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Industry wide indications and ceasing film body development by Pentax altogether in early 2003 more than suggest the manual focus Pentax LX will not be having an upgrade (except, perhaps for very rare Limited Edition Models hand assembled by special commission by the new HoyaPentax Corporation). In 2008 Pentax became a division of Hoya Corporation, which had together with Pentax released jointly developed professional grade optics (since 2005); Pentax has shifted its attention to development of auto focus Digital SLRs having build qualities constructed for the long run--now with weather seals--like the LX. You may use this site for common support and sharing of mutual users knowledge or experiences among yourselves. You may also use this message board as a guestbook for the advanced users Pentax SLR cameras from the LX forward, including many such auto focus film cameras, and Pentax digital SLR cameras. We keep the site going too for the WORD SEARCH FEATURE found here as to its magnificent K mount system user archives: as have been shared here for many years. Have an inquiry related to Pentax gear? First try KEYING IN YOUR KEY WORD(S) for a preexisting archived response on your subject of inquiry from this LX site. If your inquiry or sharing is from advanced users K10D, K20D, or K200D SLR needs, proceed on to t NEW PENTAX ADVANCED USERS K10D, K20D SLR site.

This LX site was specifically created for the great Pentax LX SLR camera model(s), and now has incorporated increased opportunity for an expanded interchange with the introductions of the Pentax K10D, K20D, and K200D SLRs to include advanced and professional digital user models. Interchange is encouraged with the intention to continue as a forum for advanced system users of past K-mount film based SLR systems and the mentioned Pentax DSLRs. With decreasing forum traffic here, and enthusiasts moving on with SLR digital imaging products futures, we hope the continued convenience of this site and its past Pentax advanced LX users data archives--provided by the database KEY WORD SEARCH FEATURE found here--can be very useful to you. Most past site user techniques, systems components, and lenses of Pentax advanced applications--as have been past examined by users on this site--are still of use regarding the newest Pentax SLRs. Please don't mail us with other than constructive suggestions or to rectify mistakes found within this site, thank you. Since this is a non-profitable resource site, maintained by professional and advanced system users, the developer of this site reserves the rights to censor or delete any inappropriate, unrelated, misleading or excessively hostile messages posted herein. If your intention is to dispose of your Pentax cameras or its accompanying accessories and/or you are looking for a used model, or even for any of its system components: please use a separate section with a higher volume of related traffic for these purposes: on the
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1. From : Mico (
Url : http://
Date : 02:34 PM Wednesday 10 March, 2004

Jay, as far as I can say from many pro-sources, there is no issue on "normal" and "tele" side of standard 35mm lens designs. The real bug is the wide end, and even that not necessarily. Any decent AL wide lens (and most of them ARE decent)can easily match 3/4 and reduced field digital lenses. One of the favourite lenses Pentax is still using for IST-D test images is FA-24/2.0 AL. Consumer-grade wide zooms could pose some problems, but in all cases it is only at the edges.I would not take it so seriously, after all they are trying to sell more lenses and the lenses, not cameras, are the real money-makers.

2. From : Ian (
Url : http://
Date : 11:14 AM Wednesday 10 March, 2004

OK, I need another body. I really want a mkII. But of course the temptation is to get a tatty daily driver (mkI) from Jessops and then put it in for a warranty repair. If you guy's have a mkII to sell, let me know. Good home guaranteed. - Ian.

3. From : Ian (
Url : http://
Date : 11:01 AM Wednesday 10 March, 2004

I popped into my local Jessops (295). I asked for all the film SLR's, ascending price. Just thought I'd better check out the status quo. Frazer, as always, was good enough to entertain me with such a nerd request. I was sadly disappointed. Even the F5 was a problem. Dammit! what's with Nikon putting a lock on every switch. It's so two-handed. I used to consider the zero lock-out on the LX's comp ring a design fault. I take it back. As for the rest, cheap plastic (good value feature-wise though). Nuff said. The one camera I really wanted to try out they didn't have - the MZ-S. Typical. - Ian.

4. From : Ian (
Url : http://
Date : 10:11 AM Wednesday 10 March, 2004

Jay. You pose a good question. My thoughts are that since your K's and M's do not require a firmware upgrade that is no longer available, and are thus not rendered unusable with, for example an LX body, I would suggest staying with your lenses. Good glass is good glass, is I guess what I'm saying. I take the 4/3rds thing with a pinch of salt. They come and go. It's difficult to see the future. 4/3rds smacks of dead and buried in 3 yrs to me. I'm guessing that resale values will drop, and so yes, maybe this is a good time to jump ships. I just have a problem with jumping on the current bandwagon. That being digital (aps, full frame, 4/3rds, plastic lenses etc. etc.). It's upgrade hell, and it'll never stop (Moore's law). My G4 needs to be a G5, but that's computing. It's always been that way. We're talking photography here - get the shot - everything else is recindent. Just my thoughts, nothing more. - Ian.

