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Industry wide indications and ceasing film body development by Pentax altogether in early 2003 more than suggest the manual focus Pentax LX will not be having an upgrade (except, perhaps for very rare Limited Edition Models hand assembled by special commission by the new HoyaPentax Corporation). In 2008 Pentax became a division of Hoya Corporation, which had together with Pentax released jointly developed professional grade optics (since 2005); Pentax has shifted its attention to development of auto focus Digital SLRs having build qualities constructed for the long run--now with weather seals--like the LX. You may use this site for common support and sharing of mutual users knowledge or experiences among yourselves. You may also use this message board as a guestbook for the advanced users Pentax SLR cameras from the LX forward, including many such auto focus film cameras, and Pentax digital SLR cameras. We keep the site going too for the WORD SEARCH FEATURE found here as to its magnificent K mount system user archives: as have been shared here for many years. Have an inquiry related to Pentax gear? First try KEYING IN YOUR KEY WORD(S) for a preexisting archived response on your subject of inquiry from this LX site. If your inquiry or sharing is from advanced users K10D, K20D, or K200D SLR needs, proceed on to t NEW PENTAX ADVANCED USERS K10D, K20D SLR site.

This LX site was specifically created for the great Pentax LX SLR camera model(s), and now has incorporated increased opportunity for an expanded interchange with the introductions of the Pentax K10D, K20D, and K200D SLRs to include advanced and professional digital user models. Interchange is encouraged with the intention to continue as a forum for advanced system users of past K-mount film based SLR systems and the mentioned Pentax DSLRs. With decreasing forum traffic here, and enthusiasts moving on with SLR digital imaging products futures, we hope the continued convenience of this site and its past Pentax advanced LX users data archives--provided by the database KEY WORD SEARCH FEATURE found here--can be very useful to you. Most past site user techniques, systems components, and lenses of Pentax advanced applications--as have been past examined by users on this site--are still of use regarding the newest Pentax SLRs. Please don't mail us with other than constructive suggestions or to rectify mistakes found within this site, thank you. Since this is a non-profitable resource site, maintained by professional and advanced system users, the developer of this site reserves the rights to censor or delete any inappropriate, unrelated, misleading or excessively hostile messages posted herein. If your intention is to dispose of your Pentax cameras or its accompanying accessories and/or you are looking for a used model, or even for any of its system components: please use a separate section with a higher volume of related traffic for these purposes: on the
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1. From : Ivan J. Eberle (
Url : http://
Date : 01:12 AM Tuesday 04 November, 2008

With the marketplace already rather awash in 10MP DSLRs the past couple of years, I just don't see the K2000 making major inroads unless launched at some astoundingly-low price point-- which would have to be something like <$250-300 US, I'd think. There are a lot of digital P&S in that range already, so it'd have to exude quality and that'd be tough to do. Unfortunate timing in the current disastrous economic downturn means it's unlikely for any consumer product launched now to have much positive short-term effect on setting trends, unless it's all about price. Such products have to sell in vast quantities to amortize the development costs, to eventually return profits.

What I do expect to see is many or most photographers (perhaps even pros) awakening to the fact that most existing DSLRs are more than sufficient for 99% of their needs. An analogue might be computers with the last big economic downturn (post-Internet v1.0 bubble bursting, earlier in this decade) folks may be hanging onto what they've got years longer-- and it will take some game changing technology to move them off of the platforms they're now on. Video and 3D rendering for gaming is what started this in the last cycle, not still photography.

