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Industry wide indications and ceasing film body development by Pentax altogether in early 2003 more than suggest the manual focus Pentax LX will not be having an upgrade (except, perhaps for very rare Limited Edition Models hand assembled by special commission by the new HoyaPentax Corporation). In 2008 Pentax became a division of Hoya Corporation, which had together with Pentax released jointly developed professional grade optics (since 2005); Pentax has shifted its attention to development of auto focus Digital SLRs having build qualities constructed for the long run--now with weather seals--like the LX. You may use this site for common support and sharing of mutual users knowledge or experiences among yourselves. You may also use this message board as a guestbook for the advanced users Pentax SLR cameras from the LX forward, including many such auto focus film cameras, and Pentax digital SLR cameras. We keep the site going too for the WORD SEARCH FEATURE found here as to its magnificent K mount system user archives: as have been shared here for many years. Have an inquiry related to Pentax gear? First try KEYING IN YOUR KEY WORD(S) for a preexisting archived response on your subject of inquiry from this LX site. If your inquiry or sharing is from advanced users K10D, K20D, or K200D SLR needs, proceed on to t NEW PENTAX ADVANCED USERS K10D, K20D SLR site.

This LX site was specifically created for the great Pentax LX SLR camera model(s), and now has incorporated increased opportunity for an expanded interchange with the introductions of the Pentax K10D, K20D, and K200D SLRs to include advanced and professional digital user models. Interchange is encouraged with the intention to continue as a forum for advanced system users of past K-mount film based SLR systems and the mentioned Pentax DSLRs. With decreasing forum traffic here, and enthusiasts moving on with SLR digital imaging products futures, we hope the continued convenience of this site and its past Pentax advanced LX users data archives--provided by the database KEY WORD SEARCH FEATURE found here--can be very useful to you. Most past site user techniques, systems components, and lenses of Pentax advanced applications--as have been past examined by users on this site--are still of use regarding the newest Pentax SLRs. Please don't mail us with other than constructive suggestions or to rectify mistakes found within this site, thank you. Since this is a non-profitable resource site, maintained by professional and advanced system users, the developer of this site reserves the rights to censor or delete any inappropriate, unrelated, misleading or excessively hostile messages posted herein. If your intention is to dispose of your Pentax cameras or its accompanying accessories and/or you are looking for a used model, or even for any of its system components: please use a separate section with a higher volume of related traffic for these purposes: on the
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1. From : Michael (
Url : http://
Date : 10:47 AM Tuesday 14 March, 2006

Hello again. Yes Globetrotter, concerning my Pentax Special Version LX Gold currently up for auction on eBay, I'm sure that I will regret my selling this marvel of mechanical execution. With the 18 carat gold surface being so soft and subject to scratching, I can only imagine what the LX assembly technicians had to go through to get these assembled. In my efforts to research this special edition camera, I am surprised at how few photos are accessible on the internet. Once again, should the maintainers of this site wish to use any that I have or desire that I take more prior to it leaving my posession, please feel free to let me know. I have handled this piece very little. It is actually a nerve-wracking exercise. I have to grasp it with a micro fiber cloth as I do not want to leave prints. This is definitely a show piece and not a user and frankly, I hope that it remains that way. It has remained in the boxes since I received it as I do not have a secure display cabinet to properly display it.
If any of the readers would like to view the posting and the 12 photos that I am allocated, it is located at:

The advanced search item number is 7599625208. Should readers of this site have any questions, please feel free to email me.

2. From : Kakaman (
Url :
Date : 10:42 AM Tuesday 14 March, 2006

Michael: Is it possible for you to take some digital like I did for my LX y2K like this for us to have a separate profile on that camera ?
you can mail any of the co-maintainers (like Globetrotter, mine is leofoo add name of my site behind). Credit and link will be arranged. Thanks for sharing in advance. Alternate way is to wait till GLOBETROTTER bought from you, haha ..

Url :
Date : 05:40 AM Tuesday 14 March, 2006

Michael - I'm sad to see that you are not holding on to that genuine and rare Gold Pentax LX, it is sure to rise in value over the years. It will be interesting to see how much it sells for on Ebay.

I've just checked Ebay, and it seems that the listing you gave has been removed by Ebay, and no other Gold LX bodies are on sale. Did you sell it already?

I was once offered a 'gold' Pentax LX, but the shop that was selling it could not confirm that it was genuine, because there were some slight rubbing to the corners and some brass was showing beneath. This confirmed to me that it was a fake - in that it had been a normal LX that had been painted gold.

I like the gold LX, but the Titanium LX interests me more, as I think that if I bought one, I'd like to use it, rather than placing it inside a box on a shelf.

4. From : Jay (
Url : http://
Date : 03:40 AM Tuesday 14 March, 2006

John, Yes, the same K mount, without the A electrical contacts. But, with the most light sensitive of all K mount cameras.
--Jay PS you may wish to read down to the next page about another K mount url, website.

