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1. From : eric neslon (
Url :
Date : 09:29 AM Saturday 08 January, 2005

I'm about to purchase a F-1n w/nicad pack and charger and was wondering if I can switch the charger setting so I can use it in Asia where the voltage is 220. The store I'm about to buy from has no idea. Thanks! Eric

2. From : Eric Vallord (
Url : http://
Date : 12:57 AM Saturday 08 January, 2005

I recently bought for 300 euros a mint F1n and a mint50 f1.4 SSC. This camera seems to work perfectly but I noticed 2 little holes up and down on the right side of the camera, both covered with a little plastic piece.(On my camera, one of this two little pieces is missing) .I'm very curious to know the utility of those holes and if I need to cover the hole without protection? Thank you for any information Eric

3. From : Steve Zmak (
Url :
Date : 03:25 AM Friday 07 January, 2005

Where is the mirror lock located on an F-1?

4. From : Dennis (
Url :
Date : 07:26 AM Thursday 06 January, 2005

Doug, the rewind engage switch is mechanical. Sounds like the mechanism is sticking ... your could try to oil it. If the nF-1 loses battery power ... physically remove the battery.
The only function you lose is ... the light meter and shutter speeds below 1/90s (except Bulb).

5. From : doug nelson (
Url :
Date : 10:56 PM Monday 03 January, 2005

Thank you for your help. Playing around with this problem over the holidays, I found that if I push down on the rewind crank arm when its folded all the way out, that the connection is made and the film rewinds. I will have to run a lot more film through this camera before I feel confident enough to take it on an important shoot as my only camera. BTW, if this connection is electrical, then I really DON'T have a functioning meterless camera if the battery dies. REALLY glad to have an older F-1 as a backup.

6. From : Dennis (
Url :
Date : 06:00 AM Saturday 25 December, 2004

Doug, the rewind knob has a switch built in that engages the rewind spool only when the rewind knob handle is in position. This is great with a winder as your left hand does not get damaged if the rewind knob is spinning (which it won't). Sounds like the switch (which is a silver rod in the middle of the rewind knob if you lift the handle up) is stuck in the down position. Try to see if you can free it.

7. From : Doug Nelson (
Url :
Date : 02:06 AM Friday 24 December, 2004

I have a possible explanation if not a solution for my own problem.
The New F-1 was designed with motor drives in mind. Apparently there is an interlock between the rewind switch, over by the shutter, and the rewind knob/crank. Maybe, over time, the detent that holds the rewind swtch in the rewind position wears, and it slips out of the rewind mode. When that happens, the winder will not rewind film. Opening the camera back is no way to test it, because the winder freewheels with the back open, because the rewind switch flips back to normal. I will test it with a discarded roll of film and keep you folks posted. If I encountered this on a 24 year old camera, you may, also. It may be possible to hold the rewind switch in the rewind position WHILE winding the film. Its worth a try. Its one reason to like the old F-1 better.

8. From : Doug Nelson (
Url :
Date : 12:22 AM Friday 24 December, 2004

Have tried three F-1n's trying to find a functional sample. All have come from reputable dealers. Finally, I have one with an accurate meter, and I find the rewind knob free-wheels when I try to wind back the film. This points to poor design in what is supposed to be a professional tool. I see no way to repair it myself. Glad I have a second version F-1 as a back-up. That F-1 has been absolutely flawless. The F-1n has that wonderfully bright viewfinder, using a J screen, but the litany of shutter problems brought out on this and other sites is not encouraging. If you want an F-1n, buy a Bargain sample at and send it straightaway for a CLA. At $500, the F-1n seems overpriced. You can get a working second version for $200 or less.

9. From : Rafal (
Url : http://
Date : 05:03 AM Sunday 12 December, 2004

hello. I had a problem. I can buy a METZ 45 CT-1 flash, and i want to know something about it and how it works with New F-1? Have someone any experience? Thank You for help Rafal

10. From : Harold Sugden (
Url : http://
Date : 02:52 PM Thursday 09 December, 2004

The Canon, manual, 100mm f4, FD macro uses the BT-52 lens hood. Will a BT-52B hood fit and store backwards on the 100mm, f4 lens.

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