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Since with the inception of Nippon Kogaku until the current Nikon Corporation - they were probably hundreds of camera models as well as million of Nikkor optics being sold thus far. It is very hard to satisfy everyone intention when each surfer coming to this Pictorial History Website (first created since 1997). Over the last few years, I have constructed quite a number of sites featuring a selective Nikon camera models (Nikon F(based on Mike Liu's previous effort, the Nikon F2 series, F3 Series, Nikon F4, NIkon F5, the digital SLR series as well as the midrange models such as Nikon FM series, FA, FE series, Nikkormat/Nikomat and the compact EM/FG/FG20 etc..). Each of these featured model has their respective Message Board to support specific owner of each camera types. However, there are a number of very good Nikon SLRs (as well as the film and/or Digital compacts wer quite exciting too. But due to various reasons, I cannot featured them one by one. This Message Board was created just for that purpose - to provide a gateway for those that were not being featured. You may use it for whatever you think suitable - questions & answers (Q&A) or just make good use of it to share experience among one another. The use of this section of the photography SITE is not confined soly for this purpose, you may also make use of it for other photographic matters. Some of the remarks presented within the pictorial history site was entirely personal and I do not wish to influence any decision prior to any potential purchases or disposal of your equipment. You may make use of this convenience here to present your own views as well. Enjoy.

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1. From : Keith Sage (
Url : http://
Date : 01:46 AM Sunday 09 September, 2007

If I am using my N2020 in auto-mode should I have my setting at
A,P-DUAL,P,P-HI...what do they meen? and when should I use this option and what type of film should I use? I have been using KODAK GOLD ISO-200 with my setting at P-DUAL. As of why I am asking these questions I dont have a Manual, one of my friends has a pawn shop and I was given this camera..I have my apeture at 22. My lens is a
AF NIKKOR 35-80 1:4-5.56D so far the quality is awsome and I realy like the quality of my photos

2. From : Keith Sage (
Url : http://
Date : 01:12 AM Sunday 09 September, 2007

I have a N2020 I love it! my photos are like post cards, a friend of mine from my local pawn shop gave me it with a 35x 80 AF NIKOR lens next week I will pick up a 300MM NIKOR lens I will be shooting wildlife, what is the best all around film should I use?

3. From : Jim (
Url : http://
Date : 08:52 PM Saturday 08 September, 2007

This Q was asked at the DLSR board. I have answered and so, just copy and pasted the A here too.

Q:- "i used to set @ 22". Nikon G-Nikkor will auto set the lens aperture to f/22 or f/32 for P (Programmed AE), S (Shutter Priority AE) - it depends on the individual lens minimum aperture but most mid price zoom lenses usually has f/22 So, I am not too sure what mode (P, A, S or M) you are using. Unless you know what you are doing (by gaining maximum depth of field) and you set the aperture to f/22 but that is NOT always the best idea to do so as shutter speed will drop to very slow for hand held shooting. There is NO rule what is the best aperture to use in taking a picture. Aperture affects depth of field and if permissible, depends on what degree of DOF you like to achieve and set the aperture accordingly based on usable shutter speed for handheld or use a steady support. BOTH Shutter speed and Aperture will have an direct effect on the picture: read this simple article (with some info on the DOF) by leo at:

REGARDLESS it is film or digital, SLR or P&S camera (nikon, canon, olymous, LEica or minolta..), the basic equation is the same:

Aperture Value (on the lens section) | Shutter Speed (Camera section) = Exposure

4. From : anil (
Url : http://
Date : 03:58 AM Saturday 08 September, 2007

how can i adjust shutter speed, which is the good lens aparture setting, i used to set @ 22, i use nikom d40 cam DSLR pls reply

5. From : Conrad Bender (
Url : http://
Date : 07:36 PM Friday 07 September, 2007

What switches the power from the batteries in the Nikon EM? I bought mine at a pawn shop a few years ago. It takes great photos, but the only way I can keep the batteries from dying is to loosen the door. Thanks for any info you can provide.

6. From : rick oleson (
Url :
Date : 10:24 AM Tuesday 04 September, 2007

Hi John Speaking just for myself, I haven't got the faintest clue what the heck you're talking about. Maybe one of our 21st century types will be able to help.....

7. From : John Wolf (
Url : http://
Date : 11:37 PM Monday 03 September, 2007

Can anyone tell me what the bit count is on the A/D converter in a Coolpix 8800. I can't find that spec anywhere, not even at nikon. Thanks.

8. From : rick oleson (
Url :
Date : 10:03 AM Monday 03 September, 2007

Hi Christine:

First, make sure the camera is set to A.

Then, in the EM, the meter will still not work when you first start out, until you have advanced the film up to where it reads Frame 1 on the film counter. Up to that point it acts like it has a dead meter. If it still won't give you a reading after the counter is up to Frame 1, you may have a problem with the camera.

9. From : rick oleson (
Url :
Date : 09:59 AM Monday 03 September, 2007

Hi Billy:

I don't have an FG available, I can only think of 2 things to suggest: First, make sure that the shutter speed dial is set to either the A or P setting; and second, remember not to look at the meter display until the frame counter is advanced to #1 (If I recall correctly the FG, like the EM, keeps the meter disabled during loading up to Frame 1 on the counter).

If it's still acting up, you may have a problem.

10. From : Jim Wilson (
Url :
Date : 07:17 AM Monday 03 September, 2007

Hi Billy,
Your light seal question is answered immediately below your post, in my last one. John Goodman sells a kit of enough material to take care of six bodies for $6. You can spend twice as much for enough material to do one body, from other eBay sellers. I have a sneaking suspicion that those people probably buy his kits and divide them by six. If not, they should, because Jon's material is perfect for the job. He also throws in good instructions and a little wooden tool, which comes in handy. His kit also has mirror damper foam, which your camera also probably needs, as it goes bad about the same time as the light seals.

The first one I did took about an hour and a half. The second probably took an hour, including the mirror damper foam. The most time-consuming part is just cleaning the old gummy seal material out of the grooves. Either benzine (lighter fluid) or denatured alcohol are recommended by Jon, but I tried both and felt that the denatured alcohol worked better on Nikon light seal material.

I don't have a solution to your other question, since I haven't had that problem, but Rick probably does.

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