken

  20. From Richard (Fri Sep 17 11:31:43 1999 ):
    HI!I recently bought a F3AF new in the box. This camera has not met a roll of film. No Lens for it. I am not sure I want to use it or keep in the box? Is there any potential as a collectible? Dose anyone have any info on the total production # of this model? I hate to not use a camera like this , but I do realize that the af capabilities are very limited and I really want a F4s to use .........any good and sound advice on this would be appreciated

  21. From David Kohn (Sat Oct 30 04:52:10 1999 ):
    Hello: I have an F3, which I love. Someone spilled orange juice on it, and it needs $320 in repairs. My question: Should I pay for repairs, or buy another one? I don't have a good sense of how much a used F3 in good condition would cost. Can anyone advise me? Thanks in advance. --David Kohn

  22. From Griffith (Fri Oct 22 06:36:41 1999 ):
    Bought a used F3 HP several months ago. My dog accidently knocked it off of a small cliff in the canyon country of Utah and it has been rained on twice - still works perfectly. They definitely live up to their reputation. Question: What other motor drives work well on an F3 HP besides the famous MD-4? Thanks.

  23. From Dale Nicholson (Mon Oct 18 11:00:11 1999 ):
    If anyone can help me locate a copy of the MF-14 databack, I would gretaly appreciate it. I purchase a used one, and trying to figure out the basic operations, and setting has really baffled. Thank you for any help, that you can offer.

  24. From Jim Seiders (Sat Oct 16 11:39:01 1999 ):
    I am looking for a manual for the SB-11. Does anyone know of a site that you can download a manual in pdf format ? Does anyone have one that they would like to sell ? Thanks

  25. From Clifford Keenan (Fri Oct 8 00:47:05 1999 ):
    Bought a beautiful used F3/T the other day and wanted to date the year of manufacture. I've heard production of the Black body F3/T's started with serial numbers beginning with "85" in 1983. Logic would dictate that knowing how many cameras were produced each year would allow one to approximate when their F3 was built. I.E. 10000 F3/T's built each year then cameras with serial number 85000020000 would have been made close to Jan 1985 and 85000040000 made in Jan 1987, and so on. Question is, does anyone have production info on number of F3/T's built by Nikon?

  26. From seungsoo (Tue Oct 5 10:14:40 1999 ):
    where cna i get a manual for the NIKON F3? i got one for my phtography class in highschool and i dont know how to use it

  27. From Eric (Mon Oct 4 08:24:31 1999 ):
    What a fantastic source of information on the F3! I've found the 'Modern Classics' F3 article tremendously useful in familiarizing myself with my newly-purchased F3HP camera. I also picked up the MD-4 and a used MF-14 back. The databack didn't have the instructions with it; I'm wondering about its compatibility with the MD-4. Are there any limitations with regard to the film advance mode in use when the MD-4 and MF-14 are used in tandem? For example, if you have the MD-4 set for continuous mode, will the MF-14 still be able to imprint data onto the film? Or can the MF-14/MD-4 work together at all? Any info anyone could provide would be appreciated! Thanks!

  28. From AD (Sun Oct 3 02:15:15 1999 ):
    Greetings F3 users... I recently got a chance to play with an F3/T in mint condition in a second hand store... one thing I noticed was the LCD light-up button (that red, hard-to-reach button on the side of the viewfinder) was a little hard to push, and was not very "springy" in that it kind of stuck pressed, but not *really*... Yeah, I was just wondering if that was normal... is it? Regards, AD

  29. From Ken Schwartz (Thu Sep 30 05:39:41 1999 ):
    On behalf of all the F-3 owners...thankyou for the great info. I have 3 - F-3's: F-3, F-3HP and F-3T.

  30. From benny stevens (Tue Sep 28 17:40:09 1999 ):
    I just bought a second hand F3HP. Finally! It seems to have one little problem though : the Exposure Memory Lock button 'sticks'. The exposure memory works, but the button has hardly travel (0.5 to 1 mm) and it pops back up very slowly and unnoticable. This can't be right, or? Can it be fixed without opening the camera you think? Thanks in advance.

