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1. From : mark wahlster (
Url : http://
Date : 09:20 PM Tuesday 17 June, 2003

Well what you say about the F-1N being an older camera with limited spares available is true. BUT I just had my 1953 Leica IIIf RD completely restored it required no new parts and I expect it to run like a new camera for the next 15-20 years. The same will hold true with a F-1N there will always be parts cameras that a needed part can be gotten from as time goes on the demand will drop for the camera while the ones who enjoy using it will be able to pick up parts cameras for reasonable costs. IF the camera ever even needs any work beyond a simple CLA. to make sure the shutter and meter are working properly and maybe to knock some dust out of things. remember these are cameras designed for well over 100,000 cycles (I have heard as high as 450,000 quoted from Canon sources) That's one heck of a long time especially if you are working more then one camera and not a paid PRO using it as your daily camera.Sure the latest wiz bang EF or Digital might be great cameras but I will venture that very very very few of them will out last the F-1N even with there being over 16 years newer. The F-1N can even be operated by AA bateries with a simple conversion battery pack (Canon made these for cold weather and long exposures and they can be made from parts bought at any Radio Shack store) heck you could fit 4 1.5V button cells in place of the PX-28 and it would work jsut fine. So batteries won't limit the life of the body.

AND remember the great Canon FD optics as long as clean will record the same high quality images on film as when new only now we the little people can afford them. When a Canon 80-200mm f4.0L zoom can be bought in EX+ conditon for less then $500.00 the Canon FD line-up looks pretty good compared to the EOS EF stuff. Heck you can get one of the sharpest 50mm lenses ever made for $25.00 off ebay the Canon 50mm f1.8 nFD. Beat that in a new system.

I say use then until the shutter won't move and your kids kids can't figure out how to get it open to put the film in!!! unless your under 40 my guess is most F-1N's will out live you or me!

2. From : dhs (
Url : http://
Date : 12:22 PM Tuesday 17 June, 2003

Hi Paul, F-1's are great cameras indeed. You may want to ask yourself if you can afford to keep the cameras. Today, you can still get F-1's repaired. Eventually parts will be gone, and in the long run, it may be cheaper for you to switch to a new system. If you decide to switch to a new system, you may want to rent the cameras and lenses and see if you like them. Or you can gradually phase out your older cameras (selling it piece by piece). The new Canon EOS lenses are designed very well and very sharp. good luck dh

3. From : Paul Gaecke (
Url : http://
Date : 10:29 AM Tuesday 17 June, 2003

I've found and bookmarked the wonderful websites on the Canon F1N and Canon FD lenses. Whoever has put the effort into creating these wonderful resources -- congratulations -- and thanks!

I have an extensive 'system' of F1N's, a couple of bodies, seven lenses, different viewfinders, drives, etcetera. I have used this equipment to make some wonderful photographs over the years, including a lot of shots of a variety of indoor and outdoor, fast-moving sports. The equipment has been great. The cameras are like old friends.

I'll admit that I am being attracted into the digital age. At the same time, I'm tiring of carrying all the weight around that using my F1N's requires. I love my Canon G2 digital, and I've tried to downsize my 35mm equipment with a recent investment in a Contax G2 and three lenses. I'm really attracted to the new Canon EOS 10D digital ands the line of EF lenses. But, as I said, the F1N's and their lenses and accessories are really old friends. They don't have the capabilities as some of the newer equipment, but the images I make with them are still pretty doggone good! I'm really in a quandry. Do I 'divorce' myself from my old loves? Do I pare my system down and invest the proceeds into the EOS 10D? Do I sell everything and use just the Contax G2 for film and an EOS 10D for digital images? Do I want to take the time to learn how to use new equipment, when I know my F1N' 'by heart'? I don't expect anyone here to provide me with answers. It just helps to talk about my quandry with folks who I know understand.

4. From : Jakub (
Url : http://
Date : 04:15 AM Sunday 15 June, 2003

I`m looking for electric scheme of new F1

5. From : L. Harvey (
Url : http://
Date : 12:43 PM Thursday 12 June, 2003

This is a damn good website - I was refer by a co-NF1 user via mail. I think we should get in more people to participate in this forum further, the key is how to promote this board to reach out to the right users as Kenneth pointed out correctly in his earlier posting. The New F-1 is a great camera at its own time and it deserves a dedicated site such as this to ensure all FD-users in able to share information and support each other at a same spot such as this great forum. For this development effort, I salute the amount of work spent in creating such a wonderful resources. Great stuff. p.s. I will spread the words around.

