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Religious Thai Amulets are immensely popular among many Thai locals or even the Chinese that residing in South East Asia - probably most followers never have the chance to worship the religion and hopefully with the little image that we wear on the body can provide some form of relief. As I mentioned in the site, probably it takes a Thai to create such a high quality website features specifically on these lovely collective pendants. As I can never be claimed knowledgeable in this strong thai traditions but since I am a web developer in nature, I create this solely for personal consumption and hope to provide a linkage among all passionate collectors. Some of the opinion presented within the site was entirely personal and I do not wish to influence any decision prior to any potential purchases or disposal. So, this forum is intended to provide a channel for all to make use of it to present your own individual views. Enjoy.

As this site is specifically created for this purpose - so, please don't mail me other than constructive suggestions or rectifying mistakes found in this site, thanking you. Since this is a non-profitable resource site - The developer of this site reserves the rights to censor or delete any inappropriate, unrelated, misleading or excessively hostile messages posted herein. If your intention is to llok out or disposing your collection, you are also wecome to do so (as long as maintaining some basic ethic not to cheat anyone. The Photography In Malaysia has no Guestbook on its own, because it is an integral part of the MIR site. But if you want to leave a note on your experience visiting this site, you may use the MIR's Guestbook at another new window by clicking on the Guestbook Link.

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461. From : hoon2 (hoon2304@hotmail.com)
Url : http://
Date : 11:11 AM Monday 17 December, 2007

Dear Kelvin Leong,

Pls allow me to share my own minuscule knowledge on this subject. From my understanind from te teaching of Great Ajahns, the power of the amulet comes from the meditative power of Great Ajahn Monks. This is however not the intended objective of Lord Buddha's teachings on meditation, but when through meditation the minds becomes clear and pure to a very high level, the mind has the power to bestow protective blessings. Hence, during a Buddha-Pisek Chanting exercise, the temple concern would invite renown meditative monks to participate. During such Buddha-Pisek session (Buddha amulet consecration session)there would be a sector for chanting Monks and another sector for mediative monks. These session could last one day or in some cases, lasting over several days. In lengthy ones, the Monks come in at different interval to participate and meditate there. Hence, this is why the amulets are known more by the Luang Phor who particpate and there the amulet name rather then by the product itself. Strip of the Luang Phor's meditative powers, the amulet is nothing by clay image.

After a recent Buddha-Pisek session in Petchabun (northern mid Thailand) someone took the amulet out to test the efficacy by shooting a revolver at the amulet. The barel of the revolver allegedly BENT. The amulet sold fast and furious especially since the quantity made was very small, and the temple concerned wasn't very well known. To rent from the temple, 100 baht or less but after the testing incident, it shot to probably 1000 baht. There is teremendous commercial value for people to fake amulets as the cost of making it is very small.

The value of famous Phra Ajahns such as Luang Phu Waen, Somdej Kar Toh , Somdej Loon Chun Doo Hwan and Pidtas of LP Toh (Wat Paduchimpee) LP Daeng (Petchaburi), Khun Paen of Luang Phor Tim (Rayong) Somdejs and Kuman of Luang Phor Tae Komthong can still fetch high prices in the amulets market because it is very difficult to get them now. It gets more difficult with the passing of these great Monks each year as the people to be able to authenticate them gets lesser and lesser. It has not stop amulet traders to fake them though.

Tread with care. The powers and teaching of the Buddha-Dharma are free.

462. From : Kelvin Leong (nomail@dislikespam.com)
Url : http://
Date : 03:12 PM Friday 14 December, 2007

This question has always been lingering in my mind:- How to determine if an amulet is real ?I guess most traders also may not like to fool around with customers and sell faked items. And I am sure they don't sell fakes n newer ones, but most likely the older amulets are the problematic ones. I don't have the knowledge and often when someone quote me names of monks (I am blurred). I don't expect a great deal of info but just treat it as a learning curve how to begin.

463. From : Kakaman (mail_will_bounce@mir.com.my)
Url : http://www.MIRnet.com.my/contact
Date : 01:27 PM Tuesday 11 December, 2007

Probably many of you didn't realize the purpose of putting so many national flags of countries at the top menu image. Come to think of it, the influence of Buddhism is still confined to localize territorial region mainly in East and South Asia. It doesn't really matter if it is Theravada or Mahayana Buddhism as it originated from the same root. There is an awakening scenario in the West for this alternate spiritual, strong and RAW oriental medium from the main religious belief of Christianity and Islam. For an example, the influence of both Buddhism and Islam is practically nil from the central to southern continents of America. This shows how little we have done thus far (on unofficial count, there are 1.8B Christian and 1.3B Muslim). Well, barring political issue, mystical Tibetian as well as the rich custom and culture of Thai Buddhism via tourism has contributed their respective role as a form of promoter to the curious Westerners to explore more in depth with this oriental religion. In general, Buddhism practices passive way of religious approach and probably this is one reason why others doesn't feel the aggression. But we have to admit it soes has its weakness in the slow spread on creating a following in the West. So, apart from personal belief and/or objective, the broader scope of our role is to make good use of wide reaching medium such as Internet. This is probably one reason, other than an original objective why I had created this site and hope to be able to spread some seeds of love of Lord Buddha to a wider audience across and a little beyond the traditional boundaries.

