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TLA 200 w/case An extremely compact, high performance TTL direct metering flash originally designed for the Contax G2. It has a guide number of 20 in meters. The exterior finishing is a titanium color. It is a very well made, elegant looking compact flash. Interval/frequency of flash (at full output); it recycles at approx. 3.5 sec and able to deliver approx. 200 flashes while powered by just 2 x 3v lithium batteries CR2. It has a dimension of 61mm x 51mm x 47mm and weighing merely at 90g (3.18 oz)

One of the amazing capability of TLA 200 is, it has a built-in zoom head setting which will not extend physically and capable of covering a filed of view with lenses from 28, 35, 45 or 90mm. With the G2, it provides TTL flash metering, daylight fill flash or slow shutter sync via AE lock. It is fully compatible with the CONTAX TLA system and provides more sophisticated Contax flash features such as second curtain sync with TLA 280, 360 or even with the TLA 480.

It is not entirely true that all TLA 200 flash has Titanium finishing to match the brightly finished G2 series cameras (A G2 has a black chrome version was introduced at the beginnning of 2001). This TLA200 that was being marketed in Europe has a black outfit.


hotshoeRTS2.jpg hotshoeST.jpg
Can you differentiate and identify the few hot shoes scanned from various Contax cameras here ? Probably not. A s for your information, the furthest left was from a Contax G2, the picture of the hotshoe of a Contax RTS II Quartz was at the center while the image at the far right was actually from a Contax ST. All those flash units that were designed for the respective Contaxes share the same TLA system flash design and thus they can be shared to use among one another.

However, the restrictive power output limiting its full application and only good enough for fill flash and with closer flash working range. That is why, it is best to use it in conjunction with faster speed film types.

Although this flash is not the best compact flash in the world but its strength lies in its extremely well build quality, highly portable, easy to use and fits into the Contax TLA system. Well, one major draw back is its price and uses a more expensive CR2 Lithium cells.

By the way, can anyone contribute to create a User's Manual for TLA 200 ?


Set to replace the aging RTF540 and come with a host of new flash capabilities to supplement the latest technologies of all the non-AF Contax SLR cameras. It has been designed as a high-performance flash that offers extraordinary freedom and power for creative flash photography. The TLA-480 offers TTL flash metering and is completely integral with the CONTAX TLA System, including the TLA Multi-Flash Connector S and all TLA Extension Cords. The maximum flash output of the TLA-480 Flash is guide number 48 in meters, (158 in feet) at ISO 100. The TLA-480 Flash has three flash modes including TTL flash, Auto flash and Manual flash. Second curtain synchronization has also been designed to operate freely with capable CONTAX SLR bodies such as Contax RTS III, ST, RX, AX, G-series AF-rangefinder bodies and others.

Despite its size which usually would restrict creative use of bracket mount flash units, the flash head of the TLA-480 has been designed to be able tilted at 90° upwards, 180 to the left and 115° to the right for complete bounce flash control. The CONTAX TLA-480 Flash Set requires the addition of the TLA Power Pack Set (PS-120) to operate.

TLA-480 Kit comprises of the following: TLA-480 flash unit, TLA-480 Bracket, TLA Adapter II, TLA-480 Synchro Cord, and TLA-480 Panel Set. Exclusive accessories: TLA Power Pack Set PS-120 (for 8 pcs. of D Type Dry Cells), including TLA Power Cord PS-100 and case.

TLA-480 Auto Flash Unit -

Model: Grip type TTL direct flash metering auto flash
Guide numbers: (ISO 100m) Auto mode: 48-4, Manual mode .48 (FULL), 24 ( 1 /4), 12 (1/1 6): With wide panel 24 (FULL) With telephoto panel.68(FULL)
Control method: Direct control type with auto flash metering
Connection with camera: TLA adapter II or TLA480 synchro cord
Flash modes: TTL auto flash, normal auto flash (switchable among four aperture settings), manual flash(switchable among three output levels)
Flash metering: auto flash metering by TLA480 sensor and TTL auto flash metering (linked to full aperture) through special SPD sensor in camera when used with TLA adapter 11
Angle of coverage: Up/down 55', Left /right 63' (sufficient coverage to accommodate the field of view of a 35mm wide angle lens) With wide panel: Sufficient coverage to accommodate the field of view of a 24mm wide-angle lens With telephoto panel sufficient coverage to accommodate the field of view of a 135mm telephoto lens
Bounce angle: Up: 0 -90 (click stops at 0, 70 & 90 )
Left/right: 180'~0 ~115 (click stops at 180 ',115',90', 65'0' ,65,90' & 115', with auto lock at 0 position)
Power supply: TLA power pack PS- 120 set Eight regular D cell batteries or eight Ni-Cd cell
Recycling time With alkaline batteries used about 10 seconds(full flash) (at normal temperature according to our testing standards)
Number of Flashes With alkaline batteries used about 250 times(full flash) (at normal temperature according to opr testing standards )
Flash range check For TTL auto flash photography indicated with auto check lamp
For normal auto flash photography indicated with auto check lamp
Film speed coupling range TTL auto flash ISO 25-400, Normal auto flash ISO 25-880
Synchro-mode First curtain synch or Second curtain synch possibilities with a camera having second curtain synch
Flash test By pressing test button on flash-ready lamp
Dimensions: 98mm (W) x 257mm (H) x 116 (D)mm (3-7/8" x 10-1/8" x 4-9/18")
Weight: 830grams (not including bracket)

Number of flashes for each power supply

Power Supply

Auto Mode

(Full Power)

TLA power pack PS-120 set
(alkaline D batteries)

about 250 - 3,500 times

about 250 times

TLA power pack PS- 120 set
(manganese D batteries)

about 50 - 500 times

about 50 times

Recycling Time of flashes for each power supply

Power Supply

Guide number (ISO 100m)





TLA power pack PS-120 set
(alkaline D batteries)

about 0.2 -10 sec.

about 10 sec.

about 2.5 sec.

about 0.2 sec

TLA power pack PS- 120 set
(manganese D batteries)

about 0.2 -13 sec.

about 13 sec.

about 3.3 sec.

about 0.2 sec.