6. From : Kenneth W. BT, Dr (
Url : http://
Date : 09:35 AM Monday 09 June, 2003

I like this camera. It may not be the best in the world right now, but photography is not solely about how fast it can focus nor how well the frame has been exposed. The F-1 camera is very dependable and almost is my only camera that I would bring along in a long trip to my regular fast east business trips. It is simple to use especially when attaching with an AE finder. I am glad that this message baord finally has an official host and I will keep checking the postings whenever I can. I have seen Mark's active involement at the various canon forum and I am convinced he is the right guy to handle the appointment. The next thing is just how to spread across to other F-1 users via promotion. This is an excellent website (the best thus far in terms of originality and richness in content relating to MF cameras) for Canon (and other classic series SLR of other makes). Keep up with the good works. With my warmest regards and appreciation from the highland of Mexico. Cheers !

7. From : Lindy (
Url : http://
Date : 03:21 PM Sunday 08 June, 2003

The in-the-box LA F-1N will be a display item, though all the F-1 do benefit from routine excersize so it will get occasional and careful use. When it arrives, it will reside with the earliest known OD F-1n, the earliest serial number known mechanical F-1 and a few other mint- or better F-1 F-1n and F-1N in my glass display. My primary film shooter now is a AE F-1N with 5 fps drive. I do sure like collecting the F-1. KEH has a similar olympic 84 issue right now in the box also at $1269. I thought $725 was a reasonable BIN price considering that current KEH list price. Not many LA F-1N owners kept their boxes and thats what really what I wanted too, so it limited my options on this issue.

8. From : Mark Wahlster (
Url : http://
Date : 07:50 AM Sunday 08 June, 2003

Lindy, I have only seen the LA in auctions on ebay. Will you be using it or will it sit the shelf? I have a couple of Canons I consider to be part of a collection (FTb black EF, an early AE-1) but I really try not to get somehthing I won't be using. I think if I could get one of the RARER F-1's I would like one of the origional OD green F-1's just for the novelty. I am though working my way to getting a number of the first version FD lenses the ones with the Chrome nose I already have a 35mm f2.0 55mm f1.2 and a 100mm f2.8 and always looking for a nice one to add. Currently my favorite Canon in my "collection" is my Demi S half frame so cute and such a great little camera. Who else has both users and collectables??

9. From : Lindy (
Url : http://
Date : 09:32 PM Saturday 07 June, 2003

Hi Mark! Nice to see you are moderating the F-1N board. I am awaiting the arrival of a LA issue F-1N which included the original packaging also. I have owned 6 F-1N but never an Olympic issue. I hope its as nice as described(or better). The 4 key pieces are in yellow paint, not white, so its all correct. The last in the box F-1 I got was a disappointment. The box was real nice but the camera was a solid 8 and no better. So I wait...

10. From : Mark Wahlster (
Url : http://
Date : 02:56 PM Tuesday 03 June, 2003

Well thanks, Since I am to be a moderator of this fine message board I would like to welcome anyone who has been lurking waiting for someone to ask just the right question to pull them in to the spotlight. If everyone just asked one or to questions we could pull a number of topics to discuss and see what we can all learn. The subject is a fine camera and one of my very favorites. And I have a whole bunch to chose from 13 FD mount bodies all told and I still have a couple more I would like to own. I have both the user (15-30 rolls of film in an average around home working each day month) I'm not a pro by any means and maybe more of a collector then I should be. I'm likely to pack up a 1/2 dozen cameras to go some where and then find a great opertunity along the way only to learn I only have the film in a couple of the cameras to make due with as I never thought to bring extra. I problem I am working on.

Does anyone on the board use their F-1N with long lenses? Mine is almost always mounted to either my 400mm f4.5 nFD w/2X-A or my 500mm f4.5L S.S.C.w/1.4X-A or 2X-A and sometimes ever a FD 15 or 25 tube in the mix to incress the mag even more for backyard birds with no real loss of light. The viewfinder display combined with the Super bright series of screens is ideal for work in the 400mm - 800mm range in my opinion. I'm hoping to add a second one with an AE finder soon so I can mount up both lenses.


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