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Religious Thai Amulets are immensely popular among many Thai locals or even the Chinese that residing in South East Asia - probably most followers never have the chance to worship the religion and hopefully with the little image that we wear on the body can provide some form of relief. As I mentioned in the site, probably it takes a Thai to create such a high quality website features specifically on these lovely collective pendants. As I can never be claimed knowledgeable in this strong thai traditions but since I am a web developer in nature, I create this solely for personal consumption and hope to provide a linkage among all passionate collectors. Some of the opinion presented within the site was entirely personal and I do not wish to influence any decision prior to any potential purchases or disposal. So, this forum is intended to provide a channel for all to make use of it to present your own individual views. Enjoy.

As this site is specifically created for this purpose - so, please don't mail me other than constructive suggestions or rectifying mistakes found in this site, thanking you. Since this is a non-profitable resource site - The developer of this site reserves the rights to censor or delete any inappropriate, unrelated, misleading or excessively hostile messages posted herein. If your intention is to llok out or disposing your collection, you are also wecome to do so (as long as maintaining some basic ethic not to cheat anyone. The Photography In Malaysia has no Guestbook on its own, because it is an integral part of the MIR site. But if you want to leave a note on your experience visiting this site, you may use the MIR's Guestbook at another new window by clicking on the Guestbook Link.

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941. From : Kakaman (mail_should_bounce@mir.com.my)
Url : http://www.MIRnet.com.my/contact
Date : 04:38 PM Thursday 12 October, 2006

Dear Hoon, I salute your effort. Some friends from China were asking during their last trip here. Hence, given away another 21 pieces (including supposedly a crew of my staffs now over there in China after a new investment with thos visiting partners here). In fact, I bought another three more to make up the distribution list (broke now..). This good piece was out too as a personal gift for my best mate / partner in China (http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/leofoo/Thai-amulets/Wichien/images/unclekhunpaenfrontBIG.jpg and http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/leofoo/Thai-amulets/Wichien/images/unclekhunpaenRearBIG.jpg). Uncle Wichien will marah when he finds out (just kidding). Err .. but that doesn't mean I am implying to ask you spare me one too, haha ..

No. Just give away to others who needs it, it is a good practice as a true Buddhist because you are doing it out of a good intention to offer protection and leading others stronger into Buddhism by having one for day to day usage. May Lord Buddha blesses you and your loved ones at home always.

942. From : hoon2 (hoon2304@hotmail.com)
Url : http://
Date : 02:42 PM Thursday 12 October, 2006

Dear Jen (and Leo)

Benjapakee refers to the 5 top most prized amulets by Thai Buddhists of all time. They are all antiques and quite value-less. Top of the Benjapakee is the Somdej Wat Rakhang (1st batch made by LP Toh himself). there is also Phra Rod from Chiang Mai and Nang Phaya from Suphanburi all more than a few hundred years old. These are briefl info and detailed info is readily available on the Net.

Now, Leo, or whoever care to comment, I have recently revisit my small collections and found a few pieces of practically everything except the Somdej I am currently wearing. Some were given to me for specific reasons by Phra Ajahn that I am closed to and the newer and less sentimental ones I am prepare to give away to 有缘 fellow Buddhist who may want one. For instance, I have quite a few pieces of Somdej Nang Phaya, authentic and some rather old (but not certain when) and I am prepare to give away. I however fear that if I were to open my intent on the website, I might be over flooded with request. On the other hand, the enquiry on this site esp illustrate alot of well-intended Buddhist keen wearing a genuine amulet and worse prepare to pay quite a lot for something given relatively cheaply by Phra Ajahns. I have some knowledge and experience and is offering to help. I goes to Bangkok many times a year. I have no intention of starting a Buddhist amulets trading section here. But I do think I can help friends who do not have the access to amulet source ie the genuine Thai Buddhist temples, I am prepare to help. I am thinking that interested party can send me your request, cover my cost and I will get them for you when I visit Bangkok. Or, if it is in my collection, just cover for the postage of sending it to you. For instance, say a brand new Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang direct from the temple rent 100 baht (S$4) interested party cover the 100 baht and the postage for me to courier it over to you. I am prep to do for relatively new and simple amulets.

Any comment welcome.

943. From : Kings (suggestion@only.com)
Url : http://
Date : 12:56 AM Thursday 12 October, 2006

Jen, there is a shop (sultan street, behind Petaling Street, KL) also has a nang Praya. Sells almost the same price (like Kakaman's friend). He has a few cheaper (newer) versions from other temples.