  31. From Larry Fried (Fri Nov 26 03:33:26 1999 ):
    What is the best shutter speed to set when using a Vivitar 283 flash with my F3... 1/60 or "X?"

  32. From Patrick (Tue Nov 23 04:44:45 1999 ):
    I've just bought an f3HP and have found three problems. 1.there seems to be a lot of dust in the viewer. 2.some of the characters in the lcd display seem buggy. 3.the light for the lcd display is faint, intermitant and often turns off the lcd info as it goes on. I would appreciate any avice for these problems. ALSO....is it better to buy older lenses for the F3 or do the new auto lenses work well?

  33. From Glenn Woodell (Wed Nov 10 03:03:29 1999 ):
    One of my F3's has started leaving a dark area across the image similar to shooting flash with the sync too fast. But this is completely without flash. It seems to get worse with higher shutter speeds. The shadow edge is very soft as opposed to a sync problem. The local repair guy could not find anything wrong with the timing. Any ideas?

  34. From Brandon (Tue Nov 9 04:31:41 1999 ):
    I recently picked up a small (24" High) copy stand. I want to use my F3 to shoot some artwork. Does anyone have any recommendations on micro-lenses, extension rings, etc. I have only 28mm, 50mm, and 85mm lenses now. Thanks.

  35. From Cesar G. Gonzalez (Mon Nov 8 12:20:00 1999 ):
    I think f-3 is almost the perfect camera in thew world. But why does it has three black points? 1. The speed for flash use: 1/80 is slow.I think the 1/250 of FM-2 would be perfect. 2.The mechanism of the flash is a pain. Please Nikon try to improve it. It is not good to remove the flash unit in every new film.3.How far am I from the correct exposure? one point, two? Try to help me in this way, try to give just an arrow to guide me. Thanks a lot for read me. Nikon for ever!

  36. From Michael (Mon Nov 8 04:50:07 1999 ):
    Someone has just offered me the very best deal!!!Nikon F3 HP (I think) Exellent Body,nikor 50mm f1.4 lens,MD 14 Moterdrive,Tokina 50-200 f3.5,Sunpak flash auto 383 super,HANIMEX PZ4200 flash,some filters and bags.Every items like new.He offered me $800 for all that I just stated above.Is it a good deal?No manual. I don't know how to use the motor drive and how can I find the manual?How much the price really is for the all items above in the market?I would be appreciated to here some comments from you guys. Thank you.

  37. From Waikwong (Sun Nov 7 03:04:48 1999 ):
    I purchased a brand new F3/T a couple of days ago (I've been using FM2 for years), it's a beautiful camera indeed. Yet I've found two "problems" after carrying out a careful exam to the camera body: 1) The film advance lever, when it is pulled out, can be lifted up few degrees. Is this normal? or the lever is not perfectly assembled? 2) When I give a little bit pressure on the camera back, the plastic cover makes little noise, especially the area near memo holder (I found the same problem when I check my FM2). Are these serious problems? Probably I've been meticulous. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

  38. From Larry (Thu Nov 4 11:38:25 1999 ):
    I just purchased an F3AF, can anyone tell me if all manual focus lenses fit this camrea or do I need to purchase a teleconverter, if so which one? This camera also has the DX-1 AF finder on it, can this also be changed, if so what will fit this camera? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  39. From MC Lau (Wed Nov 3 18:16:54 1999 ):
    %%%% rbrice %%% The SB 12 operates in TTL mode from ISO 25 to 400. Guide number is 25m at ISO 100, and 40m at ISO 25. However, if you used the wide-flash adapter, the correponding guide number are 18m and 28m respectively. Hope it helps.

  40. From rbrice (Wed Nov 3 11:05:00 1999 ):
    I'm looking for information on the SB12 flash designed for the F3; I recently purchased one in mint condition, but it appears that the flash will only work in auto (TTL) mode through ASA 400. I plan on contacting Nikon for a manual, but thought someone checking this page out might help. Thanks.

