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From : W.R.Harm·n<woodyH@yahoo.com>
Date : Sat Nov 25 10:05:47 2000

I just wanted to thank you for such a useful and informative website with my new purchase for my daughter who has been struggling all these while how to make good use of the Olympus OM-2n camera that I have bought for her college assignment. I have almost gave up and thought of changing the camera to a Canon or something like that until I found your site. Thank you very very much to whoever who has created this website - you have also helped to change my view on the Net which are mainly dominant with commercial content -Woody-

From : kokolim<kokolim19@hotmail.com>
Date : Mon Nov 20 15:57:56 2000

what a cool site, design is very impressed, the graphic artist's site is cool too..keep it up

From : PolkainWhite<pollymontale@hotmail.com>
Date : Sat Nov 18 14:14:42 2000

This site ROCKs !

From : AshleyWT<AshleyWT99@excite.com>
Date : Thu Nov 2 19:25:05 2000

Hey, MIR team reviewers. Your product reviews column featuring Nikon FM-10 was simply superb. They are truthful, neutral and highly inspiring to raise a few good thoughts for consumers like us before committing to such product (or for that matter, the equivalent of such products from Canon, Olympus etc. - I have a better view and clearer mind with my buying decision now after carefully reading them page by page). It is such a funny feeling to read and learnt something like that from all of you that I have to check the atlas and find where you guys are locating (Initially, I thought it was in Russia); I do wish we can find more distinctively built, top quality website on the Net such as yours. Keep up with the excellent works. Thank You.

From : John Fry<jffry@hotmail.com>
Date : Wed Nov 1 11:32:40 2000

Hello, my name is John Fry, and I live in Dallas, Tx.. Just wanted to you to know that there are many many Canon folks out here in cyberland, that really appreciate what you have done for us! I am a commercial photographer here in Dallas, and I use 2 T90s and an F1n. It is so great to be able to look up your site whenever I need information about my equipment. You have saved my ass several times; keep up the good work..regards,j.f.f. (jffry@hotmail.com)

From : Paradiso<paradiso@primus.ca>
Date : Wed Nov 1 11:31:01 2000

Just want to commend you on an excellent website for all photo enthusiasts worldwide, but in particular for Nikon and Pentax users. I've been a Pentax user since as a teenager learning photography, and eventually reached the Pentax pinnacle ......the LX system. Now as I'm in my 30's, I switched to Nikon (but kept my LX system).

Anyway, your page offers so much enjoyable info and commentaries to read, enough to keep both my Pentax/Nikon personalities happy. Especially great are the writeups on the LX system ...... best on Net !! Also excellent is Michael Liu's work on the Nikon classics/modern SLR profiles. I can go on giving praises for all the other contents on your site but perhaps I'll express that by simply visiting regularly.

From : Mickey Oberman<mickeyobe@internet.look.ca>
Date : Sun Oct 22 22:54:30 2000

This is a truly outstanding and useful website on the Internet. I do have one suggestion. If the messages could be numbered from the very first message (no 1) up and always retain their same number it would be much easier to locate a particular message at any time regardless of how many messages there might be. As it is now, it is necessary to do a considerable amount of searching to locate earlier messages.

I do want to thank the folks who initiated and maintain this GREAT website. - Mickey Oberman -

From : Scott Tengren<stengren@adelphia.net>
Date : Sun Oct 22 22:50:35 2000

Hello, I was searching for an online manual for a Canon AE1 and came across your web site. It is one of the best, most informative web sites I have ever visited! Fantastic! - Scott Tengren -

From : JWilkinson<JWilkin@yahoo.com>
Date : Mon Oct 16 12:36:46 2000

As an earlier entry putting correctly ...All I can say is WoW !; I couldn't agree with him more - To those responsible for construction of this marvellous website, your topics on hardware related SLR cameras information are easily world class in quality and presentation.

From : tomss482<a.tompkins5@worldnet.att.net>
Date : Sat Oct 14 20:06:24 2000

Thank You For This Invaluable Site And To All The People Who Give Their Time And Knowledge To It Make Possible.

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