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1. From : Lindy (
Url : http://
Date : 09:29 PM Thursday 27 November, 2003

Mattias, I picked up a super mint- 400mm 2.8 L for $1600 US. Check out the ad as the pics are still up. Its an awsome 13 pound optic and I am quite happy with it. Check it out...
Smitty. Concerning the date of yout camera, look in the film compartment. You will likely find a letter and numbers. This is the date code. Tell me what that stamped ink mark says and I'll give you its month and year made. Lindy

2. From : Smitty (
Url : http://
Date : 02:00 PM Thursday 27 November, 2003

I am trying to find out the month and year that my F-1N's were manufactured. I think that it has to do with the letter codes on the inside of the camera, but I don't know how to read them. Any help is greatly appreciated.

3. From : Matthias (
Url : http://
Date : 03:25 AM Wednesday 26 November, 2003

Hi Lindy, good that you tell me the 50-300L is not so important to have. You are right, the 2,8/300L is enough, and it is very good indeed. Another lens I love very much is the FD 4/80-200L, the later version with aspherical lens and UD-glass. In this case I can say it is at least as good as the primes if not better. The pictures are extremely sharp and brilliant. I had the older version without "L", it is good but the "L" is much better. I used it very often with my T90 about until ten years ago because it is great. I bought a mint one some weeks ago. I tested the 20-35L and must say it is very good indeed. And more useful than the older 24-35L. One of my favorite lenses even nowadays is the FD 1,2/85L which I am very proud to own.

4. From : Mike (
Url :
Date : 01:12 PM Saturday 22 November, 2003

Hi, Fellow F-1 users. Does anyone know why Canon changed the Finnish on the New F-1 Camera? It doesn’t appear to be very durable. Thanks. Mike

5. From : Mark Wahlster (
Url : http://
Date : 11:32 AM Friday 14 November, 2003

Marco, Do a search on ebay for Canon Dipoter you are looking for those labled as being R as in Diopter R -05 there are a number of them currently on ebay. being sold by a seller villagepeddler I know him and his descriptions can be trusted. The one's labled S fit the A series as well as the FT FTb FTb-n TLb TX FX EF and the T series

6. From : Marco Parodi (
Url : http://
Date : 02:01 AM Friday 14 November, 2003

Hello to all F1 lovers. I am a very recent New F-1 user. May I add a corrective lens to the eyepiece ring? Thanks very much!

7. From : Lindy Stone (
Url : http://
Date : 07:32 AM Thursday 13 November, 2003

Matthais, I once owned the 50-300mm L zoom. It was so huge! I replaced it with a mint in the box 50mm-300mm f4.5 Nikon zoom which I found lighter and better balanced and optically better too. I have a Canon N mount converter so it allows me to use Nikon glass too. Personally I would say your 300mm f2.8 L has this focal length covered for you. That is unless you want 1 of everything. Yes the 20-35 zoom does not rank up with the primes. Handy yes, but primes are typically superior to zooms. Thats great you own the EOS 200mm f1.8L. The FD version is quite rare. As people move towards autofocus and digital we will be able to fill out lens systems. Lucky Us! Lindy

8. From : Matthias (
Url : http://
Date : 06:08 AM Thursday 13 November, 2003

Hi Lindy, I also look for a FD1,8/200 and an 2,8/14L but even more I look for a 3,5/50-300L. I never saw one at ebay for instance. A few weeks ago I bought a FD 20-35L for 650 Euro which is about 690 US$ in austria in mint condition. I heard that this is a great lens but at photodo they rate it only 3.3 which is not more than average. I own the EF version of the 1,8/200L and it is really great! Only a little heavy (3kg). A few month ago I also bought a mint FD 2,8/300L of which I was dreaming long time for 1500 Euro.

9. From : Lindy Stone (
Url : http://
Date : 02:00 AM Thursday 13 November, 2003

I hear you Raid! I am going to reconsider my bias towards the T-90. TTL flash would be a bonus as would the lighter weight. My eyes are opened, Thank You! Lindy

10. From : Lindy Stone (
Url : http://
Date : 08:13 PM Sunday 09 November, 2003

A mint FD 14mm f2.8L is on my want list too so global universe, please keep me in mind??? The FD 200mm f1.8 shows up occasionally at KEH for $3,300 in EX and $2,500 in BARBAIN grade. Tough item, as Canon made far more in EOS mount than FD mount. KEH has a EX condition FD 20-35L right now I think $700. Good Luck! Lindy

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