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1. From : mark wahlster (
Url : http://
Date : 03:57 AM Monday 09 February, 2004

Micheal, Canon did produce a camera that allows you to work just the way you seam to want it's called a T90. check out it's abilities. Just like Chevy producing a hlaf dozen different pickup truck models. Canon did different things with different cameras to suit different users. A pro in 1982 would have had a choice of a F-1N and an A-1 both excellent cameras and both with different capabilities. By 1984 the T90 was on the market that when combined with an F-1N makes a very hard to beat combo. My "Working Kit" (as apposed to my total Canon Fd mount collection) is made up of 2)T90's one normally has a D screen the other normally has a B screen and the Command Back 90, The other half of my "Working Kit" is 2) F-1N's both equiped with AE winder FN's (unless the job doesn't require them like macro) I include Eye Level finder FN AE finder FN Waist level finder FN and SpeedFinder FN along with all 6 of the super brite mnatte screens a AE, PE, AD, and AL screens. This combo of four bodies and accessories when used with my large lens collection allows me to do anything from a wedding to macro to remote operation widlife to super telephoto (up to 1000mm w/FD optics)to street photography with a classic 35mm f2.0 Chrome nose B&W lens, to astrophotography when combned with my Meade ETX-90 UHTC telescope. So the system works anyway you desire.

You should just buy more system. and before you think I'm some rich guy I drive trucks for $15.00 an hour I just have my priorities slanted towrads Canon Fd equipment and not a new car or truck to drive etc. Canon FD offers just about everything even limited AF

2. From : Michael Wolf (
Url : http://
Date : 06:32 PM Sunday 08 February, 2004

"Comments on the lack of exposure lock" Thanks for your reply Mister K. Considering the F-1n as a full manual camera is surely the right way to handle the spot metering - option. I only wondered, why the designers of this system don't give me the chance to combine every feature in a sensfull way and let me decide the way I want to work. I think also with integral-metering the AE-lock would be a good feature. But it seems that not so many people are missing it. Maybe trying it out myself will change my point of view. Cheers. Michael

3. From : steve (
Url :
Date : 08:38 PM Thursday 05 February, 2004

Lindy, Thanks for your thoughts. I have checked out the site you recommended. I agree that with the back construction of the new F1, it shouldn't be at all difficult for a company such as Kodak or Leaf to manufacture a full frame digital kit to replace the back and power winder or drive. Surely with all those F1, A1 and other FD system users about, there must be some sort of viability to such a modification. I'd be very surprised if Canon itself would ever offer any 'new age' FD system bits and pieces. Please keep me informed if you find out any more. Regards Steve.

4. From : Mister K (
Url : http://
Date : 10:52 AM Thursday 05 February, 2004

Rafal, I take my F-1n on camping trips. I have gone in the winter. I have had no problems with snow. The only issue that you may encounter is the cold. If the battery gets too cold it may not provide enough power. Keep the camera in your coat when not in use. Snow falling on the camera will not penetrate the seals ... even if it melts. I have even left my camera out in the rain (though not on purpose). The camera was left on a tripod while it rained overnight. In the morning I remember I left it out. There was no evident water penetration but I did find out that water leaked into the bottom plate due to poor seal (I had dropped the camera before so the bottom plate was bent slightly). One of the contacts was corroded. I cleaned it and resoldered it and now it is working again. The F-1n's seals are very good against water penetration, so I think you should feel safe with it. Note that if the battery gets cold and does not provide power ... remove the battery and shoot using the mechanical shutter release (guess at the exposure).

5. From : Lindy (
Url :
Date : 01:34 AM Thursday 05 February, 2004

I just put the Horseman link into my homepage link below my name and email addy. See above ^^^. I guess it does't look as bulky as I remembered i the Horseman being. Its still no F-1N. So please disregard my initial reflections. They have more info now concerning Nikon F glass compatability at their site. One last point. The Horseman is full frame. The Nikon D100 you borrowed from your friend is not. For me this has been the barrier to 35mm digital. I like wide angle and super wide angle and rectilinear glass. Unless you have a full frame sensor you'll never get the wide view. Not even close. Nikon has been slow to offer full frame digital and instead is marketing a specific line of glass to breifly fill the smaller sensor niche. Canon EOS has a full frame sensor body for $8,000. Of course your L series Canon FD glass is useless with the $8k EOS body. Lindy

6. From : Lindy (
Url : http://
Date : 12:45 AM Thursday 05 February, 2004

Steve, Thats that BIG questionthats been on my mind too. No full frame or partial frame digital backs exist for F-1, F-1, F-1N. I understand a medium format digital body builder may offer a FD mount body, I think its called Horseman DigiFlex? They have a Nikon mount option for it although it is made for the larger format glass. So FD shouldn't be impossible? The body however , to me, looks very primitive with sharp edges and an odd super bulky looking view finder and it is not at all ergonomic looking when compared to AE winder mounted F-1N combo. I think the best option for us FD system users would be a full frame digital back as opposed to entire body fabricated for FD glass. Luckily for us all our F-1 family of bodys are made to remove the film door so to attach the bulk backs instead. One problem is Canon no longer provides parts for FD System so some manufacturers may overlook us compared to the Nikon F mount shooters. Lindy

7. From : steve (
Url :
Date : 09:38 PM Wednesday 04 February, 2004

I have had a Canon F1 in excellent condition for some years now, with a wide selection of FD -L lenses. Having recently picked up a friend's Nikon D-100, I was very much aware of the differences in build quality and general 'feel' of the cameras - let alone the lenses. I would love to know if any manufacturer produces a quality digital film back for the new F1?

8. From : mark wahlster (
Url : http://
Date : 12:58 PM Sunday 01 February, 2004

The New F-1 is perfectly suited to any working enviroment you are period. You can read about the special sealing it has on Christians Canon FD site at:

go to the New F-1 world book pages:

I can assure you that you will be done long before your Canon F-1N is bothered by the weather. But it sure wouldn't hurt it to be careful especially in very wet conditions. Mark W.

9. From : Rafal (
Url : http://
Date : 05:34 AM Sunday 01 February, 2004

Hello all I have a question, about New Canon F1 and bad weather. I make photo on open air in snow, and i want to know, how danger it is for my camera? Maybe someone have a experience with bad wether(snow/rain ). thanks for answer Greetings Rafal

10. From : mark wahlster (
Url : http://
Date : 02:08 PM Saturday 31 January, 2004

The current price on Canon F-1's runs from about $100.00 for a parts or repair grade first version to $600.00+ for a near mint NEW F-1 with AE finder the Olympic versions in mint conditon can bring even more. Your question is a lot like asking what is a chevy 3/4 ton pickup worth? What version, what condition (mechanical optical and cosmetic), what finder, how long since it has been serviced or has it been serviced, Is it a special variation (US Navy, Olympics, High speed, Olive drab) we would need to know a LOT more about it to appraise it with any hope of being accurate.

But you might do well to just do a search on ebay for what they sell for find one the smae as yours that will give you a ballpark figure. Retail shops tend to be 10-25% more then Ebay. I just sold a great working condition F-1N body with eye level finder a couple of dents some brassing for $275.00USD on ebay this week.

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