2. From : Jay (
Url : http://
Date : 03:00 PM Saturday 01 November, 2008

The best kind of news. Pentax K20D has better image quality than the new Canon D50. No joke? See, also pages 28 and 29. No question now, Pentax IQ is sharper and more colorful. Thank you Samsung/Pentax for a better sensor/processor combo than Canon! Good show, and good sales. This once more underscores that Pentax, now with Hoya = classic camera. --Jay

3. From : Jay (
Url : http://
Date : 04:40 AM Saturday 18 October, 2008

HAVE DSLR INNOVATIONS STANDARDIZED? By giving the new less expensive, smaller footprint DSLR its designated "K2000" name in the USA is Pentax announcing standardization and normalization of the DSLR basis for format, imaging control, and resulting file standardization? The K1000 film camera was around for over fifteen years based on 35mm SLR lens interchangeablity, format longevity, open aperture TTL metering, and Pentax manufacturing quality. It was made in its duration in three nations, and captured many loyal fans. It was not a pro or advanced user camera in the sense of system bells and whistles, but it did survive in the marketplace, like the earlier Pentax Spotmatic, as a long term product. Will a 10 MP camera, with good features, and two dedicated lighter weight "travel lenses" offer a long term product cycle life? What do you think? How might it do so, and how not? [Hint, take into account the sensor size, lens system availablity, actual format, etc.]. We here at the LX messageboard would be interested in your thoughts on the subject.

4. From : Jay (
Url : http://
Date : 04:15 PM Tuesday 14 October, 2008

A new "Pentax digital lens roadmap" is posted, by Pentax, Japan, in English, as of the 22nd of September. It contains almost 25 DA optics,including DA pro optics, in production. FA Optics are still listed elsewhere by Pentax, Japan, in limited ranges. The roadmap does not seem to contain the new DA-L optics, nor the rectalinear ultrawide ultrafast zoom currently offered for Nikon and Canon as a Hoya ATX lens. This remains curious, perhaps not granting the standards of a Pentax DA optic? Of course, the standard kit zoom lens was upgraded for the resolution of the 14.6MP K20D sensor, as the old one blurred toward corners and edges with the higher resolution sensor. Landscape photos are coming back with greater detail than with the new Canon D-50 15MP sensor. This seems to be most obvious with JPEGS, where Canon can limit the file size with its own compression formula (to achieve high FPS burst rates). I feel this makes the K20D more of a fine photography instrument at this stage of camera innovations, as of Oct. 2008.

The website for downloading a DA lens PDF is

As the latest optics compare favorably to most other top manufacturers optics in the same focal length ranges, and, offer some cost advantages over some, the commitment of Hoya Pentax to advanced users systems continues to be proven. What will the 2009 advanced user body, yet unrumored, offer in new features? Certainly the shift to a much higher resolution rear screen, of almost 1 million pixels, will be a Pentax choice, and HDMI live view output, perhaps with true video live action filming will be in the works, as has Canon offered with its latest full-frame DSLR. There are then tradeoffs toward achieving high motor drive speeds with certain resolutions, and evolutions of quality image viewing which will impact the whole industry.--Jay

5. From : Jay (
Url : http://
Date : 02:35 PM Thursday 02 October, 2008

Pentax has done it again, by shrinking the quality DSLR, as in the past with film SLRS: now with the K-m (K2000 in the USA; recall the Pentax M series 35mm SLRs, with M series small optics of the 1970s?). This is an advanced 10MP CCD sensor camera which essentially miniaturizes the same stuff found in the K10D and K200D camera bodies, with fewer moisture seals, and includes the prior camera line move away from a 22bit internal image processing unit(of the K10D) to the emerging industry standard 14bit in camera image processor (also in the K20D, which improved rendering snap and contrast while still employing the PRIME Pentax labeling of its own internal to camera image processing unit). It remains interesting that the top of the line full 35mm frame Canon DSLR, though current MP King at 22MP, has a lesser FPS rate than the K20D. It seems that high FPS rates with a given resolution are achieved, at least in JPEG, by limiting file sizes--even of the superfine resolution outputs.

As Canon is now in its 4th generation processor, since introducing the good Canon D-50, 15 MP sharp light-gathering APS-C CMOS sensor camera--with full resolution 6FPS high burst rate image processing (achieved in JPEG by limiting the file size throughput) and with live view HD DSLR video output (and an HDMI video connector)--I predict that the top of the line emerging Pentax DSLRs will jump ahead with similar features with a new advanced user DSLR in 2009. The Pentax/Samsung 15 MP sensor (14.6 in use) was an advance that Canon could not let rest, for sure. Pentax and Samsung did lead the way on that APS-C sensor development: which seems better than the Canon 50D's in comparing some scenic shots outcomes.