Follow-up performance in consecutive flashes
(Manual Flash Mode)

Power Supply

Consecutive flash follow up count
(ISO 100, GN12)

5 fps*

2 fps*

1 fps*

TLA power pack PS-120 set
(alkaline D batteries)




TLA power pack PS- 120 set
(manganese D batteries)




* "fps" - motorized winder/MDrive speed of number of frames per second in continuous mode.


This power pack uses eight 1.5V regular D cell dry batteries. Provides about 250 full power flashes with alkaline batteries.

Technical Highlights:

Contents of set TLA power pack PS- 120, Power pack PS-120 case, TLA power cord PS-100
Power supply Eight regular D cell batteries or eight Ni Cd D cell batteries
Dimensions: 139mm (W) x l2.5mm (H) x 70 (D) mm (not including case) (5-1/2" x 4-15/16" x 2-3/4")
Weight: 970grams (including case and cord, but not including batteries)
The number of flashes indicates the number of times the flash can continue to fire while being triggered consecutively at the intervals of 30 seconds.
Follow-up performance indicates the number of times the flash can consecutively fire after 30 seconds from the moment the flash-ready lamp lights up.
These characteristics are defined on the basis of the usage of new batteries at normal temperature according to our standards.

When only the TLA 360 main unit is used

Power Supply

Recycling Time

Number of flashes

AA-size alkaline batteries

about 9 sec.

about 100

AA-size Ni-Cd batteries

about 5 sec.

about 40

When the Optional PS-220 power pack set for the TLA 360 is used

Power Supply

Recycling Time

Number of flashes

TLA 360 Main Unit


AA-size alkaline batteries

C-size alkaline batteries

about 3 sec.

about 350

C-size manganese batteries

about 4 sec.

about 200

AA-size Ni-Cd batteries

C-size alkaline batteries

about 2.5 sec.

about 100

C-size manganese batteries

about 3.5 sec.

about 60

Recycling times and number of flashes for each type of power supply
Note: (when only main flash is used).


An external power source for the TLA-360 flash increase the number of flashes 3.5 times. Flash recycle time is reduced by 1/3.


Set contents: TLA Power pack PS-220, TLA power cord PS-200 and power pack PS-220 case
Power source used: six C Dry cells. (Ni-Cd battery should not be used.) i~Batteries must also be loaded in the TLA360 main unit when using TLA power pack PS-220 set.
Dimensions: 85mm (W) x 175mm (H) x 29mm (D) (3-6/16" x 6-15/16" x 1-3/6 in.) (not including case).
Weight: 355 grams (0.79 lb.) (including case and cord but not batteries.)

Check the System Accessories Section at the TLA 30 Instruction Manual for M O R E   I N F O


Download a copy
of the PDF file
Contax Flash System
TLA Multi Flash: Extension Cord System/Remote Control System/Connectors

TLA Extension Cord 100

When the TLA flash is used apart from the camera, a TLA Extension Cord is required to maintain TTL flash metering. The TLA Extension Cord 100 connects from the hot shoe of the CONTAX camera to the foot of TLA flash
(Except the original RTS, mechanical Contax S2, S2b, the AF-compact T2 and TVs).

Proper exposure will be maintained when using the TLA Extension Cord 100, regardless of flash angle to the subject, allowing various lighting effects to be accomplished. The TLA Extension Cord 100 is also useful for slide copying or close-up photography using the Auto Bellows PC.

TLA Extension Cord 100S

When the TLA flash unit and extension system are employed for multi-flash direct TTL applications, the TLA Cord 100S is used to connect from the CONTAX hot shoe to the side port of the TLA flash or to the Multi Connector S.
The flash shoe is left free for light stand mounting when the side port connection is made. For extended distance linkage the TLA Cord 100S may be used with the Multi Connector S to join multiple cords or flashes. (The RTS, S2, S2b,T2 and TVs do not offer TTL flash metering).

Extension Cord 100SS, 300SS

When multi-flash or extended range linkage is required, the TLA Cord 100SS or 300SS may be used to extend the distance from camera to flash. The 100SS or 300SS is used in conjunction with the TLA Multi Connector S and the side port of the TLA-30, TLA-280, TLA-360, TLA-480 or RTF 540 with RTF/TLA attachment adapter
TLA Extension Cord 100SS: I meter (spiral cord)
TLA Extension Cord 300SS: 3 meters (straight cord)

TLA Extension Connector S (with tripod/light stand screw hole)

This is an accessory for the TLA-20 and TLA-140 flashes. These flashes may be used in multi-flash applications when the TLA Extension Connector S is used to create a port for the TLA Extension Cord 100S coming from the camera or the TLA Extension Cord 100SS or 300SS coming from the Multi Connector S.

TAL Adapter.jpg
TLA Attachment Adapter (with tripod/light Stand Adapter)

When off-camera applications are employed, the TLA Attachment Adapter

TLA Multi Connector The TLA Multi Connector S connects up to three TLA flash units in multi-flash applications in conjunction with a TLA Extension Cord 100S, 100SS or 300SS for each.(Original RTS, S2, S2b, T2 and T VS do not offer TTL flash metering).

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