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Since with the inception of Nippon Kogaku until the current Nikon Corporation - they were probably hundreds of camera models as well as million of Nikkor optics being sold thus far. It is very hard to satisfy everyone intention when each surfer coming to this Pictorial History Website (first created since 1997). Over the last few years, I have constructed quite a number of sites featuring a selective Nikon camera models (Nikon F(based on Mike Liu's previous effort, the Nikon F2 series, F3 Series, Nikon F4, NIkon F5, the digital SLR series as well as the midrange models such as Nikon FM series, FA, FE series, Nikkormat/Nikomat and the compact EM/FG/FG20 etc..). Each of these featured model has their respective Message Board to support specific owner of each camera types. However, there are a number of very good Nikon SLRs (as well as the film and/or Digital compacts wer quite exciting too. But due to various reasons, I cannot featured them one by one. This Message Board was created just for that purpose - to provide a gateway for those that were not being featured. You may use it for whatever you think suitable - questions & answers (Q&A) or just make good use of it to share experience among one another. The use of this section of the photography SITE is not confined soly for this purpose, you may also make use of it for other photographic matters. Some of the remarks presented within the pictorial history site was entirely personal and I do not wish to influence any decision prior to any potential purchases or disposal of your equipment. You may make use of this convenience here to present your own views as well. Enjoy.

This site is specifically created for any Nikon camera models , its creator. Please don't mail me other than constructive suggestions or rectifying mistakes found in this site, thanking you. Since this is a non-profitable resource site - The developer of this site reserves the rights to censor or delete any inappropriate, unrelated, misleading or excessively hostile messages posted herein. If your intention is to dispose your Nikon camera(s) or its accompanying accessories or looking for a used model or any of its system components, please use a separate section with a higher volume of traffic Free Trade Zone site instead. The Photography In Malaysia has no Guestbook on its own, because it is an integral part of the MIR site. But if you want to leave a note on your experience visiting this site, you may use the MIR's Guestbook at another new window by clicking on the Guestbook Link.

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1. From : JAwoods (
Url : http://
Date : 02:59 AM Thursday 29 September, 2005

First culprit to think about - change the batteries (2 x LR44) . Test if I am right - turn the dial to M90 which is the mechanical setting. If the shutter trips, most likely it is the cause. If it doesn't it can be a little complicated. May be Rick oleson (the co-maintaner of this board - scroll down the page to locate his E-mail contact) can help.

2. From : Mike (
Url : http://
Date : 11:43 PM Wednesday 28 September, 2005

I have a Nikon FG and the shutter appears to be stuck in the open position. Any ideas on how to get it working again?

3. From : Sheen (
Url :
Date : 06:39 PM Monday 26 September, 2005

Good photos! I guess you would like to share your photos with other and probably sell it. You can try it here -

4. From : Nelson (
Url : http://
Date : 04:32 PM Monday 26 September, 2005

NOt to confuse you, basically SB-26, SB=28 can offer everthing a SB-24 provides but it can be used to fuly take advantage for other newer AF Nikon SLRs as well. But SB-24 only limits its functions when used with newer Nikon SLRs. In you case, price (used) and time of next upgrade foryour next Nikon is a factor to be considered.

5. From : Nelson (
Url : http://
Date : 04:23 PM Monday 26 September, 2005

Waste of money. Features in a flash usually syncronize with the camera basic falsh features. It has a built-in flash though. Worable modes: Normal sync, slow Sync, and Rear-Curtain Sync provided. In Programmed Auto or Aperture-Priority Auto, shutter operates from 1/125 to 1/60 sec. (or 1/(focal length) in use at lens focal length less than 60mm) in normal sync or 1/125 to 30 sec. in slow sync; in Shutter-Priority Auto or Manual exposure mode, shutter fires at speed set, and when set from 1/250 to 1/2000 sec., shutter is automatically set to 1/125 sec. Automatic Balanced Fill-Flash works with SB-24, SB-23, SB-22, SB-20, SB-18, and even the NON AF (evergreen)B-16B. Newer SB-25 (works almost the same with SB-24), 26 & higher numbers of the respective model name only provides basic Automatic Balanced Fill-Flash with Nikon 6006 series (3D Mtrix Balance Fill is not available in the camera body so, it is useless to think SB-28 + is superior to the SB-24 because the limitation is actually on the camera section NOT with the flash itself), so it is not viable to change. Howecver, one day, if you decide to upgrade to a F90X or Nikonb F5 or F100, the later models will provide WIDER options. Nikon 6006 also works in Manual flash & light output compensation. Flash ready light, a standard feature on all Nikon bodies, works as well.

Regards, N.T., FL.

6. From : John Olson (
Url : http://
Date : 04:01 PM Sunday 25 September, 2005

I have a trusty old N6006. The last Nikon Flash unit referenced by Nikon for the 6006 is the SB24. Can the 6006 benefit from the newer SB26 or SB28? I know the SB28 produces more light but would the 28 (or 26) enable other features to get to/from the 6006? I've read about the 26 and 28 but wonder if it will go to waste on a 6006? Any other brand that enables newer features? Thanks for any help.

7. From : Karl Rahder (
Url : http://
Date : 08:01 AM Saturday 24 September, 2005

Hi. I just bought a Nikon N90S body. What really surprised me is how noisy it is when hunting for a proper focus. (This noise happens when I try to focus on a faraway object from a close focus, for instance.) The same lens (24-120 D AF) is quieter on a N70. The guy who sold it to me says that the noise is mostly the lens AF mechanism, but this begs the question of why it is quieter on the other camera. Is the N90S just a noisy AF camera? Thanks.

8. From : Gen Holst (
Url : http://
Date : 07:18 PM Thursday 22 September, 2005

F401 (also called N4004) is quite a popular Nikon SLR but instruction manual is hard to find on the web. I would suggest anyone who tries to buy older camera MUTS find out whether the seller is included a manual with the consignment. Most of the instruction is via sales: this applies to Nikon (usually charged for USD15-20 a copy); theird party may be cheaper, photo copies ussually come cheaper from USD5-15 a copy. Some popular sources are,, etc. for those who is willing to cough out to buy one of these Nikon manuals, consider to scan for copies to other with other less-careful fellow nikonians here.

9. From : kevin robert hayes (
Url : http://
Date : 04:44 AM Thursday 22 September, 2005

Hi I wonder if anybody can help me, I have been left a nikon f 401 camera with a 28-80mm sigma lens f3.5-5.6lens is it possiable to get hold of the instruction manual for this camera as there is'nt one that came with the camera it must have been losted some where.the camera is in mint condition as is the lens mind you I would have expected that by the person who as left it to me as he looked after all his photography gear. I do hope someone out there can help me.

10. From : Kent (
Url : http://
Date : 05:07 PM Wednesday 21 September, 2005

F801 ? that is equivalent of the Nikon 8008 here. The F801 uses similar TTL OTF flash photography with the Nion F4, so, I would sucggest you to read this page (GREAT STUFFS !):
The cheapest Nikon TTL speedlight can be the older SB-22 & SB-23 (slightly better in terms of their spec but both still falls under budget models. Try your luck at or their malaysian own forum at (advisable not to use your personal email as it can be only a one time usage for tis purpose of asking).

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