This next gen advanced user Pentax DSLR will include a new imaging processor (Prime II?) to solve the occasional white pixel presenting in a pure black in-scene transition border problem of the K20D, and address the lower burst rate fps of the K10 and K20. Will it shrink the top of the line DSLR sizing as well? As compared to Nikon, Canon, Olympus, and now Sony DSLR imaging, the K20 D is still "highly recommended" as being an image quality advanced user camera built like a tank (by the Image Quality preferences testing processes of Digital Photography Review). Just touch up big prints output with a sharpee black marker on those tiny rendering in black transition area sensor and processed image occasional white pixel appearing anomalies of the K20D, and the problem is solved by old technology. The one I shoot has never had this problem.

Since marrying Hoya, a few new DA lenses have also been released, some of which bring the number of DA star lenses--with optimal imaging quality glass and internal focus motors--now up to seven. These, of course, are in addition to a dozen or so other DAs presently out there, some with internal motors.

The K-m will find its way to the marketplace with two new DA-L (light weight but image quality) zooms to form a perfect traveler's kit. There is mention of these having quiet internal focusing motors too. So, the Pentax advanced imaging landscape on the horizon, as is predicable from this DSLR release, will take on the big two manufactuers; this will occur with its and Hoya's very detailed quality control and solid build technologies. We vote for the world economies captialist investment markets stablizing for this to happen with success. Stainless steel is still in the inner structure of the new K body, though it is positioned for its light weight, travel adaptation, and the like. Consider how to carve a nitch in the ever-innovating camera marketplace--when all companies are now offering unique features--to get new buyers on board (without looking back to whatever caught their loyalties in the past, where SLR users become very loyal indeed). Weight and size, while maintaining build quality rated to date above Nikon and Canon, euro for euro, are now Pentax approaches to the challenge. Another thing, unlike some manufacturers, people representing Pentax distribution care, and go the extra mile to interact effectively with Pentax DSLR advanced system users (seen as family)--Jay

6. From : Jay (
Url : http://
Date : 11:32 AM Tuesday 30 September, 2008

A 400T flash unit is a rare commodity these days, especially as a functioning in good shape unit. Either cord should supply TTL readings, which the LX can do well in certain circumstances. Fill flash, except in backlit conditions, is, however, a rare self choice by the LX flash choice in camera metering system. Here is where a more recent camera's metering in camera computer does better (say, with the MZ or ZX 3 or 5 bodies with more complete in camera exposure computers. On these units the flash unit mentioned will even be more fully functional for TTL purposes than with the LX). Having an LX in hand is a joy to use as an extension of hand, heart, and head, for sure.

Also, cord connection to the hot shoe is sometimes interrupted by corrosion within the pentaprism housing of the intersprings connections connecting to the throughput pentaprism to body gold plated conductor connectors. Search this site for a web lead and descriptions of how to fix and maintain these flash unit connections throughout the pentaprism housing.

Good shooting and TTL choosing. --Jay

7. From : Roger Strutton (
Url : http://
Date : 05:54 PM Tuesday 23 September, 2008

Suddenly I have a desire to use my LX again. I do have a K20D, but it is easy just to take the film and have it developed and printed. Of course I can't find my instructions.
Question: Does the the TTL only work with my AF-400T when it is connected with the A cord? Using the B cord connected to the hot shoe, can I set camera and flash to AUTO?

8. From : Ivan J. Eberle (
Url :
Date : 08:35 AM Tuesday 02 September, 2008

Jay, it's mostly for W/A stuff that I want to stop down to F/11 or F/16 and still have the highest quality chromes for the highest resolution scanning, without pixelization or diffraction issues. Remember that I do art gallery prints. Others may not have this need. I do wildlife remotes, thus the need for the motorized 645N.

