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From : Robert Kelly<rkelly@dcsltd.co.uk>
Date : Wed May 3 10:52:44 2000

Congratulatons on a beautifully produced and meticulously detailed site. I bought my MX in 1981 and then my LX in 1992. I have taken both cameras and trips around the world and theyhave given very reliable service. I can fully understand your enthusiasm for these fine tools.

From : Tanner Ratliff<x98ratliff@wmich.edu>
Date : Wed May 3 10:50:57 2000

I was very pleased to have come across this web site. The facts and information regarding photography in Malaysia was very interesting, and has sparked my personal interest in traveling to Malaysia. I am currently a Sophomore at Western Michigan University, and I am interested in both photography and Malaysia. I have recently considered studying abroad in Malaysia, and I am hoping to contact a person or place that is willing to show me the beauty of Malaysia through the eyes of a camera. I would appreciate any information that could help in directing me toward this personal goal of mine. Thank you for your time. Sincerely,
Tanner Ratliff

From : Leif Piechowski
Date : Wed May 3 10:49:52 2000

Hi!Greetings to all of you!My best camara is a Nikon F2s and an FE.I`m working as a photojournalist in spain.

From : d'za
Date : Wed May 3 10:47:02 2000

hai mir, sungguh menarik sekali dan saya tertarik untuk belajar dengan saudara. teruskan usaha anda and good luck!!

From : Vinny<vin642@worldnet.att.net>
Date : Wed May 3 10:44:16 2000

Hi,I think your website is great.Ihad no idea there was so much information on NIKON CAMERAS.You must have put alot of time and energy into this site. I am an amature Nikon collector and your site has helped me tremendously.I hope this site will always be available.THANK YOU ,THANK YOU ,THANK YOU. Vinny USA

From : Hiroyuki Aratake<busybaby@pop21.odn.ne.jp>
Date : Wed May 3 10:43:14 2000

My name is hiroyuki. I'm Japanese. I'm surprised with your great work for Photography in Malaysia! well designed and texts are interesting. I just can't write how i excited with your work. 'coz of my poor english skills - but remember, i strongly excited. keep on going, thank you for reading this.bye.

From : Jack <atec.australia@gatewaynet.bigpond.com>
Date : Wed May 3 10:42:13 2000

Thanks for all the info on Nikon. I made a deposit on FM2 but I can have f2 for same price (second hand).I want to reproduce my old family portraits using camera & copy stand.It's my first camera what do you think. A Deutsch pro said F2 all the shops say FM2 reason spare parts & it's current & F2 is an antique & parts are hard to find. Please help me I'm confused.

From : Geoffrey Leow<cwatt@pd.jaring.my>
Date : Wed May 3 10:41:00 2000

Simply one of the best photography sites. Keep up the good work. Good luck for year 2000

From : Bjorn<photo2be@telia.com>
Date : Wed May 3 10:40:02 2000

Hi, my name is Bjorn and working as freelancephotographer in Sweden, my company name is Photo2be. I am going to Kuala Lumpor the 21st to 30th of Januari. I would like to meet some local photographers, just to show me where to go to find possibilities to take photos of local life and maybe some fashion/glamour shots. Please email me : photo2be@telia.com Best regards from -15C degrees and winter in Sweden

From : Marc Rumsey<rumz@frontiernet.net>
Date : Wed May 3 10:38:04 2000

I just wanted to let you know that yours is one of the most informative websites I've ever been on. I have been out of touch with the photography world for about 15 years (I now very much regret selling my old Canon A-1) and your site has helped me immensely. I have gone through just about every page you have on Canon and Nikon. Thank you and keep up the terrific work! - Marc Rumsey Rochester, NY USA -

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