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From : Anna McCarthy<am81@is5.nyu.edu>
Date : Wed Oct 11 05:43:53 2000

I just wanted to say thank you for such a useful website. i just bought a canon t90 and your manual and links are very valuable sources of information on this rare camera. This is a well-designed site and you are a gem for maintaining it! Anna

From : Sonja
Date : Sat Oct 7 10:39:10 2000

Thank you so much for such a wonderful site. I have a Nikkormat EL that was given to me as a gift (!) and I never knew anything about it. After reading the information on your site I know a lot more about my camera. Thanks again!!

From : Simon Leung<SLeung9@yahoo.com>
Date : Wed Oct 4 13:11:52 2000

The information that I 've found in the Minolta XD-11 and XK / XM, website very useful. Unfortunately, I am looking for past reviews, of the XG-M. Can anyone help me? I currently own a X-700 with 50 f 1.4 lens, Auto Winder G and an Auto 280 px flash. The XG-M would be a perfect addition as a back up camera.

Simon Leung

From : Patrick<pbeilby@ksc.th.com>
Date : Sun Sep 10 22:31:22 2000

This site has been very helpful, anyone who has any questions about any classic Nikon need look no further. Thank you very much and keep up the good work. PS. I have just bought a Nikon F3T champagne second hand in Bangkok. Here in Bangkok is a very good place for second hand Nikon, and the prices are very reasonable too.

From : Ed Filho<sedlex@attglobal.net>
Date : Sat Sep 2 21:03:53 2000

Dear Sir,

You site is the best place to get informations on Nikon F3. The instructions that you provided are the most usefull that we can find. My Sicerelly congratulations for you wonderfull work. Best Wishes,

From : Dmenon<demon1234@yaho.com>
Date : Sat Sep 2 07:33:23 2000

The Nikon page is a blessing. I have been given a Nikomat with no manual and no experience with cameras. The web site, particularly the pictures of the camera with what the little gizmos are really helped! Thanks.

From : Diamantino Mendes<d.mendes@bigfoot.com>
Date : Wed Aug 23 20:34:02 2000

Hello, my congratulations for this beautiful work. An excellent presentation, good information. A great page, a true must, that is going to my links - Dmendes

From : suPErUnKnOWn<whOis@unKnoWN.cOm>
Date : Thu Jul 20 15:37:22 2000

keEp Up tHe gOoD weRk pAL !

From : Shazli<Snally@Madmail.com>
Date : Tue Jul 18 03:19:11 2000

Thank you MIR for the services that provide the infomation on Malaysia economic situation.I hope you can bring up more new challenging issue for our country benefit. As a student i really enjoying your review. For those who make it happen;Thank you once again and keep up the good work.

From : Derick Miller <miller@ou.edu>
Date : Wed Jun 21 11:30:49 2000

I just wanted to say that you have the best website. I love that I can get all the information I need in one place. You have the most comprehensive database of photographic equipment I have found. I love the hitory of nikon. Keep up the OUTSTANDING work, and I can't wait for the auto focus info.

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