I also have a 12 MP Nikon digital body that for the tele work or when I need the immediacy of a speedy workflow.

But I prefer simple rugged tech (reliable!) to the complexity of digital do-everything bodies with hundreds of menu choices and banks that can all too easily get knocked asunder in the heat of fire or electrical lens contacts get corrupted. Pentax gear has proven more reliable in the long haul than my Nikon gear, but doesn't have the depth of optics choices (nor are exotic Pentax lenses commonly available as are Nikons. This was my prime reason for jumping ship 3 years ago).

9. From : Jay (
Url : http://
Date : 10:38 AM Friday 25 July, 2008

As for PZ Camera AF lenses, they will work on all Pentax DSLRs, and give in the viewfinder information; in addition, the K100D Super, K200D, K10D, and K 20D also take the additional newer DA star lenses with the built in hypersonic AF in-lens motors for quick and quiet focusing and the greatest amount of camera body and mounted lens type interactivity. This is not a big difference in actual use, other than in the area of quiet focus, and, in some instances, low light focus. All F and FA series lenses will work on any Pentax DSLR, with full lens information transfer to the meter and viewfinder read out in the body.

All DA and A series work as specified for their uses and information transfer and readouts as well. When one goes to earlier K or M mount lenses, one will have to program in the lens focal length and aperture being used with the body; this requires an extra step prior to taking a picture--where these too will function within such limits on Pentax DSLRs. The DSLR bodies mentioned are the most versatile for taking all K mount manual and AF lenses. But, for best use, use A, F, FA, FAJ, DA or DA* full information transfer lenses.

And be cautioned about focal lengths on DSLR bodies: recall the 1.5X focal length increase when using such bodies, because of the size of the imaging sensor and the lens circle of confusion rendering in these bodies. Likely you will need a new Wide Angle lens or WA Zoom to cover what you thought was a given 35mm Wide Angle lens area of coverage for what you already owned as WA lenses. --Jay

I am still looking for another maintainer of the KDSLR site we are building here with MIR, and have been too busy to pick up on some details I would like to share with another advanced system user for that site. RSVP if you can help out, and we will discuss it via e-mail. --Jay

10. From : Ivan J. Eberle (
Url : http://
Date : 09:59 PM Monday 21 July, 2008

Hi all,

I still have a mix of Pentax and Nikon gear incl a near mint late model LX, FB-1/FC-1 and Motodrive LX (bought each separate piece for a song last year).

My LX gives up nothing to my F5's when used with the venerable old SMC-A 100mm f/2.8 Macro or my SMC-M 24mm f/2.8. The 40mm f/2.8 Pancake is still in my stable, and I fondly recall that it took my best-selling-ever shot.

I also have stepped up to a Pentax 645N that is perhaps my new personal favorite camera. Simple, rugged, with advanced metering. Perhaps what we'd been grousing about with the LX was indeed addressed with a pro-level offering from Pentax, after all. (Only gripe about it is the 1/60 flash sync speed but there are leaf-shutter lenses available for it too). The 645N was also bought for a relative song (about 10 cents to the dollar vs new) as was a SMC-A 35mm f/3.5. Nothing beats a Pentax manual focus SMC or SMC-A lens for ruggedness and smooth feel to the helix. Nothing! 25 and 30 year-old glass that focus is like butter. Velvia 50 and Astia 100F are still readily available and look astonishingly good in medium format, incidentally.

This is said even though I now shoot daily with a Nikon D300 and 200-400mm f/4 VR-G, and a whole stable of expensive EDIF Nikkor glass.

, Ivan.

So, Jay here,with a maintainer's question. I wonder what uses you would have for these film cameras over your latest DSLR systems? I still use my Mamiya 645 film gear for occasional very large storewidow style posters, and would if I received say a corporate office building decoration project or account. I find the K20D to take up most of the needs for image quality and system approaches to imaging. Let us know your present uses for film?

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