  41. From JMG (Mon Dec 13 04:33:56 1999 ):
    I recently bought a SB-16 flash for my F3. It is used, so I haven´t the manual. The center-weighted metering of the F3 is -like all you know- 80/20 to the center, almost spot metering. What should I do when -in automatic TTL flash mode- the subject that I want to expose properly isn´t in the center of the image? Maybe with the AE-lock button?. Thanks.

  42. From Martin MICKA (Sun Dec 12 07:14:35 1999 ):
    Is it normal that the SB-16's ready-ligt LED BLINKS since the flash is turned on, no matter on the mode set? Everything other seems to work OK, except this. As I have no manual I'm quite curious if it indicates something.

  43. From Vasko (Wed Dec 8 07:16:39 1999 ):
    few days ago while shooting a sessionwith my F3 I heard funny noise while manually winding to the next frame. It sounded as if the film was glued in the cartridge and the take up spool couldn't pull it out (that was at about 30th frame, 36 exp. film). I looked at the rewind crank if it was turning, it did but not enough for a full frame I would say. I took the film out and put a resistance on the take up spool with my finger while winding. I could easily stop it. I tried the same with the toothed wheel and it did not stop. I wonder is that normal or should the take up spool continue winding even with the resistance I put on it. I don't have another manual Nikon to compare, and I would appreciate any comments on this. I am not a repairman, though I am quite handy with tools. This is just to help me find out if I should take my camera to be repaired.

  44. From An spaniard (Tue Dec 7 23:50:30 1999 ):
    I recently bought a Nikon SB16 for my F3. Here, in Spain, is impossible to get the instructions manual of this flash. Could anybody from other countries help me?. I´m very interested overhead in the possibility of use the flash with daylight, like fill-in light. Thanks.

  45. From David (Thu Dec 2 13:17:54 1999 ):
    I am trying to locate a new and/or used Standard Back for my F3HP. Any help will be appreciated. This F3 site is most outstanding.

  46. From JWoods (Wed Dec 1 11:37:40 1999 ):
    #Ronald# & #Tim Kamke#: There are two types of chargers for the MN-2 NiCd cells. Older version is called MH-2 and the current updated version is called MH-2A (You can get it as new from Nikon). The bottom plate, standard back are all still available items as new (The advantage is, as with any pro series F-bodies, Nikon F3 has parts and support for them 10 years after discontinuation from its product line, so it is still 'safe' for us). Other than from Nikon, you should try search thru' some used outlets for the standard camera back or even used databack first before consider buying a new unit - The cover cap for the motor drive coupling is also available as new (but you can check with most retail outlet as well before you call and order from Nikon directly), if you have bought the camera body with the MD-4, open the side of the MD and check if the missing cap is stored inside a hidden slot for safe keeping the body cap inside the MD-4.

  47. From Ronald (Tue Nov 30 21:02:47 1999 ):
    Hi..just bought a F3 c/w MD4 & 105mm/f1.8. It's a fantastic camera. Was using an auto focus prior. My F3 came with nicd batteries for the MD4 .. but without the charger. Does anyone here has a charger or alkaline casing for sale? Could'nt find one here in S'pore. Please email me if you have one or both for sale. Thanks.

  48. From Tim Kamke (Mon Nov 29 12:06:25 1999 ):
    Anyone know where I can find the following F3 items new? - Bottom plate - Standard camera back - Cap for body where the MD-4 connects to the electrical contacts and the film cartridge.

  49. From richard (Sun Nov 28 11:21:13 1999 ):
    my son recently gave me oneof his f3 cameras. this is a real jewel and i enjoy using it. my problem is that we have no instructions for them. my son lives 3000 miles away and tries to assist me over the telephone, but things are hard to remember, there is so much it. where can i locate a set of instuctions?

  50. From JWoods (Fri Nov 26 13:38:23 1999 ):
    #Larry Fried#: Both settings can be used. If you want more ambience light in the photograph other than pure flash dominance photography, just set the shutter speed slower (The slower it is, more available light will be presented in the final image, provided subject is well illuminated by the right flash output). The principle is used in modern 35mm SLR's TTL-fill flash technologies.

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