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From : Alfarez Abdul Rahman<
Date : Tue May 2 12:26:19 2000

Guys, Just want to say that you're doing an excellent job. Web designers who have the
right instinct for content and visual balance are few and far between but I think you have your fingers right on the pulse. Keep up the excellent example of Malaysian know-how.

From : yploo<looyp@tm.net.my>
Date : Tue May 2 12:24:26 2000

Great site, keep it up. u may however want to consider changing the black background colour - very strainuous on the eyes and can't read the text w/o a really great effort. Anyway, its still a great site with good photos.

From : Jimmy Navarro<jnavarr3@CalStateLA.EDU>
Date : Tue May 2 12:18:36 2000

Photography was my hobby but still keep an old, good classic Canon F-1 with accessories from 35mm 3.5FD/SC, 50mm 1.4FD, 28mm 2.8FD, a broken 70-210mm 2.8FD (don't know if repairable or not), Canon Power Winder F and a Canon gun coupler (or flash adapter) but can't use it because all its very rare screws lost one by one. By the way, I am also a hacker (but not the bad ones). I use MS Windows NT 4.0 (tired of 95), but also multi boot my home PC with Linux Red Hat which I am fascinated with, WFW 3.11/DOS, plus I'm a licensed U.S.
amateur radio operator.

From : Huan Yee Chew <arienus@clear.net.nz>
Date : Tue May 2 12:16:49 2000

A very great site. Really widen my knowledge in photography. Looking forward to learn more from everywhere around the world. I am particularly interested in knowing what people think about owning an APS and 35mm. And I am also looking forward to learn form people who uses the Nikon as I currently own a Nikon APS SLR. So, do write to me and share with me your knowledge.

Keep up the good work at MIR guys!!! Enjoyed your page a lot. Been back here more than thousands of times. Really love it.

From : Frankie Embuas<iki8@yahoo.com>
Date : Tue May 2 12:14:58 2000

Hi! I just want to say that I'm damn proud that an Iban guy from Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia can come up with such a fast downloadable website. I'm an Iban too and I am damn proud to say that you are currently introducing a better way to produce a great homepage. Keep sending those encouraging messages.

From : Pat Clark<pclark@pasiphae.penlib.du.edu>
Date : Tue May 2 12:13:41 2000

This is some of the first dynamic html I've seen; it's fascinating. The photography is lovely too. It would be nice to see some credits for the pictures and pages, and a clear statement of the purpose. It makes me want to come back and visit Malaysia again. Best wishes.

From : laifong <laifong@mir.com.my>
Date : Tue May 2 12:12:19 2000

You have an interesting homepage and I am very proud with the homepage and I guess I am the one of the luckiest person cos I am one of the members with the team of FFM.

From : FAUZI AHMAD GHAZALI <fauziag@pc.jaring.my>
Date : Tue May 2 12:10:41 2000

What do you think about the MAC new baby......iMAC ?

From : Nur Munira Mohammad Bashir<Nina@smashing-pumpkins.com>
Date : Tue May 2 12:08:56 2000

I like the idea of putting this homepage.It's very informative.

From : Paul Chan<janpo@tm.net.my>
Date : Tue May 2 12:07:57 2000

You have put Malaysia on the photographic world map. As a Malaysian, I am naturally proud with your excellent work.

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