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Nikon F3 - widely regarded as one of the most reliable electronic camera of all time and it was also the longest serving Nikon F-Series SLR camera. This evergreen model remains a hot favorite among many working pro and serious amateurs As every individual photographer has his own personal style to express himself and that includes how one handles his own photographic tools, this section allows you to share your knowledge & mutual experience using the camera. Some of the opinion presented within the site was specifically my personal experience and I do not wish to influence any decision prior to any potential purchases or disposal. You may make use of this convenience here to present your own views. Enjoy.

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1. From : A P (
Url : http://
Date : 01:08 PM Wednesday 24 October, 2001

when shooting a nikon F3 with a SB16 flash in TTL mode, do I just set the flash to TTL, adjust the the camera to a 1/60th of a second and shoot? Does it matter what F Stop it's at? As long as the red light in the lens comes up after I fire without blinking, it's a good exposure, right? thanks!

2. From : Walt (
Url : http://
Date : 01:19 AM Tuesday 23 October, 2001


I posted this on the KEH site also, but here it is again. Check the following:

The fellow there, John White, will convert your non-AI lens to AI configuration for $25.00. He normally turns them around in 3-4 days. It's well worth the cost if you plan to keep the lens. Having to use the "stop-down" method of setting exposure can be a pain, and it's slow.



3. From : jensen (
Url : http://
Date : 06:58 PM Monday 22 October, 2001

OF cause the meter will work. But as your lens is a NON-ai lens (old doesn't mean it is not an AI lens), the method of getting the meter readout inside the LCD panel is different. See three messages below (Mr. Jwoods's explanation) and master the way how stop-down metering works. If you want your lens works normally (mount, meter and shoot in AUTO or meter manually without performing stopped down metering) with a Nikon F3, ask around and give your old Nikkor lens an AI-MODIFICATION.

4. From : Daniel Minor (
Url : http://
Date : 04:56 PM Monday 22 October, 2001

I have a Nikon F3 and I was wondering if the light meter would work if I was using a Non AI lense.

5. From : Walt (
Url : http://
Date : 03:21 AM Friday 19 October, 2001

To: Jeong Seock, Kim

Kodak makes a digital camera back, but it is only for the medium-format cameras such as Hasselblad, Bronica, Mamiya, etc. Most of the firms making digital camera backs produce them for the medium-format cameras and the 4x5 large format units such as Horseman, Linhof & others. I heard some time ago that a company made digital backs for the Nikon F-series cameras, but was not able to find any information on it today. Digital backs are very expensive, and it would be cheaper to get one of the current models such as the Nikon D1H or D1X, the Canon D30 or others. The cheapest digital back I saw listed on the web was over $5,000 US, and went up to over $45,000 US for some of the better 4x5 units.



Url : http://
Date : 12:21 AM Friday 19 October, 2001

I heared there's a digital-back for F3 made by KODAK.
Anyone who has an information about it,please let me know.

7. From : JWoods (
Url : http://
Date : 03:17 PM Wednesday 17 October, 2001

In relation to wALT's guide to Eveleigh's doubt over his/her Nikkor s-c auto 50mm f1.4 lens; I would like to add a few lines to wALT's excellent explanation: First, Eveleigh has to determine whether the lens has already been modified to AI-spec (see: If it is, you can freely use the lens with the F3 without any adjustment to the metering system. But if its is NOT been converted and remains as a NON-AI lens, your older Nikkor lens can still be used on a Nikon F3 but the metering process is different (you cannot use the camera meter inside the LCD as a guide anymore, that is not correct because the camera metering circuit is tuned to work with an AI Nikkor lens at full aperture). Don't get confused , just follow the procedures mentioned here: WHENEVER you need to get a proper metering before taking a picture with an older non-modified AI Nikkor lens, you will need to press the depth of field preview and follow the metering guide (usually the aperture) shown at the LCD panel. IF your lens is already a AI-Nikkor lens, just SHOOT NORMALLY as you wish and NO ADJUSTMENT IS REQUIRED and Ignore the earlier link(s). Sometimes, we called this process as "Stopped Down Metering" and it is usually used with lenses (or attachments such as older Bellow unts, extendion ring sets etc.) that has not equipped with an automatic diaphragm linkage connected directly between lens and the camera.

8. From : wALT (
Url : http://
Date : 11:12 PM Tuesday 16 October, 2001


The lens you have sounds like it's one of the older Nikkor lenses that are not compatible with the F3's metering system. You would have to manually set the shutter speeds and apertures with this lens.

The E-series lenses are not the standard Nikon (Nikkor) lenses. These were made to be mass-produced and are not of the same build quality of the standard Nikkor lenses.

I would recommend you trade the older lens in on an AI or AIS 50mm f1.4 if you want the automatic metering features available with the F3.


9. From : Eveleigh (
Url : http://
Date : 07:40 PM Tuesday 16 October, 2001

I have just bought a second-hand f3 and it came with a Nikkor s-c auto 50mm f1.4 lens. I have found it difficult to find a basic guide to the different range of Nikkor lenses, and don't know what the issues are concerning this lens. How does it differ from the standard e-series lenses and is there anything i should know about before using it? Is it worse quality than most 50mm mf Nikkor lenses, and should I dump it for something else? Can anyone shed any light on this area, if so I would be grateful?

10. From : Matthew (
Url : http://
Date : 07:09 PM Monday 15 October, 2001

I have a question for the maintainers: I have a Nikon F3 w/eye-level finder. I really hate to use the F3 flash because I have another FM and I wanted to keep only a single flash and over the years, that is why I won't able to enjoy flash photography with my F3 at all. Now supposedly, I want to use the Nikon DP-4 (???) finder (the one which has a standard ISO accessory shoe on top of the prism) with my basic F3, can it be done and is flash photography restore normally with such a combination ? I am asking this because I heard that special finder came as a standard package along with the Nikon F3P. Thank you and by the way, this is a GREAT resource site for Nikon cameras !

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