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From : Lelio Martiradonna<martira@libero.it>
Date : Thu Feb 8 00:48:00 2001

Hi Mister! This mine to thank you for the time you have spent for the creation of this site. I have found your info so usefull to spend many days discovering any single side your work. I have bought my third Nikon, an FM2, to ridiscover the pleasure of a mechanical camera and here I found all the needed to use it at the best. Well, thank you again and all the best to you!

From : Rick Brandsness<rdb@ns.uoregon.edu>
Date : Wed Feb 7 01:24:19 2001

MAN OH MAN....this is a GREAT/WONDERFUL SITE!!!!!!!!!!

From : Lars Ericsson<lars.ericsson@telia.com>
Date : Wed Jan 31 23:45:12 2001

Hello guru ! Yes, I think you must be some kind of guru in the camera heaven. I have recently bought myself a used Nikon F3HP (press model) and I think it is fantastic. Maybe that'sÜbecause I am a Land Rover enthusiast and the camera matches my old station wagon. They both feels like the real thing.

I bought it because I must back up my writing in Land Rover Owner International (a kind of Playboy for Landies) with photos. I write a column every month covering off road activities in Scandinavia. Before I bought it I surfed the internet for weeks looking for information about Nikon cameras. My local camera dealer tried to sell a new F65 plastic UFO to me but I thought it felt more like a Tamagouchi then a camera. So one day I found your site...

I must thank you for the work you've done with the Nikon site. I have spent hours there. Unfortunately I read that Nikon made you shut down the link to the manual-PDF. Is it possible for you to mail me one? I would appreciate every piece of information about the Nikon F3Hp and it's accessories that you can send me.

Thanks again and best regards
Lars Ericsson

From : Gusti J. Menon<Gusman1960@hotmail.com>
Date : Sat Jan 20 10:39:21 2001

I am not so sure I am getting it correctly to the person who did the Olympus OM1(n) and OM2(n) Websites in Photography in Malaysia: THANKS FOR THE WEBSITES THAT YOU HAVE CREATED. IT IS AWESOME. IT IS THE BEST OLYMPUS WEBSITE YOU CAN FIND ON THE INTERNET TODAY ! -JM-

From : Binoy Sebastian<binoy_vs@yahoo.com>
Date : Fri Jan 12 04:10:37 2001

Stumbled upon the site accidentally. Was looking for inofmration on the web a used camera which I am planning to buy. The info whihc you have in this site is excellent. The site is very well organized aesthetically. appreicate the the time and effort which has gone into the site. Keep up with the great work. Will certainly recommend the site to friends. Thanks and best wishes


From : Andrew Blake<s369258@student.uq.edu.au>
Date : Tue Jan 9 13:20:20 2001

I've almost purchased a Nikon FE2 (my first Nikon) and I thought I'd e-mail you to let you know how much I appreciate the time and effort you've gone to, to produce probably the best Nikon resource on the internet.

I've read through the majority of the site, from the original F up to the F3, and have found a wealth of information that would have taken years to accumulate had I been looking elsewhere. Once again, congratulations on a marvellous effort at cataloging the majority of Nikon's production.

Thanks, Andrew Blake - Australia -

From : Tillman Bennett<tillman_b@yahoo.com>
Date : Thu Dec 21 20:08:05 2000

Hi, First off, if I have sent this to the wrong address, my apologies, and please forward this to whomever is responsible for the excellent Nikon information site. I have a Nikon FE2 that I have grown quite fond of since purchasing it from a local used camera shop last summer. I did not recieve an instruction manual with the camera due to the fact that the previous owner had lost it and there was not one on hand, no big deal since I have been an active amatuer photographer for a number of years and I consider myself knowledgable in the functions ofÜmost SLR cameras have worked with a variety of equipment and I my job choices have always landed me back to myÜphotographic roots. However, looking through your site, I was pleased to learn that I had the ability to change focusing screens on my camera, something I had been curious about for a while now but had not spent much time studying. I also learned a few different features such as the exposure lock function when pushing the self timer lever towards the camera lens. It was also nice to learn a little history on the camera model. The part I enjoyed the most however is the cross reference of equipment. This is an extremely valueable andÜinformativeÜsite and I am very appriciative to the party or parties responsible for creating and maintaining it, thank you very much!Ü Warm regards,

Tillman Bennett

From : Ole Davidsson<ole.davidsson@swipnet.se>
Date : Mon Dec 18 13:20:08 2000

Let me tell you: For some time I¥ve looked around the net for a manual for my A-1. I searched all Canon official sites, but noway. Just some bad data in a - XXX museum-. Then via yahoo, I found your site. And voila! There it was including the manual for the motor MA-1 that I never seen before. So what can I say? Thanks? What a good site? Nice work? Well done? Sorry I have no special words for you. I guess you heard them all. But thankyou anyway, and keep up the very good work.

Ole from Sweden (now with my 5th A-1 + MA-1 andÜmanuals)

From : Kenneth KW Ong<kennethOng99@excite.com>
Date : Sun Dec 10 18:23:16 2000

I remember I wrote you once a few years back when I was studying in Boston and commented some of the selected content in MIR site was the few local sites that has a strong 'international' flavor. I am glad that I was not wrong that time after observing in particular, the photography site which has grown into such an awesome and highly respectable website on the Internet. I am currently settling in Seattle now and few of the photo-fanatic colleagues of mine (just like earlier feedback from Latvia friends) are also frequent visitors to MIR site. It saves a lot of trouble to explain to them how my homeland looks like, hats off to you for such a great job promoting our country with a simple universal medium. I hope to see more interesting new uploads in the future in MIR.

From : W.Indriksons<indriks@netsphere.com.lt>
Date : Fri Dec 1 13:37:49 2000

Many of my colleagues here in Latvia love your site and we are frequent visitors. The revamped F3 site is simply marvelous and probably is best site you can find on the Internet. I have quite a good number of collection of books and reference materials, many of the content compiled by you are raw information and making those books so pale in comparison. I love what I saw so far, those all images of your country is so beautiful, we wish someday we can make a trip to Malaysia (We could do something like yours in the future for our country). Thanks for the greatness.

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