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1. From : jason m. land (
Url : http://
Date : 02:53 AM Saturday 24 April, 2004

i'm wondering if there's anyone here that can provide some advice. i have a canon F1n which i accidentally left outside during a heavy rainstorm (i'm still kicking myself for being so stupid). needless to say, the camera is not working now. i dried and aired it out as best as i could, perhaps in vain. currently, the shutter will only fire if i remove the battery from the camera. doing so only gives me one shutter speed (i think) regardless of the setting on the shutter speed dial (i.e. i get the same results at 1/2000 as i do at 1/2. also, the bulb function does work properly.

when i put the battery back in the camera, the shutter does not function at all (even with a brand new battery).

does anyone have any thoughts or advice on this situation? the camera was working fine before this mishap, but the body has a lot of brassing and wear and tear. i'm wondering if i should go to the time and expense to try and fix this? or maybe i should try to sell it on ebay as a fixer-upper camera? or am i at a total loss? any help would be greatly appreciated! please feel free to email me directly. thanks! jason

2. From : mark wahlster (
Url : http://
Date : 01:06 PM Friday 16 April, 2004

If you are talking about a meter probe. It won't do you much good with a 35mm camera as you aren't going to be able to have it at the film plane like you could with a View camera or a field camera that uses film holders. There would be no way to have the probe at the film plane when there was film in the camera. And you would have to figure out what the compensation was if you used it through the viewfinder as it would not be a direct reading with the light loss from the mirror screen and prism all lowering the amount of light hitting the probe.

You would be WAY ahead to just use a reflective flash meter and meter the light hitting your subject. Or if not possible then rely on an incedence reading.

The T90's special flash abilities (TTL) is only available with the 300TL flash and some limited TTL is available with some of the later EF mount flashes.

3. From : James McCulloch (
Url : http://
Date : 06:01 PM Thursday 15 April, 2004

Re the ML3 flash for the F1n. There is a very useful acessory made my Minolta that could help with getting correct flash exposures. Its their FlashmeterIV that has a special cable attached between the flashmeter and the film plane or viewfinder. I have seen this set up and its one way of getting round the fact that the Caon F1n does not have TTL capapbility. You may wish to consider getting a T90 instead that has very versatile flash metering capabilities when linked to a 300TL.

4. From : mark wahlster (
Url : http://
Date : 10:32 AM Wednesday 14 April, 2004

Alistair Mack, Are you looking for a diopter so you don't need to wear your glasses while shooting or do you just want the rubber ring etc. If you are looking for diopters email me direct I collected up a number of sources for a poster a couple of posts below yours. If you are looking for the retaining ring and rubber eye gaurd EBAY is a great place to find them. If you have the retaining ring Kalt makes a egg shape eyecup that when removed from the metal holder fits the F-1's perfectly I use these instead of the hard rubber ones that were origonal. Do a search on ebay for "Canon F1 eyecup"; "canon F1 rubber"; "canon F1 ring" I just checked and currently there is only an eyecup. But just a couple of days ago a new retaining ring and rubber ring sold for under $16.00 Good luck don't bid over about $25.00 as they aren't that hard to find.

5. From : Alistair Mack (
Url : http://
Date : 03:20 AM Wednesday 14 April, 2004

I wear glasses and I am looking for an eyepiece for my F1n. Unfortunatley the retaining ring is missing also. 1) Does anyone no where I would find original Canon parts. 2) Is there another way round my problem using alternative parts. I am visiting USA later this year any good secondhand Canon shops in San Francisco, LA or New York? Thanks in anticipation.

6. From : Paul Gaecke (
Url : http://
Date : 11:29 PM Sunday 11 April, 2004

I sent the following message to the "board minder" by private e-mail, but I thought it best to post it publicly as well... I hope you might be able to assist me in answering a question. I would like to do some macro photography using a Canon ring lite, but I am confused as to which ring lite will work best with the F-1N. The Canon ML-3 macro ring lite is readily available from camera stores or eBay, while the earlier ring lite models (ML-1 and ML-2?) are not.

I understand that the F-1N has no TTL capability with strobes. But is the ML-3 ring lite at all compatible with the F-1N? Is it compatible only with manual calculation of exposures and bracketing? Obviously, I would like to be able to use a ring lite that would permit exposures at smaller apertures at the fixed 1/90 synch speed in order to achieve greater DOF. If the duration of the flash on the ML-3 is controlled with a sensor on the flash ring itself it might be useable with the F-1N. But it's unclear whether that feature even exists (the ML-3 manual seems to be written for use by owners of later Canon camera models, the A2, T90 and the like) and doesn't describe how or if the ML-3 can be used with an F-1N with FD lenses. Any comment you can make regarding this conundrum would be greatly appreciated.

7. From : Tom Cook (
Url : http://
Date : 07:53 AM Thursday 08 April, 2004

I'm looking for dioptric correction eyepieces for the F1n. Does anyone have a source?

8. From : Mark Wahlster (
Url : http://
Date : 01:01 PM Tuesday 30 March, 2004

Jose, YOU need the manual for your motor drive you can find an online copy at:

Christians site has most every other Canon FD manual made and he is always looking for ones he does not have. His site is at: he does not how ever have the AE motor drive FN manual. hope this helps

9. From : jose sanchez (
Url : http://
Date : 06:58 AM Tuesday 30 March, 2004

Please, I have got one doubt and I´d need please advice about this subject: I bought a Canon F-1 New some months ago and within some weeks I added the AE Motor Drive FN set. The point is that the body camera (without the motor) came with a battery inside, but on adding the quoted AE motor drive FN, I installed twelve ordinary batteries inside the bottom part of the motor. My question is if I must take out the original battery (a different bigger one) that came inside the body on the right of the lens. On the other hand,at the lower right corner of the motordrive, there is a wheel with two letters, one L in red colour and one A in white colour together with a little white point. What´s the meaning of this? I beg your pardon and yours sincerely: José Sanchez

10. From : mark wahlster (
Url : http://
Date : 03:30 PM Saturday 20 March, 2004

There is no funtional advantage with the LA version over the std version the only differance is the logo. And possibly a little collector value. As to service Canon has not serviced these cameras for over 15 maybe 20 years. That said there are dozens upon dozens of highly qualified camera repair people all over the USA and almost every other major country that can service a F-1n being they are all mechanical while a replacement part might be needed on the rare occasion mostly what they need is a Clean Lube and Adjust. The 1.35V mecury batteries can be hard to find but there are many work arounds. From having the meter recalibrated (during a CLA) to Zinc Air hearing aid batteries to buying new Merc's at at 8.00 each (they last a very long time if you turn off the camera when not using it. To special adapters to add a voltage regulator into the circuit.

The F-1n is a great camera and the FD lenses are for the money about the best buy going. On ebay a 28mm f2.8 will sell for around $60.00 a 50mm f1.8 $25.00 and nice 135mm f3.5 60.00 and they range from 7.5mm to 800mm something for every one. I have 12 bodies and 45+ lenses (well right now it varies!)

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