5. From : Adam Salatkhanov (
Url :
Date : 07:41 AM Wednesday 10 March, 2004

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6. From : Jay (
Url : http://
Date : 07:50 AM Monday 08 March, 2004

Thanks, Globetrotter, for you thoughts on the question I posed to LX lens users. Your book dazzels, that is for sure.
Any other thoughts on the lingering lens questions I posed by other LX system shooters? --Jay

Url :
Date : 01:58 AM Monday 08 March, 2004

The Olympus lenses designed for the 4/3rds system are extremely interesting, and I think maybe the whole industry would have jumped on that same bandwagon if 35mm SLR's didn't exist in their thousands.
Olympus has staked a lot of money in the new system, but unfortunately they are mainly targeting the pro-end of the market. This is good for keeping their name up there in the high-quality stakes, but it needs high sales to achieve their future goals - placing profits back into future advances.
The big names: Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Minolta, etc are all still almost completely involved in 35mm DSLR advancement, and certainly don't seem to be jumping on the same road as Olympus.
Pentax have already shown that it is possible to make a high-end DSLR with a small & lightweight strong body, plus small and lightweight lenses. Also, when an older SLR lens is placed on a DSLR body, it is mainly the central portion that is used. Most top lenses going back even 30-years have superb central sharpness and resolution, so I don't see the need to fork out on the newest versions just for the sake of thinking that they'll provide a sharper photo.

The more than 250 colour plates reproduced in my new book - Globetrotter's Quest - have provided me with massive amounts of confidence in remaining with transparency film for a while yet. It is a nice feeling when most people think that the photos were made on a large-format camera, and can’t believe that I actually used an old LX for most of the photographs!

8. From : Mico (
Url : http://
Date : 07:14 AM Sunday 07 March, 2004

Robert, I do not have MX for years (I sold last one in 1993) and I have to refresh my memory on the subject. There is one used MX in the photo store 5 min, from where I live, so I`ll come to see how the mirror rest should bring my memory on the spot. One thing is for shure, MX`s mirror rest has an air-dumper and therefore different aproach than LX.
I have never had SC-69 or any 6-Series LX screen, but 2-Series screens would give 1/3 F stop underexposure on MX. On the other hand, subjective improvement in finder brightnes is significant. It should be even more with 6-Series screen, and underexposure on MX could be arround 1/2 F stop. You can fix that by ASA dial, and finder brightnes is worth doing this little trick. Also, you can fairly easy permanentlly adjust MX for those new screens, but this is the other issue, since from that point you can not use original ones with accuracy. M.

9. From : Robert (
Url : http://
Date : 02:25 AM Sunday 07 March, 2004

Some months back I adjusted the focus on my LX as per instructions detailed by Mico. It is now very accurate - so, once again, thanks Mico.

I have just bought an MX and have a similar focus misalignment(it's focusing too far, beyond the object that I think i'm focusing on). So if Mico, or any one else could describe, carefully and in detail, how i could adjust the height of the mirror rest, I would be very grateful, cheers.

I also have a spare new LX focusing screen, the very good SC69, and have read that this would fit the MX. However, I have also read that, because of the brightness difference, it will throw the meter off and is therefore not suitable. Any comments on this? Would it actually improve the viewfinder brightness?

10. From : Jay (
Url : http://
Date : 12:55 AM Sunday 07 March, 2004

Alright lensmen, with the advent of new bodies only accepting lenses with the program contacts to function, what will be missed? I look at five lenses I now use, a 20, 28, 35, 50, 85, and 135 which do not have these contacts. These are compact lenses which are optically excellent and have wie apertures and great conyrast and definition for the most part. Some I have duplicated with those with the contacts, others I cannot.

As I read the new reviews of the new Olympus lenses designed for the 4/3rds system I am in "shock and awe" (pardon the pun). These tests say these lenses are 25-100% better than their 35mm counterparts, i.e. with better resolution, definition, and color snap. How can this be the case? Because of the smaller circle of confusion of the sensor imaging chip,for its rendering, more easily correctable for all lens design realities. So, do I continue to hang on to these beloved aging optics? Do I sell them while they still hold value? Do I replace them with A series and above? Or do I convert to J and DAs, which will also be compact optics, corrected well for the smaller imaging sensor size?

Without the definitive announcement over the exact specs of the Pro Pentax DSLR now under development, I hesitate, for it is said to be based on a full frame 35mm chip. But, with the new sensors coming out, the "super sensors", capturing as much data in a much smaller format, will the 35mm sensor be abandoned? Will the next 14MP sensor released in the new Pro DSLR then be based on such a smaller circle of confusion optically? Will it be better for resolvable data than the 35mm sided sensors?

These kind of questions also plague those who hold onto 6X7 gear. But the handwriting is clearly on the wall for it, not so yet for our beloved K and M optics--until we know the certain design future. So, we can count on smaller sensors giving the same data as 6x7 cm film. But, what size will they be, for what lens use result? The K mount, though altered, does not seem to be abandoned; that is positive. The need for reasonable lens costs seems to be being addressed. That is positive (a wide angle zoom of great quality, for, for instance below $200.00 is positive [compared to the over $400 cost of, for example, the current 20-35mm FA f 4]). The question remains, to hold onto KM lenses or let them go. What do you think? --Jay

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