5. From : Michael (
Url : http://
Date : 03:13 AM Tuesday 14 March, 2006

Hello all. Michael here. I wrote a few postings way back concerning my experiences with having my LX's repaired. Well, I have been the proud owner of the very rare and elusive Pentax Special Edition LX Gold outfit for a year or so. I have decided to place it up for auction on eBay and thought that your readers might be interested in checking out the posting. Included are 12 of the many photos that I have taken of it. The auction will begin this evening, Monday, March 13, 2006. I have many other photos and can shoot more prior to shipment (should it sell) should the custodians of this great web sight desire. I do regret letting it go but I do not really have the opportunity to display it for maximum enjoyment. The eBay auction posting number is 7599625208 and it will start at 8:30 EST. It is a truly a beautiful masterpiece of workmanship never to be duplicated (they can't gold-plate plastic, can they? lol). The serial number of the body is XM322 proving that AOC did, in fact, produce at least a few more that the 300 that are remored to have been produced. Please email me should you desire photos or up close observations. To the regular contributors of this wonderful site, thanks for all of the great posting and I look forward to many more. Sincerely,
Michael (USA)

6. From : John Rees (
Url : http://
Date : 09:35 PM Monday 13 March, 2006

Hi, can someone confirm my suspicions that the LX has the same Pentax K bayonet lens mount as the KX and the MX?

John Rees

7. From : Mico (
Url : http://
Date : 01:01 PM Sunday 12 March, 2006

Anton, I had that "OVER 1/2000" problem once, and it was not related to erratic shutter speed syndrome. I do not know what was the reason, but I`ve got it fixed by some guy localy (...) and it has never come back again. On the other hand, older vs. later LXs score regarding erratic Auto speeds was prety much "égale", at least in my case. M.

8. From : AB (
Url : http://
Date : 05:50 PM Saturday 11 March, 2006

I have received my 536**** LX and it is in great condition, it seems it is one of the last produced. I am still testing the camera and will soon run a roll of slide film through it. The only odd behaviour I have noticed is that on Auto when the meter indicates over exposure (the LED goes up to red, above 1/2000th) the camera flips the mirror but doesn't fire the shutter. I have to take the camera off Auto for the shutter to fire. At first I thought this might be a kind of over exposure warning on this late model so I spoke to Robin. He said it shouldn't behave that way and it's to do with adjustment of the magnets or the timing switches. It's a minor inconvenience and if all is well with other functions I shall leave it until it's due for a service.

Talking to Robin, he confirmed my suspicions that the later LX's are proving less reliable, he said that they changed the magnets (amongst other things) maybe a different manufacturer, they seem to be cheaper and a cause of the erratic shutter problems. Buyers are probably best getting a mint early to mid LX. Certainly the two worst LX's - with regard to un-fixable erratic shutter problems - that passed through my hands were late shutter models. As mentioned before, in a product life span some changes are improvements but some are to make the product cheaper to manufacture, I'm sure this must have been on Pentax's mind, as a hindrance to LX sales was its expense. Despite all that my late LX's currently seem stable and hope to keep running them for years to come (I shall send them to Robin every couple of years) as I really am satisfied with the camera; just the right amount of automation, information, great viewfinder, everything to hand and hands-on. I'm getting some good portraits (IMHO) on my new favourite film. TRI-X.


9. From : Jay H. (
Url : http://
Date : 04:36 AM Friday 10 March, 2006

P.A. The only improvement Sigma has made on the fine EX primes is/are the new DG coatings. I notice that the very best Sigma autofoucs zoom, the 100-300mm f4 ex, is available currently on ebay for USD $500, in a KA/FA mount, about $200 less than going low market here in the USA. I suppose this is because of the newer coating coming into the stores on this lens. Three were offered on there this week. One from Canada. I doubt you will find that opportunity very often there. It is recommended as a tele zoom with some reach for those wanting an excellent lens that goes both digital and 35mm in the Ka/Fa mount. Be prepared though for 82mm filter costs, and adding a 1.4X converter to get the full benefit of this optic. Unlike 300mm f2.8 offerings, this f4 is relatively inexpensive, and totable for people used to toting. It further can be accurate on a monopod, in addition to a tripod. The great majority of users of this optic love it.

Most of the Sigma and Tokina (and Tamron) offerings one might consider are reviewed by users on the Fred Miranda site, often posted by California digital photographers using the Nikon and Canon system base. Some post their lens use photos, helping one discern what are the best choices of the third party lenses for their own advantage (the same optical formulas are generally offered in Pentax FA mounts). I like the user comments on use in the field in particular (and in comparison to the alike OEM lenses they often use in addition to these discoveries).

Good things are posted about the 500mm and up Sigmas, for sure. One must be carefully set up on a support system to get the kind of feather detail results posted by users on the site.

Excellent find, Philip.--Jay

10. From : Philip Ashman (
Url : http://
Date : 04:32 PM Thursday 09 March, 2006

Robin at Harrow Technical has confirmed that my new (2nd hand) LX does have a sticky mirror and also that the focus is way out, which he advises is probably connected to the mirror fault. He is repairing that fault for me and will then check the exposure etc..
Hopefully the repairs will be within the normal service/repair quote that they provide for the LX, but of course he will keep me informed beforehand if not. They really do provide a 2nd to none service with real expertise, excellent feedback/advice and can be highly recommended here in the UK.

Just picked up another lens for my wildlife photography. It's a PAF fit Sigma APO 500mm f4.5 EX in near mint condition with case/hood, filters etc.. Got it from a dealer in the UK for £600 which I feel is a good bargain. Initital test results are extremely good and it is very well built, sturdy and although naturally very large, is not as heavy as I expected. One feature I think that is very welcome is that the filters in the rear holder can be rotated once inserted, making proper use of a polorising filter available. This will be most useful if shooting widlife on water etc.. with strong sunlight/glare. Of course when used on my *istds it becomes a 750mm f4.5 effectively which is excellent.


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