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Since with the inception of Nippon Kogaku until the current Nikon Corporation - they were probably hundreds of camera models as well as million of Nikkor optics being sold thus far. It is very hard to satisfy everyone intention when each surfer coming to this Pictorial History Website (first created since 1997). Over the last few years, I have constructed quite a number of sites featuring a selective Nikon camera models (Nikon F(based on Mike Liu's previous effort, the Nikon F2 series, F3 Series, Nikon F4, NIkon F5, the digital SLR series as well as the midrange models such as Nikon FM series, FA, FE series, Nikkormat/Nikomat and the compact EM/FG/FG20 etc..). Each of these featured model has their respective Message Board to support specific owner of each camera types. However, there are a number of very good Nikon SLRs (as well as the film and/or Digital compacts wer quite exciting too. But due to various reasons, I cannot featured them one by one. This Message Board was created just for that purpose - to provide a gateway for those that were not being featured. You may use it for whatever you think suitable - questions & answers (Q&A) or just make good use of it to share experience among one another. The use of this section of the photography SITE is not confined soly for this purpose, you may also make use of it for other photographic matters. Some of the remarks presented within the pictorial history site was entirely personal and I do not wish to influence any decision prior to any potential purchases or disposal of your equipment. You may make use of this convenience here to present your own views as well. Enjoy.

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Date : 05:23 AM Saturday 23 August, 2008

I have a Nikon pistol grip model 2 left over from my F2 days. I've lost about 60% use of my right hand so this helps. I manage to grip my D70s with my right hand while using the left for everything else. Is there such a cable that would take the mechanical action of the grips' trigger and actuate something like the MC-DC1 Remote Shutter Release?

Thank you

2. From : Clyde Chappell (
Url : http://
Date : 02:27 AM Tuesday 19 August, 2008

I recently purchased an EM in excellent working condition. Excellebnt details in the operators manual. I am now ready o use a classic camera! I just want to say thanks for the outstanding job on your webpage!

3. From : NOCTilux (
Url : http://
Date : 11:04 PM Monday 18 August, 2008

Try the right topic / keyword is on "Repair manual for NIKONOS III". Before you pay for anything, why don't perform a SEARCH with this keywords (Google as well as PDF file-only). Try your luck.

4. From : Mike Kelly (
Url : http://
Date : 05:27 PM Monday 18 August, 2008

I am looking for an "exploded view" chart or picture of both the Nikonos III and V. Urgent is to know how to change the O-rings in the III Shutter Speed Dial & Rewind Knob & crank. Also, are there any other hidden O-rings in the III? I also have an original Calypso with 35mm lens. The lens is discolored on the inside - any comments on how to open, clean and get it back together without messing it up? Many thanks, Mike.

5. From : Aristides Lambropoulos (
Url :
Date : 01:28 PM Saturday 16 August, 2008

Hello fellows............
I have a little problem and I would like a solution from you if possible.............
Well, I found and bought a Nikon F Photomic and then I realized
that I have a bit peculiar Photomic.........I simply cannot find the right way to fix the film speed..........
Photomic has an outer ring on which side are engraved f values, the ring does not rise........., the inner disk has no red sign, so how to adjust film speeds????
I am told that this mic is born around 1964.Could you please help me?
Thanks in advance

6. From : Brock Akbeg (
Url : http://
Date : 05:27 AM Thursday 14 August, 2008

I am in need of N90 rewinding gear and trying to locate a part number or part manual. Anyone has any info how to find a part number for N90. Thanks

7. From : rick oleson (
Url :
Date : 11:14 AM Tuesday 12 August, 2008

Hello Kong Feng:

There is an instruction manual for the F601 here:
It will be helpful to read this carefully so that you know how the camera is supposed to work when you look at it.

Here are some general tips:
You can check the manual shutter speeds from 1/125 up if you have an old CRT-type television or computer monitor. An explanation of how to do this is at

To check the light meter, set the shutter speed to the same number as the ISO film speed setting. Go outside on a sunny day and point the camera at the ground in the sunshine and take a meter reading without changing the shutter speed or the ISO setting. The correct indicated aperture should be f/16. In a typical office setting, the correct exposure is about f/4 at 1/60 second at ISO 400.... different offices may have different light levels, but this will probably be pretty close.

Check the lens diaphragm by setting the camera to f/16 at 1/125 and looking into the lens as you release the shutter. You should see the diaphragm blades close down to a small spot and then reopen instantly.

Also inspect the foam rubber seals around the back door... the foam should not look shredded or feel sticky. This is not a major problem, though, because the seals can be replaced at low cost.

Finally, put a roll of film into the camera and advance it through the camera one frame at a time. Do this with the lens removed and the shutter on "B", and while the shutter is open reach in the front with a pencil and trace the outline of the shutter opening onto the film (be very careful not to let the shutter close while the pencil is in there!). This will let you test the wind and rewind functions, and at the end you can unroll your film and check the frame spacing.

Finally, inspect the outside of the camera for dirt and any signs of damage.

(I'm not always quite this careful myself.....)

Rick :)=

8. From : Keith Sage (
Url : http://
Date : 05:42 AM Monday 11 August, 2008

I have a N2020 The mirror has a skuff mark I have a small cloth that is used on rifle scopes that helps but I still cant get all the junk from it, if I look through the view finder I can see little bits of dust, I use or vaccume lightly to romove this problem now the mirror on the top( white reflector) comes undone and I have a small lock that runs the diamiter I have tried my best to keep everything clean but I still see dust and hairs.
and the locking ring comes un-don. should this problem be sent to a repair shop or is this a job I should be able to do?

9. From : Kong Feng (
Url : http://
Date : 01:38 PM Sunday 10 August, 2008

Dear Mr. Rick (thanks, you are good, let me learnt so much from your personal site): Question: I have been offered with a Nikon F601M @USD80-00 (bargain, I supposed). I notice the camera was a rather old model and what shoudl I do to verify if it is still okay? - Kong Feng - Kong Feng

10. From : Rick Oleson (
Url :
Date : 11:16 AM Thursday 07 August, 2008

Hello Luis:

The Nikon EM has an unusual feature: when you load a new roll of film, the meter does not work until the frame counter gets to #1, and then it starts working. This is to keep the camera from wasting batteries on long exposures if you load new film with the lens cap on the camera. I think this may explain what you are seeing, and it is normal in this camera.

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