I will be going to China from next week onwards, each trip I will always try to bring along some amulets. Each gave away amulet is representing a seed and will in turns plants a new seedling inside a new soul. So, for some of you who may has some amulets, why don't always practice give away to those who has not own any yet. I do wish we will have more flags adjoining at the top image panel in the future, slowly but steadily.

-Just a thought before my trip -

464. From : Ken Chua (kenchua_2001@yahoo.com)
Url : http://
Date : 11:42 AM Tuesday 11 December, 2007

Dear bros, few years back, there is an old monk who gave me a steel 'mit moh' (a short knife with some fierce image etched at the handle). Can i know whats that for? I am still trying to learn Phra Leela Thungsetti katha, can someone share it here?

465. From : hoon2 (hoon2304@hotmail.com)
Url : http://
Date : 12:31 PM Monday 10 December, 2007

Dear all,

Quite interesting all the chat on interest on LP Tim and his Khun Paen amulet. Many years ago (more than 15 yrs) I was introduced to LP Tim by a monk based in Singapore who is very much into the amulets scene as well as the history. He procure a LP Tim Khun Paen for a chef friend, who is avid collector or top quality amulets - mostly those in the thousand Sing dollar range. His LP Tim Khun Paen amulet cost him S$3000 then. However, a few years later, when I visited LP Tim's Wat in Rayong together with the monk, at the showcase was a similar Khun Paen going for 1000 baht (S$40). I didn't rent it then as even now I am not too much into Khun Paen. As long as you are happy, amulet collection is very personal.

PS I was given an old Khun Paen by an old Chao Khun in Wat Chanasongkhram and saw the same amulet being featured in a Thai aulet magazine. I am happy to share photos of this Khun Paen but is technically inept. If some one cane advise I am happy to share.

466. From : Sky (sky_ong@hotmail.com)
Url : http://
Date : 03:51 AM Monday 10 December, 2007

Do anyone knows the meaning of the 3 colours; gold, silver & bronze "Tarkut". They are blessed for what purpose? pls state each colour individually. (gold for? silver for? bronze for?)

467. From : Kakaman (Mail_Will_Bounce@mir.com.my)
Url : http://www.MIRnet.com.my/contact
Date : 01:51 PM Sunday 09 December, 2007

I have added three high quality Soomdej images at Frederick Lim section. Fred was an Ex-Staff of mine. These were given by his father Mr. Lim Sui Kim from Kuching, Sarawak. Apparently Mr. Lim is also a passionate amulet collector. So, for those of you reside in Kuching, may be you all can get together for good.


468. From : james (jamzyoung03@yahoo.com)
Url : http://jamz03.fotopages.com
Date : 09:19 PM Saturday 08 December, 2007


469. From : Pontip Ponsa (ThailandAmulets@hotmail.com)
Url : http://www.angelfire.com/planet/bestofthailandamulet/index.h
Date : 06:20 PM Saturday 08 December, 2007

I would like to share my KP Plai Guman (Long Phim or test mold phim).


A few hundred pieces of Khun Paen Ruen Long Phim were produced for testing the mold. They were tested by LP Tim himself, practically speaking of not more than two to three hundred pieces. However, the price is much more affordable than the standard piece. I acquired this piece in Singapore; the price is much higher than those that I saw in Bangkok and Rayong during a Company’s business trip. Very much higher and I guess this is affinity… Are they chanted by LP Tim? I do not know. They were created many years ago, more than 30 years and quite difficult to track with all these trivial issue. But base on unrecorded feedback, a Honda Civic crashed and the car was severely damaged (beyond repair). The owner escaped unhurt and he was wearing a Ruen Long Phim. Accident happened in Singapore. As a Collector and a Buddhist, I treat all Buddha’s image with respect and understanding the Law of Karma, it turns out to be secondary whether is this Ruen Long Phim properly chanted. Most important, it is a rare and beautiful piece of Buddhist's Art.

470. From : K.T. (yappie@nowhere.com)
Url : http://nil
Date : 02:31 PM Saturday 08 December, 2007

EP, it was just an aged episode. Sorry for quoting the price. But I truly think as long as you think it is worth - it should be there with you all the time and hope it delivers its magic for you. So, don't worry how people think, it is yours anyway. Further, it was an episode happened 3 years ago and things appreciate in time. 1K apologizes and once again, hope the power of Khun Paen be with you all the time.

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