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From : TIZIANO DAL FARRA from Udine , Italy<loredana.trevisani@ud.nettuno.it>
Date : Wed May 3 10:03:28 2000

...Nice Site !
Well engineered ,i'd picked a photo for my Mac screen... Maybe I will take a tour in Your Country. Ciao !

From : Jim <JHeinr9154@aol.com>
Date : Wed May 3 10:02:12 2000

There are 100 postings kept current on the site. I found the answer to the niggling EL battery question on the 99th posting! Lesson learned? Read it all!I've decided to keep and explore my recently acquired EL. The MIR site enlightened me on this seemingly potent photo jewel.

From : T.C.<tcbphoto@juno.com>
Date : Wed May 3 09:57:01 2000

Really great images and info here. Especially like the Hasselbald info.

From : Alvin S. Granada<lgranada@ph.oracle.com>
Date : Wed May 3 09:55:47 2000

Honestly speaking I've been doing professional photography works and its the first time that I got a hold of this "e-mail" thing and &quot;cyber thing&quot; and it really amazes me how the same problem and dilemmas facing me here reflects the same to my co-laborers in the field of photography the world over. Through this pages I was able to know alot of things and surely help me alot.

From : Karl Malivuk<kmalivuk@unm.edu>
Date : Wed May 3 09:54:43 2000

I am writing to thank you for the work you have done on this site. As a beginner, I have been researching older professional cameras and have particularly been interested in Canon (T90, F1/n) and Nikon (F2, F3HP). Each time I searched the Web, your site came up the most often and with the most useful information. This letter is a meager response to the great service your group has provided the rest of us.

From : Gerard Cobut <cobut@arcadis.be>
Date : Wed May 3 09:53:00 2000

This in not just a website, but a true resources centre. Congratulations. Go on. I couldn't dream of a better place to help me maintaining my Nikons.

From : saiful <royal_jelly15@hotmail.com>
Date : Wed May 3 09:51:52 2000

just want to say &quot;keep the good work&quot;

From : eLLieZ de`HearT
Date : Wed May 3 09:49:54 2000

This is really simple & kewl homepage!

From : Chong Chin Keat<who@smjkdgs.edu.my>
Date : Tue May 2 16:27:40 2000

It is a very Nice, Standard,Wonderful Website

From : kok soo leong<shawn@smjkdgs.edu.my>
Date : Tue May 2 16:25:58 2000


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