944. From : Kakaman (mail_will_bounce@mir.com.my)
Url : http://www.MIR.com.my/contact
Date : 10:37 PM Wednesday 11 October, 2006

Dear Jen: Sorry for the pages which influenced you in relating Nang Phraya or Pongsuphan is only good for you. No. You can get others and principal remains I am not sure where to find Amulet outlets in PJ or Kelang. The KL PUDU plaza has quite a number of shops (but not many are keeping these two image forms). You can try Uncle Lim (Tong Soon) I hope he still keeps the few Nang Phraya (where I thought are quite good), there are not exactly too expensive but you MUST specifically tell him that you are referred by me (Foo) and ask him to show you the few that I have seen before. He can be located via http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/leofoo/Thai-amulets/leofoo/htmls/indexPALe.htm It is his amulets and as an amulet trader, I cannot bargain the price on behalf (but as a guide, each must NOT more than RM180-00 with casing and you can use your gifted nature to bargain lower, ha ha..); if this is way out of your budget, ask him to show you available alternatives.

Sorry, our Purt also has a few oldies (from a different perspective, I think his are much "better", i.e. if budget is higher) http://www.thailandamulets.com/webpage/phranangphyaamulets.htm but since he never mentioned the respective price of each shown on the web, no harm in dropping a note to ask him, right ? Purt, why don't consider putting a tag on each of yours in the site ?

945. From : Jen (emailnotuse@ANTIspam.com)
Url : http://
Date : 10:10 PM Wednesday 11 October, 2006

Dear Mr. Hoon, I am so sorry. I am staying in Klang. By the way, what is "Benjapakee" ? Supanburi I can find in the Google map, it is in the center of Thailand. Do you think any chance that I can get a shop nearer, say at P.J. or further away in K.L. ?

IF this is not possible. I think I have to ask another Thailand friend to help looking two piecee for me in Bangkok. I have sent a Thai lady friend of mine on this site, she was deeply impressed. Actually, she told me many Thai in the modern days are not too familiar with Buddhist amulets (embarassed too). Lastly, I cannot see my message shown the last time I attempted and after a day, it was published. Is this site has a monitoring system ?

Once again, Thank You, Mr. Hoon (2?) & Mr.Chai.

946. From : hoon2 (hoon2304@hotmail.com)
Url : http://
Date : 04:29 PM Wednesday 11 October, 2006

I have rarely bought amulets from traders other than from Wats making small contribution in return for commemorative amulets. My small collection over the years are mostly from Ajahn Monks that I have met. I have started with wearing 5 amulets to 3 and is sharing the wisdom of Kakaman by wearing just one. I recently saw on the Singapore yahoo auction bid for Somdej Wat Rakhang and from the picture looks authenticate enough. So to satisfy my curiousity, I bid S$30 and won the bid. I have sicne pick up the Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang and can verify that it is real from the temple. But the principle of caveat emptor "buyers beware" is applicable. any claim of ancient, old or famous amulets, buy with care.

On the question of the cost of a Somdej Nang Phaya or Somdej Phongsuphan, if it is not in the class of the Benjapakee, then it should not cost too much. If you rent direct from say temple in Supanburi, it is usually about 100 baht (S$4 or US$2). You may also get them direct from goldsmith in bangkok and they only charge for the gold casing as the amulets are sold on the principle of helping the temple in a tamboon "merit making" event. Sadhu

947. From : Chai Sing (nomail@too.com)
Url : http://
Date : 03:07 PM Wednesday 11 October, 2006

Dear Jen, spam is part of internet life. They are liek parasites on the web. So, it is all right. I also think it requires to have some courage to post in a forum (this is my 1st time too to try to post something but this board is less stressful as I can hide my email, too shy to ask so, prefer passive reading). I read your question, I guess under the watchful mercy eyes of our Lord Buddha, MOST amulets can be used.

948. From : Jen (private@nomail.com)
Url : http://
Date : 12:04 AM Wednesday 11 October, 2006

Sorry for not presenting the email (too many spam). Question: I read with great interest that there are a few amulets specfically done for ladies (if I read it correctly). The "Nang Praya" is good ? where to find this ? Howabout another image "pongsupan" (looks alike), can ladies use this ? How much would one of this cost ? Sound childish to ask, I am new in this but like to have an amulet for personal use and for my daughter. Thanks.

P.S. This Buddhist website is really good. It is easier to understand than many others.

949. From : Nelson. T. Tan (guide@cat.com)
Url : http://nil
Date : 11:45 PM Tuesday 10 October, 2006

Yeap. Last year I had a trial at xxxxx.com. All the four Wat Paknam (4th batch) bought was faked items (high class job). Gave up. The guy sold me close his sale and I notice he started his cheat again (changed the ID and nickname). I agreed, online purchases must be very very very careful or simply avoid it. 上网购佛牌,千万要小心。

950. From : Ebay (rotten@ebaybuy.com)
Url : http://
Date : 05:20 PM Tuesday 10 October, 2006

Speak about photography, got fooled with nicely taken photos of amulets, paid a few and when upon received, it is only a plain somdet (don know where too) @$#&%$. NEVER trust what you see and write in Ebay sales or auction at yahoo. I am not trying to discourage online buying, but Just be careful, that is all Esp. when seller don't want to show you a big, detail pictures of front and back. In short, they can make a NEW looks like oldies

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