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Since with the inception of Nippon Kogaku until the current Nikon Corporation - they were probably hundreds of camera models as well as million of Nikkor optics being sold thus far. It is very hard to satisfy everyone intention when each surfer coming to this Pictorial History Website (first created since 1997). Over the last few years, I have constructed quite a number of sites featuring a selective Nikon camera models (Nikon F(based on Mike Liu's previous effort, the Nikon F2 series, F3 Series, Nikon F4, NIkon F5, the digital SLR series as well as the midrange models such as Nikon FM series, FA, FE series, Nikkormat/Nikomat and the compact EM/FG/FG20 etc..). Each of these featured model has their respective Message Board to support specific owner of each camera types. However, there are a number of very good Nikon SLRs (as well as the film and/or Digital compacts wer quite exciting too. But due to various reasons, I cannot featured them one by one. This Message Board was created just for that purpose - to provide a gateway for those that were not being featured. You may use it for whatever you think suitable - questions & answers (Q&A) or just make good use of it to share experience among one another. The use of this section of the photography SITE is not confined soly for this purpose, you may also make use of it for other photographic matters. Some of the remarks presented within the pictorial history site was entirely personal and I do not wish to influence any decision prior to any potential purchases or disposal of your equipment. You may make use of this convenience here to present your own views as well. Enjoy.

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1. From : Gen Holst (
Url : http://
Date : 05:30 PM Tuesday 18 September, 2007

There is nothing wrong with the FM10. It is just a simple Nikon entry film based SLR body (rumored not produced by Nikon but contracted to be made by Cosina). I guess the author was using the basis of a comparing used Nikon FM2 or FM2N to compare the built quality. Next, it is not a Nikon that can tab onto the Nikon FM/FE class system for an example, the MD-12 is not possible to be used on the FM10 (neither 3rd party winder). There is certainly some compromises here and there. But the only good news is, as you have pointed it out - cheap and accept Nikkor lenses. Frankly, I agreed witht he viewpoint - as a Nikon SLR being produced during the mid '90 - the quality aspect was not even come close to the built standard set by a 1977 Nikon FM- bad huh ?

2. From : Bob Graham (
Url : http://
Date : 01:21 AM Tuesday 18 September, 2007

The site had suggested the FM10 may be having some reliability issue. I am not sure as I had one that is quite okay except the rewind and film take up spool often got loose and has to insert a few attempts. Overall, the FM10 is still usable as a light traveling companion, most of all - to me, it is cheap. I don't have a lot of lenses and only uses the 35-70mm zoom and it takes decent pictures. Well, probably it is not a F3 or a F4 - but it serves as a cheap camera for poor man like me. The lens section of this site is most useful and informative.

3. From : Nichy (
Url : http://
Date : 01:32 PM Monday 17 September, 2007

Here are some links (if you can read and understand, if not, use the Google translator):

The Google has English to Chinese:
Copy the paste the URL and hit return key. By the way, Mr. Rick, you are good !

4. From : NaM (
Url : http://
Date : 01:27 PM Monday 17 September, 2007

Thank You. Mr. Rick Oleson. Waht is AI ? Sorry for the stupid question

5. From : rick oleson (
Url :
Date : 08:46 AM Monday 17 September, 2007

Hello NaM: Yes, your old Nikon lenses will fit on current Nikon digital cameras. If your lenses are "AI" or later series (beginning in 1977) they can be mounted on all Nikon DSLRs; in the lower series models, your light meter will not function so you have only meterless manual mode. The automatic diaphragm function still works.

You can also use your old Nikon lenses with an adapter on Canon and Olympus (and I think also on Sony) DSLR cameras. In these cases, the light meter does work and you have metered manual and aperture priority auto modes available; but the automatic diaphragm does not function, so the viewfinder darkens as you stop the lens down. These cameras with adapters accept ALL manual focus Nikon mount lenses, including the old, pre-1977 Non-AI series.

Personally, I do not mind losing the auto diaphragm, and I like still having the light meter and auto modes available. I use Nikon (mostly Non-AI from the 1960s) lenses on a Canon DSLR with an inexpensive adapter.

6. From : NaM (
Url : http://
Date : 08:20 PM Sunday 16 September, 2007

I am from China. Is there a way to use the old Nikon lens with the new digital cameras ? mine is 30 years old.

7. From : Keith Sage (
Url : http://
Date : 05:23 AM Tuesday 11 September, 2007

I am using lens inc for my information thanks again. Keith.

8. From : keith sage (
Url : http://
Date : 05:13 AM Tuesday 11 September, 2007

To all who have responded...Thank you, I am greatful for all of your input..I am sure I will be back asking questions...
What I realy need is a manual for the N2020, I went to Ebay and most looked like they searved duty in the bathroom, they are a mess, and they look like they are falling appart.
I still like the camera and plan to get better..
Thanks again, Keith.

9. From : Donald (
Url : http://
Date : 09:56 PM Monday 10 September, 2007

Keith, I have just found this lens site while searching for info on my old 20-35mm AFD, may be this would help you a little too:
it is your zoom lens, I guess.

10. From : rick oleson (
Url :
Date : 08:13 AM Monday 10 September, 2007

Hi Keith!

Here's a link to an instruction manual:

The P-Dual setting is best to start out with.... once you've read the manual you can experiment with the other settings and learn more about photography if you like. In P-DUAL, basically the camera decides everything for you.

The ISO 200 film you're using is a good choice. If you want to shoot indoors without flash, you might want to try a faster speed film (ISO 400 or higher). With faster films, your pictures will be grainier and may have less intense colors, but you don't need as much light.

If you do want to shoot a lot indoors in low light, you might want to look for an AF 50mm f/1.8 lens, which lets in about 5 times as much light as your zoom; they're not very expensive. For normal use, though, your zoom is probably fine.

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